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Finance Department – Archive, 2007

West Bengal Govt. Circulars, Notifications, Orders, Clarifications, Memorandum of Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal published upto the year 2007.

Update: Finance Department – Archive, 2008

1801-F dt. 31.12.2007 Delegation of power – Indira Awas Yojana
8909-F dt. 08.11.2007 Preparation of complete Data base of WBA & AS cadre
8625-F dt. 24.10.2007 Compulsory Deposit as per ROPA, 98-Restriction thereof
825-LW dt. 15.10.2007
AM-225 dt. 26.07.2007
Opening of sub-head for W.B. Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1974
7273-F dt. 22.08.2007 Settlement of discrepancies – R.B.D.
6071-F dt 08.08.2007 Irregular sanction of GPF
5576-F dt. 24.07.2007 Noting of correct Head of Account in Challan
5471-F dt. 18.07.2007 Revision of Addl. Remuneration to Xerox Operator
5462-F dt. 18.07.2007 Establishment of the PAO, New Delhi for financial business
4652-F dt. 18.06.2007 Clarification regarding quantum of Dearness Allowance admissible to Govt. Employee under Suspension
3939-F dt. 17.05.2007 Self Appraisal Report for the Officers of WBA&AS cadre
3724-F dt. 10.05.2007 Procedure of Refund of Revenue & Recoveries of overpayment
3159-F dt. 20.04.2007 Submission of Annual Account to Pr. A.G.
2803-F dt. 11.04.2007 Clarification on merger of Pay
2561 -F dt. 02.04.2007 Computerized accounting system of GPF
2523-F dt. 30.03.2007 Consolidated instruction regarding release of fund from PAOs and Treasuries
2416-F dt. 27.03.2007 DA @24% admissible upto Pay Rs.26,000/-
2415-F dt. 27.03.2007 Merger of DA of State Govt. employees/Relief to Pensioners
1880-F dt. 07.03.2007 Constitution of Departmental Approval Committee
1149-F dt. 12.02.2007 Filling up of vacant post
675-F dt. 22.01.2007 Streamline to open and operative Bank A/c for Govt. transaction
545-F dt. 19.01.2007 Financial Sanction of the Secretariat of the W.B. Legislative Assembly
1847-F dt. 16.01.2007 House Building Loan Scheme with West Bengal State Coop. Bank Ltd.
12-FPS dt 15.01.2007 Enhancement of monthly allowance to the Pol. Sufferers/ Freedom Fighters
1462-F dt. 09.11.2006 Opening of sub-head under 8009-State Provident Fund
1456-F dt. 08.11.2006 House Building Loan Scheme with United Bank of India
7859-F dt. 01.11.2006 Policy for procurement, installation and maintenance of I.T. product by Govt. Deptt.
1301-F dt. 13.10.2006 Enquiry regarding availability of discounted Air-fare tickets
7223-F dt. 21.09.2006 Monthly Cleaning and Servicing of Office Equipment
DT-1485 dt. 14.09.2006 Clarification on withdrawal of amount of G.P. Fund – Missing credit
3962-F dt. 29.08.2006 Procedure of dealing with and accounting for Revenue and Deposit in Divisional Accounts of Works
3961-F dt. 29.08.2006 Procedure of drawal of fund for work expenditure and LOC cheque
5951-F dt. 07.08.2006 Payment of salary through Electronic cleaning system
DT-1173 dt. 18.07.2006 Clarification regarding maintenance of Leave Account
DT-1117 dt. 10.07.2006 Pensioner portion of PPO hand over to family pensioner – Rule 4.192(7) Try Rules 2005
4840-F dt. 29.06.2006 Revised scale of pay of Driver of ROPA, 1981
4367-F dt. 13.06.2006 Revision of Leave travel concession Order No. 3430-F dt. 02.05.1981
4363-F dt. 13.06.2006 Format of Asset register.
3564-F dt. 15.05.2006 Exemption from payment of pension & leave salary contribution of officers deputed on foreign service
1782-F dt. 01.03.2006 Policy for Procurement, Installation and Maintenance of IT products.
1766-F dt. 01.03.2006 Uniform Allowance of Nursing Staff
1680-F dt. 24.02.2006 Additional Remuneration of Rs. 120/- p.m. for Head Estimator
1628-F dt. 24.02.2006 Additional Remuneration of Rs. 120/- p.m. for Head Estimator
1560-F dt. 22.02.2006 Discontinuation of encashment of Demand Draft of Rs. 50,000 and above by banks
1261-F dt. 15.02.2006 Redesignation of Stenographer
1030-F dt. 08.02.2006 Annual Performance Report for 3 years to be considered for promotion, confirmation etc.
