Finance Department – Archive, 2007

West Bengal Govt. Circulars, Notifications, Orders, Clarifications, Memorandum of Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal published in the year 2007.

1801-F dt. 31.12.2007Delegation of power – Indira Awas Yojana
8909-F dt. 08.11.2007Preparation of complete Data base of WBA & AS cadre
8625-F dt. 24.10.2007Compulsory Deposit as per ROPA, 98-Restriction thereof
825-LW dt. 15.10.2007
AM-225 dt. 26.07.2007
Opening of sub-head for W.B. Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1974
7273-F dt. 22.08.2007Settlement of discrepancies – R.B.D.
6071-F dt 08.08.2007Irregular sanction of GPF
5576-F dt. 24.07.2007Noting of correct Head of Account in Challan
1666-DP dt. 24.07.2007Suggestion relating to Conservation of Water
5471-F dt. 18.07.2007Revision of Addl. Remuneration to Xerox Operator
5462-F dt. 18.07.2007Establishment of the PAO, New Delhi for financial business
4652-F dt. 18.06.2007Clarification – Quantum of DA admissible to Govt. Employee under Suspension
3939-F dt. 17.05.2007Self Appraisal Report for the Officers of WBA&AS cadre
3724-F dt. 10.05.2007Procedure of Refund of Revenue & Recoveries of overpayment
3159-F dt. 20.04.2007Submission of Annual Account to Pr. A.G.
2803-F dt. 11.04.2007Clarification on merger of Pay
2561 -F dt. 02.04.2007Computerized accounting system of GPF
2523-F dt. 30.03.2007Consolidated instruction regarding release of fund from PAOs and Treasuries
2416-F dt. 27.03.2007DA @24% admissible upto Pay Rs.26,000/-
2415-F dt. 27.03.2007Merger of DA of State Govt. employees/Relief to Pensioners
1880-F dt. 07.03.2007Constitution of Departmental Approval Committee
1149-F dt. 12.02.2007Filling up of vacant post
675-F dt. 22.01.2007Streamline to open and operative Bank A/c for Govt. transaction
545-F dt. 19.01.2007Financial Sanction of the Secretariat of the W.B. Legislative Assembly
1847-F dt. 16.01.2007House Building Loan Scheme with West Bengal State Coop. Bank Ltd.
12-FPS dt 15.01.2007Enhancement of monthly allowance to the Pol. Sufferers/ Freedom Fighters

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