Housing Loan Scheme with UBI – Rate of Interest


No. 2242-FB, dated 30.11.2011


Sub: Housing Loan Scheme for the Employees of the Government of West Bengal in association with the United Bank of India under tie-up arrangement – Rate of interest with immediate effect.

In continuation of this Department Memo Nos. 1456-FB, dated 08.11.2006, 828-FB, dated 29.07.2008, 1636-FB dated 01.12.2008, 1860-FB dated 06.01.2009, 2492-FB dated 30.03.2009, 1300-FB dated 11.09.2009, 505-FB dated 11.03.2010 and 2620-FB dated 27.12.2010, the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to say that the Governor has been pleased to accord sanction to introduce the fixed rate of interest in the Housing Loan Schemes for employees of Govt. Of West Bengal as with immediate effect in the following manner as prescribed by UNITED BANK OF INDIA.

2. Housing Loan Rate of Interest (fixed):

Sl. No.PeriodRate
1Up to 5 years11.00% p.a.
2Above 5 years to 15 years11.25% p.a.
3Above 15 years to 20 years11.50% p.a.

3. All other terms & conditions as contained in the aforesaid Memo No. 1457-FB, dated 08.11.2006 and subsequent orders issued from time to time in the matter remain unchanged. It will be applicable to all new Housing Loan Proposals sanctioned and disbursed during until further order with immediate effect.

Additional Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 2242-FB dated 30.11.2011

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