Service Benefits of Contractual IT Personnel (DEO/ Computer Operator)

Government of West Bengal
Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms
( e-Governance Cell)
5, Council House Street (3rd Moor)
KOLKATA -700001

No. 192-IT/06/2020/P&AR-e-Gov Date: 16.10.2020


Whereas the Government of West Bengal has in last few years initiated a large number of e-Governance reforms including computerisation of different services to improve the ease of doing business in the state as well to ensure seamless transfer of welfare benefits to people. In order to achieve this, different departments have engaged IT personnel (particularly Data Entry Operators/ Computer Operators). This engagement of IT personnel in different categories has been done either through WEBEL or WTL or similar agencies, even while some engagements have been made directly departmentally


Whereas the terms and conditions of services of these contractually engaged personnel in this regard vary widely across various different departments and among different categories


Whereas A number of benefits like security of tenure, leave, terminal benefits etc which have been allowed to other contractual employees at large has often not been extended to these IT personnel leading to sub-optimal utilization of their services.

Now therefore, in view of the critical role played by these contractually engaged IT personnel in the continuing success of e Governance reforms, their service conditions have been reviewed. It has been felt that the present terms and conditions of their engagement need to be improved upon to retain the best talent in the Government and get best services out of them. With this end in view, the State Government has decided to make the following changes in the terms and conditions of the engagement of IT Personnel engaged under regular establishments and in different programmes/ projects whether engaged through WEBEL/ WTL or departmental or through any other agency:-

1. Direct engagement under Government– Contractual IT personnel working in regular establishments under the State Government and/or under any project but engaged through WTL/ WEBEL or any other similar agency will come under the direct control of Government as contractual workers.

2. Benefits to be extended

2.1 Security of tenure– These contractually engaged IT personnel shall be given security of engagement upto the age of 60 years. They shall not be terminated except on the grounds as prescribed in No. 9008-F(P) dated 16-09-2011.

2.2 Leave:-

a) 30 days leave in a calendar year,

b) 10 days leave on medical ground,

c) Maternity leave (in case of female employee) 180 days and 42 days in case of abortion/ miscarriage.

2.3 Terminal benefit on attaining the age of 60 years– Rs. 3.00 Lakhs.

2.4 Medical benefit – They will come under Swasthya Sathi Scheme if he/she is not covered under WBHS being a spouse of an employee of State Government.

3. Nodal Department– P&AR Department will be the Nodal Department in respect of such IT personnel.

4. This order will take effect from 01.11.2020.

This is issued in concurrence of the Finance Department vide U.O. No. 540 Group-P2 dated 16th October, 2020.

Additional Chief Secretary

No. 192-IT dated 16.10.2020

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