30 Off Days to Contractual Computer Operators engaged in PWD

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Establishment Branch
Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700 001

No. 29 Dated: 19.02.2015


The matter of providing some relief to the 126 numbers of Contractual Computer Operators who have been engaged in different offices under P.W.Dte and P.W. (Roads) Dte due to administrative exigencies as well as in the interest of public service, in lieu of any kind Of leave in terms of Finance Department’s Memo no. 9008-F(P) dated 16.09.2011 was under active consideration of the State Government for quite some time past.

2. Now, after careful consideration of the matter as a whole, the Governor is pleased, to allow those Contractual Computer Operators amongst the total 126 contractual Computer Operators who had been engaged prior to 01.04.2010 in different offices under P.W.D., to enjoy 30 (thirty) off days in a Calendar year and the female contractual Computer Operators amongst those 126 Contractual Computer Operators engaged prior to 01.04.2010, to enjoy 180 days of maternity leave in addition to 30 off days in a Calendar year on the following terms and conditions :

i) The Attendance Register of those Contractual Computer Operators will strictly be maintained by the Head of Office where they are presently posted/ attached for rendering their services.

ii) They will have to submit application stating the reason thereof before remaining off for a particular day in office and they shall not be allowed to remain absent from office for more than 01 (One) day without prior written approval of the Head of Office where they are presently posted

iii) The female contractual Computer Operators will have to submit necessary documents with their applications for enjoying the maternity leave.

iv) The statement of their presence and absence for each and every month will be transmitted to the concerned DDO from where their monthly remuneration are being drawn now by the concerned Head of Office positively where they are presently posted or attached.

v) Such off days remaining in the credit of a contractual Computer Operator for a Calendar Year will not be accumulative in nature and will not be carried forward to the next Calendar Year.

3. This will be effective from the date of issue of this Notification and the aforesaid contractual Computer Operators will be entitled to enjoy off days proportionately from the date of effect of this order during the current Calendar Year of 2015.

4. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide their U.O. No. Gr.P2/2014-15/2523 dated 10.02.2015.

Sd/- P.P.Kar
Joint Secretary (Personnel), PWD

No. 29 dated 19.02.2015