Child Care Leave for Female Employees of Madrasahs

Madrasah Education,

Government of West Bengal
Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education Department
‘Nabanna’, 325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Howrah – 711102

No. 2006(3)-MD/3M-14/99 Dated. 25.08.2015

From: The O.S.D & Ex-Officio Joint Secretary,
Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education Department

To: 1) The Secretary, West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education, WB
2) The Director, Directorate of Madrasah Education, WB
3) Chairman, Madrasah Service Commission, WB

Sub: Extension of benefit of the Child Care Leave


In enclosing a copy of Memo No. 5560-F(P) dated 17-05-2015 issued by the Finance (Audit) Department regarding extension of benefit of the Child Care Leave for a maximum period of 02 (two) years i.e. 730 days to the regular female teaching and non-teaching employees of Government sponsored/ Non-Government aided Madrasahs. The undersigned is directed to state that benefit of the CCL may be extended to the incumbent under your administrative control following the Guideline contain in the said Memo.

Necessary amendments in the relevant Leave Rules will be made in due course.

Yours faithfully,

O.S.D & Ex-Officio Joint Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal

No. 2006-MD dated 25.08.2015