Suspension of Transfer through Utsashree Portal upto 30.06.2023

Update: Matching Order from Secondary Branch, Scool Education Department

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
Elementary Education Branch
Bikash Bhawan, 5th Floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 0091

No. 585-SE(EE)/10M-45/2021 Date: 29.12.2022


Whereas, the State Government vide Notification No. 448-SE(EE)/10M-45/2021 dated 29.09.2022 has temporarily suspended the transfer portal (Utsashree) upto 31/12/2022;

And whereas the West Bengal Board of Primary Education vide no 2312/WBBPE/2022 dt- 28-12-2022 requested the School Education Department to extend the suspension period of Utsashree portal till 30/06/2023 due to ongoing recruitment process and related issues;

And whereas the competent authority in the School Education Department has considered the request and accepted the same;

Now, therefore, in exercise of power conferred by Section 107 of the West Bengal Primary Education Act, 1973, the Governor is pleased to extend temporary suspension of on-line transfer application and processing of online transfer applications till 30.06.2023 or until further order.

This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority of this Department.

By the order of the Governor

Joint Secretary to
Government of West Bengal

No. 585-SE dated 29.12.2022, Source

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