642-F dt. 24.01.2006 Regularization of Contractual Employees – Consultation of Finance Deptt. is necessary
607-F dt. 20.01.2006 Revision of Leave travel concession Order No. 3430-F, dt. 02.05.1981
10582-F dt. 23.12.2005 Telephone facilities of Officers
10510-F dt. 21.12.2005 Granting exemption from the provisions laid down in Rule 4.086 of Treasury Rules 2005 for Engineering Deptt.
9924-F dt. 07.12.2005 Revision of Leave travel concession Order No. 3430-F dt. 02.05.1981
9189-F dt. 14.11.2005 Procedure of forwarding the application of final payment
1387-SS dt. 09.11.2005 Observation of Finance Deptt. in case of award of CAS
8527-F dt. 07.10.2005 Fixation of remuneration of re-employed pensioners of the State Govt.
8428-F dt. 04.10.2005 Demand No., Code No., Head of Account etc. to be mentioned in sanctioning
DT-1649 dt. 27.09.2005 Extra-Ordinary leave not taking into accounting for 10/8, 20/16 and 25 yrs. of C.A.S.
8305-F dt. 26.09.2005 Appointment on contract service
7786-F dt. 06.09.2005 Disbursement certificate after Final payment
7700-F dt. 01.09.2005 Personal Claims of Govt. employees payment by open cheque or Account payee cheque
7134-F dt. 09.08.2005 Transfer of GPF balance of Gr. ‘D’ employee to A.G.’s account
7019-F dt. 04.08.2005 Non-inclusion in the Treasury Rules 2005 for the purpose of inclusion in West Bengal Finance Rules
DT-1338 dt. 03.08.2005 Encashment to Leave salary to be sanctioned after serving admissibility report of pension from A.G.W.B.
6943-F dt. 02.08.2005 Procedure of withdrawal of balance in the inoperative P.L. Account
2653-F dt. 19.07.2005 Procedure of payment of EMI on H.B. Loan on transfer
2575-F dt. 06.07.2005 House Building Loan Scheme with the State Bank of India
771-F dt. 29.06.2005 Revised scale of pay of Driver of ROPA 1981
4982-F dt. 17.06.2005 Promotion to higher post with retrospective effect
4840-F dt. 10.06.2005 West Bengal Treasury Rules
858-PS dt. 08.06.2005 Verification of Character and antecedents of Candidates Selected under Government/ Government Undertakings
4662-F dt. 01.06.2005 Period of probation in the promotion post
4205-F dt. 12.05.2005 Drawal of Advance in A.C. Bill
3990-F dt. 04.05.2005 Change of Name and Surname
3876-F dt. 02.05.2005 Policy for Procurement, Installation and Maintenance of IT products
788-F dt. 31.03.2005 West Bengal Value Added Tax Rules, 2005
528-FB dt. 01.03.2005 Demand No. & Deptt. Code No.
717-F dt. 20.01.2005 Recovery of dues of Cooperative Society
90-FB dt. 13.01.2005 House Building Loan Scheme with the State Bank of India.
122-F dt. 05.01.2005 Computation of admissible amount of advance
10500-F dt. 19.11.2004 Revised Purchase Policy-amendments thereof
10472-F dt. 18.11.2004 Revised form 10A & 10B for final payment of G.P. Fund
9584-F dt. 11.10.2004 Limit of Financial Power Enhanced for Office Rent (Schedule A item 27(a))
DT/1421 dt. 30.06.2004 Clarification on T. A. (Countersigning of TA Bill & Approval of Tour Diary)
3019-F dt. 27.02.2004 State Govt. will not stand guarantor for Personal Loan from Public Sector Bank.
