Holidays in Schools for Panchayat General Election, 2013

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
Bikash Bhawan, Bidhannagar, Kolkata-700 091

No. 402-SSE/13, Dated, Kolkata, the 9th July, 2013


Whereas the State Government has issued Notification bearing No. 2624/PN/O/1/1E-3/2012 dated 02.07.2013 fixing 11th July 2013, 15th July 2013, 19th July 2013, 22nd July 2013 and 25th July 2013 as the dates for the Panchayat General Elections 2013 in various districts;

Whereas it may be necessary to declare P-1 and/or P-2 days and P+1 day as holidays for schools to utilize the services of school teachers assigned election duty and for the smooth conduct of elections;

And Whereas the dates of poll have been declared as public holidays under the N.I. Act;

Therefore, the Governor is pleased to declare P-1 and/or P-2 days and P+1 day as required as holidays in schools of West Bengal for the Panchayat General Elections 2013. Respective District Magistrate and District Panchayat Election Officer will issue necessary orders for schools within his/her jurisdiction immediately.

Sd/-Arnab Roy
Secy. to the Govt. of West Bengal

No. 402-SSE dated 09.07.2013

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