Online Admission into UG/ PG Courses for Session, 2021-22

Higher Education,

Government of West Bengal
Department of Higher Education
College Sponsored Branch
BikashBhavan, 6th Floor: SaltLake, Kolkata – 700 091

No. 706-Edn(CS)/10M-95/14 Date: 13th July 2021


Sub: Online admissions for the Academic Session 2021-22 to all UG & PG Courses

The results of the West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination 2021 and equivalent examinations are expected to be announced shortly. This Department has received queries from different Universities & Colleges regarding the admission modalities to be followed by them for the ensuing academic session 2021-22.

Considering the success achieved in online admission process, and in view of the fact that the requisite infrastructure has already been put in place in the State’s higher education institutions, it is hereby informed to all concerned that admissions to all Under Graduate (Honours and General) and Post Graduate courses in the State-funded Higher Education Institutions in West Bengal for the ensuing academic session 2021-2022 will be made online, as per the schedule & modalities detailed below:


For Under Graduate Courses (1st year admission)

a) Date of opening of Online Portal for Application for UG Courses – 02nd August 2021

b) Completion of Application in the Online Portal for UG Courses by – 20th August 2021

c) Publication of Merit Lists in UG Courses by – 31st August 2021

d) Completion of Admission at the UG Courses by – 30th September 2021

e) Start of 1st Semester of UG Courses on – 1st October 2021

For Post Graduate Courses (1st year admission)

a) Publication of Results of the Final Semester of UG Courses by – 31st August 2021

b) Date of opening of Online Portal for Application for PG Courses – 1st September 2021

c) Completion of Application in the Online Portal for PG Courses by – 15th September 2021

d) Publication of Merit Lists in PG Courses by – 20th September 2021

e) Completion of Admission at the PG Courses by – 25th October 2021

f) Start of 1st Semester of PG Courses by – Last week of October 2021


1) On-line admission process should be done based on merit. Prospective students should not be called for counseling or verification of documents during the process of admission. No physical presence will be required at the College / University.

2) No Charges shall be taken from the students for (i) scanning/ uploading of documents for online admission and (ii) providing/ making available the application form/ prospectus of admission in all UG/ PG level courses like last year.

3) Eligible applicants should be informed directly by the College/ University authorities through letter or e-mail or telecommunication.

4) Payment of fees should be done only through e-payment or designated banks and not physically at the colleges.

5) List of eligible applicants should be handed over to the designated bank branches for verification during payment through banks. Banks will receive admission fees on the basis of merit list.

6) All testimonials are required to be uploaded online during application. Verification of documents, if required, should be done only when the students report for the classes in due course. Admission will be cancelled if the documents are found not in conformity w’ith the declaration in the forms submitted on-line.

7) The ratio for Home University students and other University students shall be 80:20. However, the unfilled Home University Seats, if any, will be filled up by the outside University students and vice-versa in PG courses.

8) All Stakeholders shall adhere to the COVID-19 norms/ protocol, issued by the Government time to time.

Vice-Chancellors of all State-aided Universities are requested to take necessary steps in this regard, including issuing suitable instructions to all the affiliated institutions. However, the Netaji Subhas Open University shall follow the time schedule as per guidelines of Open Distance Learning as done last year.

This advisory does not apply to admission to teacher training courses such as B.Ed., B.P.Ed., M.Ed., or M.P.Ed. etc., for which a separate Notification has been issued.

Sd/- Special Secretary

No. 706-Edn dated 13.07.2021, Source