Conditions for Counting of Past Service in Govt. Employment

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Pension Branch
Writers’ Buildings
Block No. IV, 2nd Floor
Kolkata-700 001

Memo No. 481-F(Pen) Dated, the 29th November, 2016

The Government of West Bengal have for sometime past been considering the question of introducing some sort of conditions which should be fulfilled by the employee who opt for counting of his/her past service rendered in different Undertakings/Corporations/Autonomous Bodies/Statutory Bodies/Semi Govt. Organisations/Board etc. of State/Central Government where C.P.F. is prevalent and is willing to join State Government service. After careful consideration of the matter in all aspects, the Governor has been pleased further to order the following additional steps/measures in continuation of Memo. No. 8313-F dated 23.07.1984.

1) Regarding Deposit of pro-rata pension to the Government employee for the period spent in earlier non-Government employment as noted above for which counting of past service is sought for:-

a) The employee concerned has to deposit the proportionate part of pension in the appropriate Head of Account to which pension amount is debited, irrespective of the fact whether he had received Employer’s share of C.P.F. or not in his earlier employment. If the employee had not received the Employer’s share even then he has to deposit the amount equivalent to Employer’s share at that point of time from his own resources like Employees’ share but without any interest since the incumbent had not actually received the Employer’s share.

b) But if he/she had received Employer’s share then he has to deposit the same amount in the proper Head of Account of the State Government alongwith simple interest @ 5% per annum as usual from the date of receipt of the same upto preceding date of such deposit.

2) Regarding deposit of Proportionate Gratuity for the period spent on non-Government employment as noted above:-

a) When the employee had received the Gratuity amount from his earlier employer, he has to deposit the same alongwith simple interest @5% per annum in appropriate Head of Account of the State Government from the date of receipt of the same upto preceding date of such deposit.

b) Where the said employee had not received the Gratuity from his/her previous employer, he/she has to deposit the same from his/her own sources without any interest since he had not actually received any Gratuity amount from the employer.

3) The employee concerned praying for counting of past services elsewhere other than State Government, will have to furnish the duly attested copy of actual terminal benefits received by him from his previous employer.

4) Before depositing the amount as stated above in the respective Head of Account for counting of past services, the Administrative Deptt. must send the said proposal for vetting/approval, both amount to be deposited and service period to be counted. Any deposit in this respect on their own volition in the Govt. Exchequer without the knowledge and approval of Finance Deptt. is neither desirable nor tenable and hence liable to be ignored.

5) Formal amendment of the WBS (Death-cum-Retirement Benefits) Rules, 1971 will be made in due course.

6) Any other Govt. order in this regard, if issued by any other Departments, shall be deemed to have been modified accordingly to the above extent.

7) This order shall take immediate effect.

By order of the Governor,

Sd/- B. Ranjan
Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 481-F dated 29.11.2016, Source

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