505-F dt. 14.01.2004 Grade-I posts created prior 1.4.81 to be treated as functional posts
13989-F dt. 26.12.2003 Ratification of Higher Grade posts under promotion policy
13988-F dt. 26.12.2003 Ratification of Higher Grade posts under promotion policy
13268-F dt. 09.12.2003 Refund of Earnest Money/Security Deposit
10968-F dt. 30.10.2003 Revised Scale of Pay of Head Clerk & Head Assistant
9721-F dt. 05.09.2003 Recovery of overdrawal of wrong fixation
9385-F dt. 22.08.2003 Leave encashment sanctioned prior to retirement provided 315 days leave at credit
6329-F dt. 11.06.2003 Revised Scale of Pay of Accountant cum Head Clerk
5675-F dt. 19.05.2003 Revised Scale of Pay of Gr. II Nurse
5087-F dt. 25.04.2003 Clarification of fixation of pay from UDC to Head Clerk
4085-F dt. 26.03.2003 Performance Appraisal of Govt. Employee
198-F dt. 18.02.2003 Stagnation of Pay
314-LL dt. 31.01.2003 Assessment of Fair Rent for Private Building
10826-F dt. 18.11.2002 Clarification of Certain Points
2711-F dt. 30.09.2002 Economy measures Instruction
9637-F dt. 26.09.2002 Fixation of pay in case of stagnation increment
9135-F dt. 10.09.2002 Performance Appraisal of West Bengal Govt. Employees
8407-F dt. 19.08.2002 Purchase of Postal Franking Machine
6801-F dt. 03.07.2002 Work charged employees allowed 25 years benefit
6113-F dt. 11.06.2002 Delegation of Financial power to Commissioner Internal Audit.
356-F dt. 29.05.2002 Creation of the post in higher scale as per promotion policy – Certificate of ratifying the creation of post
2658-F dt. 01.03.2002 Representation for Maternity Leave for Adoption of Child
387-F dt. 13.02.2002 Rates of Interest of Loans and Advances.
11770-F dt. 28.12.2001 Admissible Non-refundable advance after completion of 15 years’ service
11542-F dt. 20.12.2001 Clarification of fixation of pay
23-O&M dt. 04.12.2001 Summer & Winter Liveries for Group-‘D’
DT-1910 dt. 27.11.2001 Submission of Original authority of A.G. not required along with Bill
10305-F dt. 19.11.2001 Allotment of DDO. Code to the NGO.
9775-F dt. 19.10.2001 Clarification of G.O. No. 3015-F, dt. 13.03.2001
7196-F dt. 31.07.2001 Marriage-illness Advance
6784-F dt. 18.07.2001 Travel by A/c 1st class admissible to the officer posted in North Bengal
3671-F dt. 04.04.2001 Disbursement of P.F. Moneys to persons on behalf of minor
3453-F dt. 28.03.2001 Enhancement of Maternity Leave and Calculation of Half Pay Leave
3368-F dt. 26.03.2001 Allowing Loan from Bank
3274-F dt. 21.03.2001 Additional Remuneration of Steno Typist/ Bench Clerk-cum-Stenographer
3015-F dt. 13.03.2001 Career Advancement Scheme for W.B. Govt. Employees
10620-F dt. 19.12.2000 Modification Career Advancement Scheme 8 yrs./16 Yrs./25 Yrs. and assessment of accountability and efficiency of the employee
10445-F dt. 15.12.2000 Change of Head of account
10391-F dt. 13.12.2000 Punctuality in Attendance and Prompt Disposal of Work
4100-F dt. 13.12.2000 Economy measures instruction
6698-PRD dt. 09.12.2000 Revised Scale of Pay of Cashier-cum-Storekeeper in Block
9120-F dt. 13.11.2000 Wilful delay/refuses promotion within the span of 10/20 years not admissible C.A.S.
6791-F dt. 09.08.2000 Retention of Temporary Post
974-PAR dt. 25.07.2000 Vigilance Clearance Certificate for passport, permission to travel abroad, promotion, retirement etc.
5621-F dt. 30.06.2000 Revised Scale of Pay of Asstt. Secy./ Head Clerk
5539-F dt. 27.06.2000 Work Charge employee brought under regular establishment
1-O&M dt. 21.01.2000 Supply of Pen & Refill to Govt. employee
10029-F dt. 11.11.1999 Grant of Special Allowance (for overtime work) /Daily Allowance to the Automobile Drivers and Cleaners, Helpers and Khalasis accompanying Govt. vehicles on duty
7377-F dt. 28.07.1999 Appointment on promotion to Grade – I post of Gr. – D
1770-F dt. 27.07.1999 Economy measures in Govt. expenditure
1613-F dt. 09.07.1999 Enhancement of Bi-cycle Advance
1567-F dt. 06.07.1999 Computer Purchase Advance
5542-F dt. 23.06.1999 Grant of house rent allowance to the officers for living in the Circuit House
1302-F dt. 31.05.1999 Bi-cycle Advance
1301-F dt. 31.05.1999 Loans for Motor Car/Motor cycle/Scooters
1300-F dt. 31.05.1999 House Building Loan
4731-F dt. 25.05.1999 T.A., D.A. of Minister
4730-F dt. 25.05.1999 Travelling Allowance Rules – Fourth Pay Commission
4597-F dt. 19.05.1999 Modification of Head of accounts
3728-F dt. 26.04.1999 Deputation of State Govt. Employee to other Govt. Companies/Corpn
2063-F dt 03.03.1999 Medical Allowance, Winter Allowance and Hill Compensatory Allowance
1991-F dt. 01.03.1999 Stoppage of GPF subscription 3 months before retirement
485-F dt 15.01.1999 Enhancement of rate of daily wages for casual workers
7571-F dt. 02.11.1998 Special Pay as Additional Remuneration
4-CAB dt. 22.06.1998
5276-F dt. 20.07.1998
Re-employment of Retired Person – Principles
4514-F dt. 16.06.1998 Rates of D.A. outside West Bengal and a list of Cities/Areas for D.A.
