Finance Department – Archive, 2008

West Bengal Govt. Circulars, Notifications, Orders, Clarifications, Memorandum of Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal published in the year 2008.

10150-F dt. 31.12.2008Amendment of DFPR Rules, 77
9939-F dt. 22.12.2008Steps to streamline the GPF works
9930-F dt. 22.12.2008Steps to streamline the GPF Work
9729-F dt. 17.12.2008Clarification on GO. No. 9102-F dt. 03.12.2008
9600-F dt. 17.12.2008Facility of Telephone at the residence of Govt. employees
9315-F dt. 10.12.2008Revision of pay scale of Traveling Auditors in Prison Dte
9222-F dt. 05.12.2008Irregular Sanction of 90% GPF resulting in Negative Balance
9164-F dt. 04.12.2008Creation of Addl. Post in scale no. 19 & 21
9103-F dt. 03.12.2008West Bengal PSC (Exemption from Consultation) Regulations
9102-F dt. 03.12.2008Rules regulating special recruitment of LDCs through direct recruit
9021-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of pay scale of Guard-cum-Pump man
9020-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of pay scale of Jail Officers
9019-F dt. 01.12.2008ROPA – Draftsman in Geography Department of Presidency College
9018-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of scale of pay of paramedical opthalmic Assistant (PMOA)
9017-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of scale of pay of the cadre of Medical Technologist
9016-F dt. 01.12.2008Revision of Pay Scale of the official of various State Services
1636-F dt. 01.12.2008Housing Loan Scheme for the Employees of the Govt. of West Bengal
8753-F dt. 21.11.2008Amendment of GO. No. 7959-F dt. 21.11.2008
8554-F dt. 17.11.2008Non-settlement of GPF money – Measures to avoid Court cases
732-F dt. 12.11.2008Payment of Family Pension to Unmarried/ Divorced/ Widow Daughters
8197-F dt. 04.11.2008Dearness relief to @ 41 % w.e.f. 1.11.08 for Seasonal Worker
8196-F dt. 04.11.2008Dearness relief to @ 41 % w.e.f. 1.11.08 Employees of Non-Govt.
8195-F dt. 04.11.2008Dearness relief to @ 41 % w.e.f. 1.11.08 to State Govt. Employees
8138-F dt. 03.11.2008Facility of Telephone charges/ Mobile/Internet etc.- modification
8135-F dt. 03.11.2008Recruitment Rule to post of English Typist in Secretariat and other office
8117-F dt. 31.10.2008Framing of revised estimate realistically to avoid excess expenditure
7992-F dt. 23.10.2008Arrear of GPF of the employees of Autonomous Bodies, Corporation, Board etc.
7916-F dt. 21.10.2008Rate of interest payable on GPF contribution
7844-F dt. 17.10.2008Maternity Leave to Female Employee appointed on contract basis
7783-F dt. 16.10.2008Revision of scale of pay of Store Keeper/(FORMS)
7752-F dt. 15.10.2008Creation of Addl. Supervisory Level Post of HC/ HA
7744-F dt. 15.10.2008Revision of scale of pay of the Addl. Supervisory post of H.C.
7678-F dt. 3.10.2008Revision of scale of pay of Metron, Tutor (Nurse Gr-I)
7677-F dt. 3.10.2008Revision of scale of pay of the Nursing Staff
7672-F dt. 3.10.2008Creation of the post of Head Surveyor in scale no. 11
7651-F dt. 01.10.2008Recruitment of Govt. Personnel for regional and field offices through PSC
7597-F dt. 30.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of the Chemical Examiner under Excise Department
7588-F dt. 30.09.2008Creation of the post of Sr. Supervisory Grade Typist
7553-F dt. 29.09.2008ROPA – Inspector, Agricultural Income Tax Finance Revenue Department
7544-F dt. 29.09.2008Revision of Scale of pay of Pharmacist Grade-I & Gr-III
7522-F dt. 26.09.2008Facility of Telephone charges/ Mobile/Internet etc.
7376-F dt. 23.09.2008Authority of Kol. PAO-I regarding establishment matters of both the PAOs
850-CMDMP dt. 23.09.2008A.O. of CMDMP under EDM declared as DDO
7283-F dt. 19.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of SAE
7282-F dt. 19.09.2008ROPA – Dy. Ranger, Forester, Forest Guard, Agranami/ Camp Guard etc.
7220-F dt. 17.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of Revenue Inspector (L&LR) Department
7105-F dt. 15.09.2008Revision of scale of pay of WBSLRS, Gr.-I and SRO-II
7057-F dt. 11.09.2008
431-PSC dt. 02.09.2008
Half yearly Examination for probationary L.D.C.
6983-F dt. 10.09.2008Engagement of the Officers of WBA & AS cadre in Secretariat duties
6756-F dt. 02.09.2008Explanation of the term ‘Emoluments’
6021-F dt. 28.08.2008Terms and references of 5th Pay Commission for the State Govt. Employee
6020-F dt. 28.08.2008Framing of 5th Pay Commission for the State Govt. Employees
3889-PAC dt. 26.08.2008Guidelines for deposit of undisbursed amount of LA Compensation award
828-F dt. 29.07.2008Housing Loan Scheme for the employees of West Bengal – Amendment
4922-F dt. 11.07.2008Revision of scale of pay of Leader/ Fire Operator
4916-F dt. 11.07.2008Revision of scale of pay of Livestock Development Assistant
4915-F dt. 11.07.2008Revision of scale of the post of Director, Jt. Director of I.T.I.
4805-F dt. 09.07.2008Amendment of DFPR of H& FW department
4236-F dt. 12.06.2008Dearness Allowance @ 35% w.e.f. 01.06.2008
465-PAR dt. 06.05.2008ACR related to promotion to the post of WB Secretariat Service
30-EMP dt. 02.04.2008Benefit to employees on compassionate ground
BS-I-206 dt. 01.04.2008Information for obtaining loan ID no. from AGWB
493-L dt. 28.03.2008WB Finance ACT – P. Tax current rate
2002-F dt. 11.03.2008Amendment of WBS(CCA) Rules, 1971
138-F dt. 03.03.2008Scope of Family Pension to Unmarried Daughters
288-F dt. 29.02.2008Rate of commission on Sale of Stamp
2169-F dt. 27.02.2008Rate of interest on loans and advances to Govt. employees
1572-F dt. 26.02.2008Power of DG & IG on Item 26 ‘Rewards’
1440-F dt. 20.02.2008Notification on amendments of WB CCA Rules
1227-F dt 13.02.2008Timely reconciliation of departmental account
1089-F dt. 07.02.2008Recoveries on account of direct tax
862-F dt. 31.01.2008Scale linked designation of the officers of WBA&AS
675-F dt. 22.01.2008Opening of bank account for GOI Fund
383-F dt. 11.01.2008Order for disbursement of salary
01-PAR dt. 01.01.2008Conversion of ATI into a registered society

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