Casual Leave Rules

  • Casual Leave (CL) is not treated as leave. (WBSR Rule 167)
  • CL can not be combined with any other leave but as a very special circumstances may be combined with half day casual leave. (WBSR Rule 167)
  • CL can not be sanctioned for more than 7 consecutive days at a time including Sundays, holidays and weekly off days except for very special circumstances to be recorded in writing. (Appendix 10 of WBSR – I)
  • CL is admissible for 14 days in each year (January to December).
  • The authority granting CL should ensure as far as possible that public service does not suffer in any way.
  • There are provisions for sanctioning half days Casual Leave or Compensatory Casual Leave (CCL) on the 1st half or the 2nd half of the day. (Appendix 10 of WBSR – I)
  • An officer who takes CL when on tour is not entitled to draw daily allowance during such CL.

Special Casual Leave

  • Special Casual Leave not exceeding 30 days may be sanctioned for participation in sport events, cultural activities, and mountaineering expedition in any calender year.
  • The period of absence in excess of 30 days should be treated as regular leave of any kind. Govt. employee may be permitted as a special case to combine special casual leave with regular leave. (Appendix 10 of WBSR – I)

Half day Casual Leave

  • Half day CL or CCL may be granted either on forenoon or afternoon session.
  • A person who take half day casual leave/ compensatory casual leave for the forenoon session is required to attend office up to 1:45 pm.
  • The privilege of taking half day casual leave/ compensatory casual leave shall not admissible on any day in which the office is not held for the full day.
  • This is also not admissible on any day on which a Government employee is permitted to attend office late or leave office early by any general order. (Appendix 10 of WBSR – I)

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