Appointment on Compassionate Ground

Labr/419 dt. 04.11.2022Provision of Compasionate Appointment for Married Daughter
63-Emp dt. 06.04.2022Modified Checklist to deal with Prayers for Compassionate Appointment
773-E dt. 14.03.2017Recruitment Committee for Appointment under Die-in Harness
26-Emp dt. 01.03.2016Compassionate Appointment: Revised Provision
165-Emp dt. 04.06.2015Power to relax Minimum Educational Qualification for Appointment
96-Emp dt. 28.04.2015Policy of Compassionate Appointment in Corporations, Undertakings
HPA-800 dt. 10.02.2014Guidelines for Compassionate Appointment in Health Department
251-Emp dt. 03.12.2013West Bengal Scheme for Compassionate Appointment, 2013
1267-F dt. 10.02.2012Condonation of Excess Age for Appointment on Compassionate ground
04-Emp dt. 04.01.2011Eligibility of Married daughter for appointment on compassionate ground
201-Emp dt. 30.12.2010Employment on Compassionate Ground – Checklist
869-TW dt. 13.09.2010Employment on Compassionate Ground in WBTDCL
960-F(P) dt. 11.02.2010Minimum Qualification required for compassionate appointment
1317-SE dt. 11.09.2009Compassionate Appointment through SSC in School
82-Emp dt. 10.06.2009Few Clarifications regarding Compassionate Appointment
114-Emp dt. 14.08.2008Eligibility requirements to get compassionate appointment
80-Emp dt. 02.04.2008Revised Provisions regarding appointment on compassionate ground
142-Emp dt. 01.11.2007Compassionate Appointment in Undertaking of Labour Department
133-Emp dt. 01.10.2007Clarification on Some points regarding Compassionate Appointment
97-Emp dt. 06.06.2005Principles and procedures of Appointment on Compassionate Ground
303-Emp dt. 21.08.2002Procedures for Filling Up the Vacancies Reserved for Exempted Categories
301-Emp dt. 21.08.2002Exempted Categories under WB Regulation of Recruitment Act, 1999

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