Revision of Scale of Pay of different Warders under Jail Deptt.

Correctional Services, Finance,

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 4429-F, Dated: 08.06.2009


The question of revision of pay scales of the cadre of Warders (Warder/ Female Warder/ Warder orderly/ warder Body Guard) and its promotion posts of Head Warder and Chief Head Warder under the administrative control of the Department of Jails have been under active consideration of the Government for some time past.

2. After careful consideration of the matter, the Governor has been pleased to revise the pay scales of the above mentioned posts under the Department of Jails as stated below:-

Name of the PostScale of pay as per ROPA – ’90Scale of pay as revised
Warder/ Female Warder/ Warder orderly/ Warder Body GuardRs. 920-1617/-with higher initial at Rs. 962/- (Scale No. 4)3350-6325/- (Scale No.6)
Head WarderRs. 980-1755/- (Scale No. 5)3600-7050/- (Scale No. 7)
Chief Head WarderRs. 1040-1920/- (Scale No.6)3800-7775- (Scale No. 8)

3. The revised scales would take effect from 01.01.1996 nationally with actual effect from 01.04.2008.

4. The employees holding the above posts may exercise fresh option(s) to come under W.B.S. (ROPA) Rules, 1998 within 30 days from the date of issue of this memorandum.

5. The rules of initial pay fixation in the revised pay scales and all other conditions as laid down in the W.B.S. (ROPA) Rules, 1998 excepting date of actual effect shall apply mutatis-mutandis.

6. The existing employees In the cadre of Warders shall be allowed the revised pay scale as mentioned above. However, the subsequent direct recruits will get the benefit of revised Scale No.6 (3350-6325/-) as revised as PB-2 (5400-25200/-) with Grade Pay of Rs. 2600/- under ROPA-2009 on the basis of revised recruitment rules to be framed with minimum recruitment qualification of Pass in Secondary Examination or equivalent Examination in consultation with P.S.C., W.B, as per recent Government decision.

7. The posts in the cadre of Warders, Head Warder and Chief Head Warder shall be allowed PB-2 (5400 – 25200/-) with Grade Pay of Rs.2600/-, PB-2 (5400 – 25200/-) with Grade Pay of Rs. 2900/- and PB-3 (7100- 37,600/-) with Grade Pay of Rs. 3200/- respectively under W.B.S. (ROPA) Rules, 2009. They may exercise option(s) to come under ROPA-2009 within 60 days from the date of issue of this memorandum.

8. The Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal and the Principal Accountant General (Audit), West Bengal are being informed accordingly.

Sd/- S. K.Chattopadhyay
Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 4429-F dated 08.06.2009