453-F dt. 21.05.1998 Guideline of allotment of rental flat to State Govt. employee of Housing Deptt.
3637-F dt. 21.04.1997 Final payment of GPF money of a deceased subscriber having no family
600-Home dt. 25.03.1997 Printing of Forms for Election
5703-F dt. 17.06.1996 Journey at Silverjet
3132-F dt. 20.03.1996 Purchase of Books etc.
11722-F dt. 23.11.1995 Final payment of GPF money of a deceased subscriber having no family
DT-1386 dt. 12.09.1995 Conversion of refundable advance into Non-refundable advance of G.P.F.
769-F dt. 13.07.1995 Commuted Leave on private affairs admissible to teaching and non-teaching employee of Govt. School
5225-F dt. 17.05.1995 Confirmation and Lien in West Bengal Government Service
4189-F dt. 13.04.1995 Unauthorised G.P.F. Subscription due to increase of pay middle of financial year
3776-F dt. 30.03.1995 Confirmation in Government Service
2113-F dt. 23.02.1995 Supply of Tiffin Packet in the meeting
29-O&M dt. 20.02.1995 Supply of Newspaper to Minister and Secretary
775-F dt. 20.01.1995 Benefit to Scale No. 16 holding Teaching and allied Post
10797-F dt. 15.11.1994 Payment of GPF Final payment to family members of a disappeared Govt. employee
10493-F dt. 04.11.1994 Changing in the surname of the Government servant
6871-F dt. 01.07.1994 Counting of Service of Work Charged employee of C.A.S.
FM/FP/3 dt. 28.06.1994 Procedure for payment of GPF-Final payment
960-F dt. 27.01.1994 Pay Protection of West Bengal Govt. Employees
706-F dt. 19.01.1994 Fixation of Pay in case of Stagnation Increment
13387-F dt. 21.12.1993 90% onetime withdrawal within 12 months before retirement
13325-F dt. 17.12.1993 Non-payment certificate against lost Cheque
13128-F dt. 14.12.1993 Sanction of Temporary advance/ Non-refundable advance
12834-F dt. 06.12.1993 Interest on subscription deducted from Arrear pay Bill
12139-F dt. 16.11.1993 Sanction of Temporary advance/ Non-refundable advance of W.B.C.S.
11830-F dt. 05.11.1993 Non-refundable advance
FM/07 dt. 21.09.1993 Adjustment of missing credit on collateral evidence
10959-F dt. 28.09.1993 Non-refundable advance constituted service
10471-F dt. 06.09.1993 Power of Collector
1840-F dt. 06.08.1993 HRA of P.W.D. staff residing at P.W.D. Mess.
24/930 dt. 28.06.1993 Financial power of Jt. Director of Treasuries
6163-F dt. 28.05.1993 Payment of part-time sweeper
HRA/647 dt. 21.05.1993 Admissibility of H.R.A. Living at Circuit House, Dak Bungalow, Inspection Bungalow
5673-F dt. 14.05.1993 Clarification of H.R.A.
4970-F dt. 26.04.1993 A.C.R. Rating of Gr.-A posts
764-F dt. 26.04.1993 Waving of outstanding balance of House Building Advance.
2652-F dt. 09.03.1993 Date of Superannuation Falls on Holiday
400-F dt. 08.01.1993 Amendment of S. R. 174
8460-F dt. 11.08.1992 Fixation of Pay of Executive Engineers
5413-F dt. 14.05.1992 Quoting the salary head of account in the loan and advance bill
4406-F dt. 21.04.1992 Amendment of Item No. 6 of Schedule ‘A’ D. F. P. Rules regarding purchase of books and periodicals
3047-F dt. 13.03.1992 Correction of head of account by T.O.
2192-F dt. 27.02.1992 Clarification of H. R. A.
1021-F dt. 30.01.1992 Fixation of Pay with examples
427-F dt. 10.01.1992 Consolidation T. A. Bill
12213-F dt. 27.12.1991 Clarification of H. R. A.
