West Bengal Disability Pension Scheme, 2010

West Bengal Disability Pension Scheme, 2010 is applicable for the Disabled person who is a citizen of India and a resident of West Bengal and whose family income, if any, does not exceed Rs. 1000.00 (one thousand) per month;

Govt. of West Bengal
Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare
Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata – 700001

No. 1682-SW/O/2M-16/09 Dated, 01.06.2011


The Governor is pleased hereby to introduce the West Bengal Disability Pension Scheme, 2010, in supersession of all previous Government Orders relating to introduction and amendments of the West Bengal Disability Pension Rules, 1990, with a view to extending financial assistance to the disabled persons of the State of West Bengal as follows:-


  1. Short title and commencement
  2. Application of the scheme
  3. Definition
  4. Method of Applying for Disability Pension
  5. Verification of Application
  6. Sanction of Pension
  7. Provision of Funds and its allotment
  8. Payment of Pension
  9. Stopping or withholding of Pension
  10. Information about change of address
  11. Information about Death of the Pensioner
  12. Commutation
  13. Officers to visit the areas
  14. Registers to be maintained
  15. Yearly Production of the Life Certificate of the Pensioner
  16. Saving

No. 1682-SW dated 01.06.2011, Source

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