West Bengal Primary Education Act, 1973

School Education. .

An Act to make better provisions for the development, expansion, management and control of primary education with a view to making it universal, free and compulsory.

Chapter – I (Preliminary)

Chapter – II (The Board)

Chapter – III (Powers and functions of the Board and the President)

Chapter – IV (Committees of the Board)

Chapter – V (Finance and Audit)

Chapter – VI (The Primary School Councils)

Chapter – VII (Committees of the Primary School Council)

Chapter – VIII (Finance and Audit)

Chapter – IX (Contributions)

Chapter – X (Taxes and Cesses)

Chapter – XI (Free and Compulsory Primary Education)

Chapter – XII (Tribunal)

Chapter – XIII (Transitional provisions)

Chapter – XIV (Miscellaneous)

Download: West Bengal Primary Education Act, 1973

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