GRIPS Challan generated by Tender Inviting Authority

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 3667-F(Y) Dated, 14th July, 2014


In continuation of this department memo. no. 1526-F(Y) dt. 18.3.2014, the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to prescribe below further process flow for online fund forward from pooling account to the State Government receipts in GRIPS portal.

1. The tender inviting authority after finalization of the tender processing and selection of the bidder will generate an e-challan in the GRIPS portal with following information:-

(a) Depositor’s name; (b) Phone Number; (c) Mobile No.; (d) Address; (e) e-mail; (f) Tender No. which will be the Tender ID (e-procurement); (g) on behalf of whom the EMD has been deposited by the LI bidder – i.e., name and designation of the Tender Inviting Authority (TIA); (h) Remarks, if any;

2. GRIPS Challan, as generated by Tender Inviting Authority (TIA) with the particulars mentioned above and the amount of deposit, with ‘by default’ account number of the pooling account will be sent by the authority to the SBI via e-mail;

3. The filled-up GRIPS challan with GRN sent to SBI will be used by the bank to withdraw the fund from the pooling account and deposit the same in the Government receipts in GRIPS portal. The SBI system will send an auto-generated mail to the sender’s e-mail address acknowledging receipt of the GRIPS challan;

4. The TIA will issue work order with the system-generated ‘Award of contract’ (AOC) only. The system-generated AOC will be issued to the selected bidder by the TIA only after generation of GRIPS-challan and its despatch to the Bank for ultimate deposit in the Government account u/h ‘8443-00-103-001-07″ in GRIPS portal; in case of EMD, given in instruments, the challan generation being not involved, acceptance of the LOI received from the selected bidder will enable the tender inviting authority to generate the AOC through the system for issue to the selected bidder.

5. NIC will insert pooling account no. 33728456372 in the system as default account no., in GRIPS challan.

The system will be effective on and from 1.8.2014.

Sd/-H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 3667-F dated 14.07.2014, Source