Procurement Guidelines of Drugs for Janani Sishu Surakshya

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Government of West Bengal
Health & Family Welfare Department
TDE Branch
Swasthya Bhawan, GN – 29, Sector – V
Bidhannagar, Kolkata – 700 091

Memo No. H/TDE/26/M-02/2012, Dated: 10.01.2012


Sub: Procurement guideline of drugs/consumables for Janani Sishu Surakshya Karyakram (JSSK)

In order to reduce infant and mother mortality, GOI has decided to provide free treatment under JSSK in Government Institutions to all pregnant mothers opting for institutional delivery and to the neonates. In this respect an order has been issued by the Commissioner, Family Welfare & Secretary vide Memo No. H/CFW/Gen-348/H/SFWB/11 dt 09-08-2011. Transportation of mother and children is already covered under the Matriyan Scheme. Regarding Investigations, clarification has been issued by the State Welfare Officer vide No H/SFWB/972(18) dt 09-12-2011. The revised arrangement for procurement of drug and consumables under JSSK will be as follows –

A. All procurements for JSSK shall be made from the fund available for JSSK at all tiers.

B. Procurement at CMOH level

i) Presently, the CMOHs place orders with the CMS approved firms to distribute the drugs & consumables to different hospitals as per their average requirement at approved rate.
ii) In case of non-supply from the CMS approved firm/drugs required for JSSK, but not listed in CMS catalogue, CMOH now invites tender as per the provisions of G.O. No. 10500-F dated 19.11.2004.
iii) (i) & (ii) will continue.
iv) Henceforth the size of the quantity ordered at a time shall be limited to the average consumption for three months for the whole district. The average will pertain to the most recent three month period with adequate, verifiable data.

C. Procurement at Superintendent (including primary tier)/MS VP Level

i) At present, the superintendent/MSVP places orders with the CMS approved firms to supply drugs & consumables, in case the required quantity is not made available to him or is not being supplied from the DRS/ CMOH.
ii) In case of non-supply from CMS approved firm/ drugs required for JSSK, but not listed in CMS catalogue, the superintendent/MSVP can now invite quotation as per the Financial Power for procurement [vide Department’s Order No HFW/HSDI/332/2010 dated 21.06.2010 and W.B. State Samity’s No. SHFWS/Estd-377/2010/4404 dt. 23.12.2010].
iii) The superintendent/MSVP is hereby empowered to issue such supply order only for 15 days average consumption at a time. Here, average consumption levels would be set by the Superintendent/ MSVP based on the most recent and relevant data.

D) Need based procurement/emergency procurement during treatment of individual patient in respect of the Items not available in the hospital store:

i) Selection of Supplier:

Superintendent/MSVP shall invite quotation from the local medical shop holders within January 2012 for selection for supply of drugs and consumables on discount based on MRP (discount is applicable for all drugs & consumables to supply to hospital) and make formal arrangement by executing a contract as per format in Annexure-II Under no circumstances the rate shall be more than the printed MRP price. In other words, the lowest accepted Quotations will have the highest discount level over the MRP.

(ii) Procedure for requisition

(iii) Duties of Sister-in-charge:

(iv) Payment protocol for requisitioned drugs and consumables shall be as under:

O.S.D & e.o. Special Secretary (TDE)
Department of Health & FW

No. H/TDE/26 dated 10.01.2012, Source

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