Prohibition on Assembly of Five or More Person

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Update: Prohibition on assembly of five or more person

No.: 353/ICA/NB/PN Dated: 01.10.2012

Prohibition on assembly of five or more person

The Commissioner of Police, Kolkata has prohibited for a period of 60 days from the 20th September, 2012 to 18th November, 2012 until further order, any assembly of five or more persons or procession or the carrying of any lathi or other dangerous weapons or the doing of any act which is likely to cause disturbances of the public tranquillity and breach of the peace within the said area in the town of Kolkata.


The area within the jurisdiction of Hare Street Police Station in the town of Kolkata bounded

1) On the North by Fairlie Place and India Exchange Place (India Exchange Place being excluded).
On the South by Saheed Khudiram Bose Road and Rani Rashmoni Avenue (the portion of Rani Rashmoni Avenue from i t s crossing with Chowringhee Road upto Govt. P l a c e East being excluded).
On the East by Brabourne Road, Dalhousie Square East, Old Court House Street & Govt. Place East (the road being included).
On the West by Strand Road (the road being excluded).
2) Lalbazar Street The street and footpaths on both sides included which extend from Dalhousie Square East to Rabindra Sarani (Lower Chitpur Road).

Explanation: In this order, the TOWN of KOLKATA means the town of Kolkata as defined in Section 3 of the Kolkata Police Act, 1866 (Bengal Act IV of 1866).