Acceptance of Tender by Requisitioning Departments for projects executed by PWD

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Government of West Bengal
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Memo No.: 63/PW/FA-28/2020 Date: 08/06/2020


The Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary
……….. Department, Government of West Bengal.
District Magistrate, …………

Sub: Acceptance of Tender by the requisitioning Departments for projects executed by PWD.

In terms of Memo No:- 18-ACS/PWD dt. 03/12/2019, guidelines have been issued for requisitioning Departments to accord administrative approval and financial sanction of the projects to be executed by P.W.Deptt. The tenders for these sanctioned works are being invited on behalf of the requisitioning Departments by P.W.Departments. However, the finalised tenders are not being currently sent to the department concerned which has accorded administrative approval and financial sanction but to P.W.D for processing including for referring the same to the Finance Department for relaxation in case the tendered amount exceeds prescribed limit or for acceptance of less than 3 tenders in 2nd call and other tender related issues in accordance with extant instructions of the Finance Department.

(2) However, since the PWD takes up tendering for works on behalf of requisitioning department, it is reasonable to refer such proposals for acceptance of tender or its reference to the Finance Department by the requisitioning department itself without involving PWD.

(3) It has therefore been decided that henceforth after finalisation of tenders, acceptance of the same will be processed in accordance with Finance Department No- 5458-F(Y) dt. 27th December, 2012 and where tendered amount exceeds acceptance power of the Engineering Officer concerned, the same shall be referred to the department concerned for decision by the Departmental Tender Committee of the requisitioning department and not to PWD. Similarly, in case of less than 3 tenders in the 2nd call, proposal for decision for the same shall be referred to the department concerned.

(4) In summary, it is for the requisitioning departments to decide the acceptance of tender or decision of re-tendering and other related issues, once tenders are finalised by PWD Engineering Officers since administrative approval and financial sanction for the project/ scheme is originally accorded by the Department concerned. Henceforth, the PWD Officers concerned shall not make any reference for proposals relating to tender acceptance and re-tendering proposals etc to PWD but to the requisitioning department.

(5) This order shall take immediate effect.

Sd/- Additional Chief Secretary P.W.D.

No. 63/PW dated 08.06.2020, Source