6122-F dt. 01.07.1991 Funeral Expenses to the Family Member of Deceased Employee
5962-F dt. 25.06.1991 Clarifications of CAS
5961-F dt. 25.06.1991 Clarifications of CAS
5603-F dt. 14.06.1991 Supply of Cash Book
3242-F dt. 06.04.1991 Financial Sanction
10174-F dt. 29.10.1990 Clarification of H. R. A.
9735-F dt. 10.10.1990 Clarifications of CAS
8700-F dt. 28.08.1990 Date of superannuation falls due to holiday of Sunday-handing over charge
5577-F dt. 08.06.1990 Payment more than Rs. 2500 by Account Payee Cheque out of local fund
6213-F dt. 22.06.1990 Drawal of Transfer T. A.
6075-F dt. 21.06.1990 Career Advancement Scheme
5508-F dt. 07.06.1990 H.R.A. residing at LIG/MIG/HIG Housing Estate
5253-F dt. 31.05.1990 Rounding of Financial Transactions in nearest whole rupee
4159-F dt. 26.04.1990 Restoration of Commutation/ Additional Commutation
2936-F dt. 31.03.1990 Clarification of certain points regarding drawal of HRA.
2388-F dt. 09.03.1990 Retention of Heavy Cash Balance in Office
13490-F dt. 11.12.1989 Clarification of S. R. 96
11464-F dt. 18.10.1989 Countersigned in bill as a proof of sanction
100-O&M dt. 22.05.1989 Supply of Liveries to Gr. D Staff.
3241-F dt. 18.03.1989 Recovery of over payment of GPF along with interest
1934-F dt. 23.02.1989 Passing of Sub-vouchers
1407-F dt. 09.02.1989 Drawal and recovery of G.P.F. and other loans of Work- Charged employee
11160-F dt. 29.10.1988 Maintenance of G.P.F. account of Gr. ‘D’ employee
10253-F dt. 29.09.1988 Counting past service rendered by a temporary staff in parent department/ office towards pensionary benefit.
DTA/2742 dt. 19.09.1988 Recovery of G.P.F. continue in old account as Gr. ‘D’ employee till Account Number allotted by A.G. for Gr. ‘C’
4420-F dt. 19.04.1988 Sanction of Permanent advance minimum Rs. 200
12066-F dt. 07.11.1987 Fixation of the pay of the post of Stenographer
2753-F dt. 13.03.1987 Purchase of Demand draft for outstation payment and clarification of outstation
14/86/TA dt. 17.11.1986 Adjustment of Pay and T. A. advance (Inter Govt. settlement)
1027-F dt. 27.02.1986 Adjust of Pay and T.A. advance
1899-F dt. 27.02.1986 Payment of Contractors and others by A/c payee Cheque
8555-F dt. 18.09.1985 Statement of Promotion Policy of Engineers
82-O&M dt. 17.06.1985 Supply of Liveries to Gr. D Staff
3797-F dt. 20.04.1985 Payment of Arrear Claim (in place of pre-audit)
10668-F dt. 16.10.1984 Mode of deduction of subscribers for foreign service
8313-F dt. 23.07.1984 Refund of Employer’s Share towards CPF to avail Pension
6038-F dt. 22.05.1984 Compensatory House Rent Allowance
3856-F dt. 31.03.1984 W.B. Services (Secretariat Common Cadres of Deputy Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries) Rules, 1984
3855-F dt. 31.03.1984 West Bengal Services Secretariat Common Cadres Rules, 1984
5916-F dt. 05.08.1981 Statement on Promotion Policy
941-FT dt. 07.03.1981 Exemption of P. Tax for Physically Handicapped Persons
4287-F dt. 28.04.1980 Amendment to GPF Rule
6060-F dt. 25.06.1979 W.B. Services Appointment, Probation and Confirmation Rules
Nil dated 18.04.1979 West Bengal Finance Rules
9751-F dt. 17.11.1977 Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 1977
2725-F dt. 20.05.1975 Simplification of accounting system of G.P.F. advance
4804-F dt. 17.08.1972 Revised procedure for final payment
5827-F dt. 01.12.1971 West Bengal Service (Death-cum-Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971
5292-F dt 15.10.1971 West Bengal Service Rules – II
3857-F dt. 15.08.1971 West Bengal Service Rules – I
2018-F dt. 16.04.1971 West Bengal Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1971
1114-F dt. 04.04.1966 Change of Surname Procedure
6116-F dt. 23.12.1965 Non-refundable Advance