Annual Academic Calendar of WBBSE, 2020


  • It is mandatory for the Head of the Institution and all staff of the Schools (teaching and non-teaching) to attend the morning prayer/ assembly [10.40- 10.50 hours] and they will be marked late if they arrive after 10.50 AM.
  • The appointed hour of a school shall be 15 (fifteen) minutes before the commencement of class teaching, i.e. 10.35 A.M.
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff will be marked absent if they arrive later than 11.05 A.M
  • On no account, can the teaching and non-teaching staff leave the School premises before 4.30 P.M., if not on official assignment vide Memo No. N/S/212(W.B.B.S.E) dated 20.03.2013 and provisions of RTE ACT, 2009.
  • Vide The Kolkata Gazette Notification 214/SE dated 08.03.2018, it is the duty of all teaching and non-teaching staff of the Institution to abide by the code of conduct (Rule 4) mentioned therein.
    “Every teacher or non-teaching staff shall abide by the orders or circulars issued by the concerned authority as to punctuality, regular attendance and attendance at assembly prayer, taking allotted classes, completion of syllabus and other instructions contained in such orders or circulars.”
    “Every teacher or non-teaching staff shall participate collectively and individually in national programmes or events like Republic Day, Independence Day, and cultural events like drama, sports, and exhibitions etc., held within the Institutions, and extend his support to the best of his ability in the interest of joyful learning by the students and to generate a congenial atmosphere in the Institution.”
  • No teacher and non-teaching staff should behave in such a manner inside/outside the school premises, that is unbecoming of their post.
  • The Head of the institution, Assistant Head Master/ Assistant Head Mistress and Assistant teachers are to take classes as per rules /orders /circulars issued by the Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal/ WBBSE.
  • Students are being strictly forbidden to bring mobile/smart phones inside the school premises.
  • Teachers are being requested to refrain from using mobile/smart phones inside class rooms and laboratories during the course of teaching learning process to ensure that students’ attention is not diverted.
    Random use of mobile/smart phones, blue tooth devices in classes by teachers is strictly prohibited.
    In case mobile/smart phones need to be used as teaching aids for a particular class, please seek written permission from the HOI in advance.
  • Under the overall supervision of the H.M and with adequate involvement of the teaching staff, the academic council of the School under the leadership of the A.H.M/Secretary of the academic council, shall review and analyse the students’ performance in Board Exam(s)/summative &formative assessments and adopt appropriate steps for overall academic betterment of the students. Regular meetings of academic council must be held.
  • It is the bounden duty of all teaching staff to take regular and provisional classes wherever allotted to him/her in the routine, irrespective of their position, keeping in mind the academic interest and welfare of the students.
  • In order to ensure that the sanctity of examinations is maintained, teaching staff of the school, should under no circumstances, engage themselves in script assessing or any other activities during the course of invigilation.
  • After the completion of 3rd summative (V-X) and until the publication of results, the Head of the Institutions are being requested to use the classes for remedial teaching and arranging Co-curricular activities.
  • Vide the Kolkata gazette Notification 214/SE dated 08.03.2018, rule 4, sub rule 6, “No teacher shall engage himself in any sort of private tuition for personal gain.”
  • Vide the Kolkata gazette Notification 214/SE dated 08.03.2018, rule 4, sub rule 4, “No teacher or non-teaching staff shall engage in any business, trade, undertaking or money lending agency and undertake any employment other than his service directly or indirectly, or use his position to help such business, agency or undertaking: Provided that a teacher or non-teaching staff may, with the permission of the committee, undertake any honorary work of social and charitable nature without hampering his duties in the Institution.”
  • Vide the Kolkata gazette Notification 214/SE dated 08.03.2018, rule 4, sub rule 16, “No teacher or non-teaching staff shall inflict any punishment on a student, which is barred under any law or under any order of the Government. Every teacher and non-teaching staff shall be extremely careful in handling student’s behaviour so that mental and physical injury to the student is avoided. Every teacher shall, if necessary, make endeavour to take correctional approach towards the students with the help of co-teachers, the Head of the Institution and guardians.”
  • Vide the Kolkata gazette Notification 214/SE dated 08.03.2018, rule 4, sub rule 14 “A teacher or non-teaching staff shall, with the approval of the Head of the Institution, perform such duties for the conduct of public examinations other than the examinations referred to above, as may be entrusted to him by the concerned authority conducting such examinations. A teacher or non-teaching staff shall be entitled to receive such remuneration as may be sanctioned for discharging duties in such examinations.”
  • The duty of Gr.C staff will be in keeping with the guidelines of the Managing Committee and Head of the Institution. Further vide memo no 330/G dated 22.01.1990 of WBBSE, it is being reinstated that it is the bounden duty of Gr.D staff to execute all official duties entrusted to him/her by the School managing Committee, to ensure a smooth running of the Institution.
  • Heads of the Institutions are hereby being instructed to maintain such an attendance register where the staff signs both on arrival and departure mentioning the time. They have also to maintain a separate record of staffs attending school on ‘observable days’.
  • Vide the Kolkata gazette Notification 214/SE dated 8.3.2018, rule 4, sub rule 11, “No teacher or non-teaching staff shall remain absent without sanctioned leave or over stay after expiry of leave, or leave the Institution without permission from the Head of Institution during working hours”.
  • Vide the order (no 541-SE/S/10M-60/17, dated 05.07.2017) of the Joint Secretary, School Education Department, the school managing committee is hereby being directed to abide by the same strictly, to ensure a tobacco free atmosphere in the institutions.
  • Stringent measures will be initiated by W.B.B.S.E in case reports of any violation are received from the Committee or the Administrator or Head of an Institution as per G.O 214-SE Dated 08-03-2018.


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