Panchayats and Rural Development, Government of West Bengal

6698-PRD dt. 09.12.2020Revised Scale of Pay of Cashier-cum-Storekeeper in Block
10485-PN dt. 24.12.2019ROPA, 2019 for Employees of Panchayat Raj Institution
7549-PN dt. 19.09.2019Registration Certificate for running Trade, Wholesale or Retail
3814-PN dt. 31.05.2019Commutation of Pension by Employees of Three Tier Panchayat Bodies
3813-PN dt. 31.05.2019Verification of Pension Cases for Employees of 3 Tier Panchayat Bodies
3812-PN dt. 31.05.2019e-Pension Portal for the Employees of three tier Panchayat Bodies
1176-L dt. 16.10.2017West Bengal Panchayat (2nd Amendment) Act, 2017
1174-L dt. 16.10.2017West Bengal Panchayat Elections (Amendment) Act, 2017
1974-PN dt. 18.08.2017Technical Vetting Power of the Engineers under Panchayat
499-PN dt. 07.03.2017Promotion Policy for Gram Panchayat, Samity and ZP Employees
853-RD dt. 16.02.2017Role of Gram Panchayat in Solid Waste (Plastic) Management
4374-PN dt. 09.11.2015WB Panchayat (Panchayat Samiti Administration) Rules, 2015
4373-PN dt. 09.11.2015WB Panchayat (GP Administration) (2nd Amendment) Rules, 2015
804-L dt. 18.06.2015West Bengal Panchayat (Amendment) Act, 2015
30-L dt. 09.01.2015West Bengal Panchayat (2nd Amendment) Act, 2014
560-L dt. 31.03.2014West Bengal Panchayat (Amendment) Act, 2014
817-RD dt. 28.02.2014Revised Wage Rate for MGNREGA Workers w.e.f. 01.04.2014
1088-PR dt. 20.05.2013Training regarding Ensuing Panchayat General Election, 2013
2673-RD dt. 22.04.2013Community Health Care Management Initiative – Remuneration
1940-RD dt. 22.03.2013Enhancement of Contractual Remuneration of MGNREGA Employees
1006-PN dt. 11.03.2013Panchayat General Election in West Bengal – 8th
1023-PN dt. 12.03.2013Increase of Grant and Pension Rate under IGNWPS and IGNDPS Scheme
1309-PN dt. 21.02.2013Rural Employment Guarantee (Unemployment Allowance) Rules, 2012
1725-L dt. 22.11.2012West Bengal Panchayat Elections (2nd Amendment) Act, 2012
1724-L dt. 22.11.2012West Bengal Panchayat (2nd Amendment) Act, 2012
5013-PN dt. 24.09.2012West Bengal Panchayat Elections (Amendment) Rules, 2012
1252-L dt. 24.08.2012West Bengal Panchayat Elections (Amendment) Act, 2012
667-L dt. 17.05.2012West Bengal Panchayat (Amendment) Act, 2012
476-PN dt. 31.01.2012Re-Employment as Nirman Sahayak and Gram Panchayat Secretary
155-L dt. 04.02.2011West Bengal Panchayat (2nd Amendment) Act, 2010
651-L dt. 13.05.2010West Bengal Panchayat (Amendment) Act, 2010
1832-PN dt. 05.04.2010WB Panchayat (GP Accounts, Audit & Budget) (Amendment) Rules, 2010
2433-II dt. 17.06.2009Transfer Policy of P.D.O/ P.A/ A.O under P&RD
4716-PN dt. 25.11.2008West Bengal Panchayat (Panchayat Samiti Administration) Rules, 2008
3121-PN dt. 30.07.2008West Bengal Panchayat (Panchayat Samiti and ZP) Budget Rules, 2008
2799-PN dt. 09.07.2008WB Panchayat (ZP & Panchayat Samiti) Accounts & Financial Rules
4396-PN dt. 27.09.2007West Bengal Panchayat (GP Accounts, Audit and Budget) Rules, 2007
1403-PN dt. 27.03.2007West Bengal Panchayat Recruitment Rules (Panchayat Samiti), 2007
1368-PN dt. 23.03.2007West Bengal Panchayat Recruitment Rules (Gram Panchayat), 2007
5597-PN dt. 01.12.2006West Bengal Panchayat Elections Rules, 2006
4163-PN dt. 09.08.2006West Bengal Panchayat (GP Administration) (Amendment) Rules, 2006
3865-PN dt. 23.11.2004West Bengal Gram Panchayat Administration Rules, 2004
4272-PN dt. 14.11.2003WB Panchayat (ZP and PS) Accounts & Financial Rules, 2003
1385-L dt. 22.08.2003West Bengal Panchayat Elections Act, 2003
2247-PN dt. 20.05.1997West Bengal Panchayat Recruitment Rules (Zilla Parishad), 1997
1893-PN dt. 21.07.1994West Bengal Panchayat Members Disqualification Rules, 1994
NilWest Bengal Panchayat Constitution Rules, 1975 (Upto June, 2013)
No. Nil dt. 17.01.1974West Bengal Panchayat Act, 1973