West Bengal Shops and Establishments Rules, 1964

  1. Short title
  2. Definitions
  3. Register of shops and establishments
  4. Application for registration
  5. Notice of change
  6. Renewal of registration certificate
  7. Notice of winding up
  8. Loss of registration certificate
  9. Transfer of registration certificate
  10. Enquiry for registration, renewal, etc., and payment of fees
  11. Notice of weekly closure
  12. Notice of weekly holidays
  13. Register of hours of work and rest Intervals
  14. Application for privilege leave
  15. Casual leave
  16. Sick Leave
  17. Leave pays
  18. Refusal of leave
  19. Extension of leave
  20. Unauthorised absence
  21. Leave register
  22. Prohibition of employment of pregnant woman during certain periods
  23. Maternity benefit
  24. Notice of claim for maternity benefit and payment thereof
  25. Payment or maternity benefit in case of death of woman
  26. Leave for miscarriage
  27. Leave of absence during pregnancy
  28. Dismissal during absence for pregnancy
  29. Recovery of maternity benefit
  30. Pay register
  31. Application for recovery of wages
  32. Procedure for dealing with application for recovery of wages
  33. Maintenance of records of eases by the referee
  34. Copies of records and documents
  35. Register of application for copies
  36. Register of Court-fees
  37. Overtime
  38. Notice or overtime
  39. Calculation of ordinary rate of wages of overtime
  40. Register of Overtime
  41. Duties of Inspectors
  42. Submission of dairy by Inspector
  43. Ascertainment of age of employees
  44. Disqualifications of an Inspector
  45. Supervising Inspectors and Chief Inspector
  46. Method of Inspection
  47. Method of seizing registers, records, documents or notices
  48. Visit book
  49. Co-operation with the Inspector
  50. Appeal from the Inspector’s orders or recommendations
  51. Penalty
  52. Register of employees
  53. Letter of appointment
  54. Maintenance and preservation of records registers, notices, etc.
  55. Special registers and records
  56. Manner of filing applications or notices
  57. Saving of certain rights and privileges

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