Additional Increment for Obtaining Higher Qualification

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
(Secondary Branch)
Bikash Bhavan, Bidhanagar, Kolkata -700 091

No. 593-SE(B)/ES/O/B/1M-98/2007 Date: 27/11/2007


The School Education Department, Government of West Bengal considers it necessary to publish an order specifying the manner in which a teacher appointed in Honours Graduate/ Post Graduate scale of pay will be entitled to claim any additional increment and higher scale of pay upon acquiring Post Graduate/ or any Higher diploma/ Degree under Section 14(3) of the West Bengal Schools (Control of Expenditure) Act, 2005.

1. All the teachers teaching in different State Aided Schools will have to take prior permission from the Managing Committee/ Ad-hoc Committee/ Administrator as the case may be to enroll themselves and to appear for any examination for enhancement of educational qualification. The Managing Committee being ‘Competent Authority’ in such cases will take a decision in its next meeting and convey its decision to the teacher concerned immediately. A copy of the decision of the Managing Committee will be forwarded to the office of the DI of School (SE) of the concerned district.

2. The applicant-teacher thereafter, will, if necessary, apply for leave/ Special Leave/ Study Leave as the case may be (along with the resolution of Managing Committee) to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (which is the Competent Authority in this case) through the Managing Committee of the School.

3. The teacher is required to seek prior permission of concerned District Inspector of Schools (SE) (only when he/ she wants to claim additional increment/ higher scale of pay etc. for obtaining such higher qualification) through the Managing Committee of the School.

4. Provided further that no such permission can be granted on any ground to any teacher who has entered the service/ joined the school with Graduate Degree and with a graduate scale of pay [Any Managing Committee of any school recommending such case and or any District Inspector of Schools granting such prayer will be treated as an ‘Offender’ under West Bengal Schools (Control of Expenditure) Act, 2005].

5. The courses to be studied should be relevant to the subjects studied in Undergraduate Honours/ Post Graduate Course of the Applicant Teacher and none other. The Deemed University/ University etc. conducting the examination must be affiliated to UGC.

6. Prayers from teachers who have already secured higher qualification observing the procedure mentioned above and who have submitted his/ her claim to concerned District Inspector of Schools with a complete set of papers like certificate, resolution of Managing Committee etc. before the introduction of West Bengal Schools (Control of Expenditure) Act, 2005 may be considered only by the District Inspectors of Schools (SE) with the approval of Director of School Education, West Bengal only after examining the staffing pattern, vacancy positions etc. of the school concerned.

7. No such prayer for higher scale of pay from any teacher with Graduate Degree and Graduate scale of pay at the time of entry into service/ joining the schools will be entertained no matter whether he/ she has secured this higher qualification before or after introduction of West Bengal Schools (Control of Expenditure) Act, 2005.

8. Henceforth no permission will be accorded for securing higher qualification for obtaining higher scale of pay to any Assistant Teacher and/ or to any Assistant Teacher over 50 years of age serving in any Junior High School or any school respectively.

9. This order will replace all earlier orders published in this matter before the date of coming into effect of West Bengal Schools (Controls of Expenditure) Act, 2005. 1595-SE(S) dated 26-12-2005 also stands modified.

Sd/- Joint Secretary

No. 593-SE dated 27.11.2007

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