COSA is Mandatory for Drawal of Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills

Government of West Bengal
Higher Education Department
University Branch
Bikash Bhavan, Bidhannagar, Kolkata – 700091

No. 806-Edn(U)/1U-68/14 Date: 28/07/2014


Sub: Mandatory Implementation of COSA Software Package for drawal of Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills.

Inviting a reference to Finance Deptt. Memo. No. 1829-F(Y), Dt. 01/03/2012 read with No. 4111-F(Y), Dt. 17/05/2012, No. 6037-F(Y), Dt. 13/07/2012 and No. 1872-F(Y), Dt. 02/04/2014, it may be brought into the notice of all concerned that the Govt. had already decided to implement the COSA Software Packages developed by NIC in all State Govt. Offices and other Autonomous Bodies which draw their Pay Bills and Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills from Govt. Treasuries/Pay & Accounts Offices. Although the said package has by the time been introduced in all the State-Govt. Offices and some of the autonomous bodies and presently drawal of Salary Bills including Grant-in-aid Salary Bills of the said offices are being made through the said package successfully, the same has not been yet implemented in the Educational Institutions like State-aided Universities, Non-Govt. aided Colleges/Engineering Colleges etc. which are in regular receipt of Grant-in-Aid (Salary) from the Govt. in this Deptt. and accordingly draw Salary bills from the Govt. Treasuries/Pay & Accounts Offices.

Lately, a few cases of non-acceptance of Non-COSA compliant Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills by the treasuries/PAOs concerned have been reported and as a result the Govt., in such cases, had to face much embarrassment.

To avoid such discomfiture in the coming days, it has been decided that the State-aided Universities, Colleges, Council etc. which receive Grant-in-Aid (Salary) from the Govt. and draw the Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills, would be asked to mandatorily implement the COSA Software Package in their institutions for preparation and generation of Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills using the said package latest by 30th September, 2014.

For the purpose of having technical support services, the institutions may engage, in terms of F. D. Memo. No. 1829-F(Y), Dt. 01/03/2012, the specific agency selected district-wise/zone-wise by the state Finance Deptt. through tender process.

The procurement of computer & peripherals for implementation of COSA may, as per configuration suggested by NIC, be made from the Webel Technology Ltd. in accordance with the procedures laid down in Finance Deptt. Order No. 1782-F, Dt. 01/03/2006 or may directly be purchased at the DGS&D /NICSI rate contract from their enlisted Contractors in terms of the W. B. Financial Rules as notified vide Finance Deptt. Notification No. 5400-F(Y), Dt. 26/06/2012 or may purchase locally, within the rate as approved by the Finance Deptt., after observing the Rule 47(8) Note 1 of the WBFR.

For the purpose of purchase of necessary computer hardware and accessories and payment of charges payable to the selected vendors for installation and operation of the entire package as per specifications made vide F. D. Memo. No. 1829-F(Y), Dt. 01/03/2012, the institutions concerned may utilise their own Development Fund, if any, or may, in absence of such fund, approach the Govt. in this Deptt./their respective controlling authorities under this Deptt., for required financial support by furnishing estimates provided by the IT firms as mentioned hereinbefore.

Top most priority should be given by all concerned for implementation of the said package for drawal of Grant-in-Aid Salary Bills latest by the 30th September, 2014.

Sd/- P.K. Das
Assistant Secretary

No. 806-Edn dated 28.07.2014

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