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Inclusion of Heads of Accounts for e-Receipt of Govt Revenue

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Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 8425-F(Y) Dated, 14th December, 2015.


Sub: Inclusion of heads of accounts for e-receipt of Government tax and non-tax revenue administered by various departments through GRIPS Portal.

In continuation of memo. No. 4168-F(Y) dt. 28.5.15, and 4630-F(Y) dt. 15.6.15 the Governor is pleased to include the heads of accounts as mentioned in the Annexure-I to this order in GRIPS Portal for on-line and off-line receipt of the related tax and non-tax revenues through all/ any of the participant bankers.

Most of the heads of accounts mentioned in the Annexure are common to all the departments of the state Government. The common heads of accounts will be inserted and linked to each and every Department in the LOV.

The Guidelines issued in this regard vide F.D notification no. 8298-F(Y) dt. 03.10.12, Memo. Nos. 9668-F(Y) dt. 30.11.12, 10578-F(Y) dt. 28.12.12, 5533-F(Y) dt. 09.07.13, 3435-F(Y) dt. 1.7.14, 3312-F(Y) dt. 27.4.15 and will equally apply in case of the e-receipts under the heads now added.

The Government departments are requested to issue necessary instructions to their subordinate offices for collection of tax and non-tax revenues through GRIPS portal. If necessary, the concerned departments may arrange for awareness programme for the depositors in this regard.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal.

No. 8425-F dated 14.12.2015, Source


Department-wise Heads of Accounts under which revenues can be deposited by the depositors through GRIPS Portal:-

Public Health Engineering Department
Head of Account Description
0215-01-102-001-14 Collection from Rural Water Supply- Service Fees
0215-01-104-001-06 Collection from Fees, Fines etc.- Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
Housing Department
0216-02-113-001-05 Collection under Higher Income Group Housing Scheme-Rent
Irrigation & waterways Department
*0700-01-101-001-21 Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes- water Rate
*0700-01-102-001-21 Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes- water Rate
*0700-01-103-001-21 Damodar Irrigation Schemes- water Rate
*0700-01-104-001-06 Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes- Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
*0700-01-104-001-07 Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes- Interest
*0700-01-104-001-17 Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes- Sale Proceeds
*0700-01-104-001-21 Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes- Water Rate
*0700-01-105-001-06 Subarnarekha Barrage Irrigation Schemes- Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
*0700-01-105-001-07 Subarnarekha Barrage Irrigation Schemes- Interest
*0700-01-105-001-17 Subarnarekha Barrage Irrigation Schemes- Sale Proceeds
*0700-01-105-001-21 Subarnarekha Barrage Irrigation Schemes-
Water Rate
*These new detailed Heads of irrigation & Waterways Department under existing Major/Sub-Major/Minor/Sub-Heads have been accorded post-facto approval by A.G.(A&E), West Bengal, vide U.O. Case no. A.M.-I/30 dated 29.09.2015.
Fire & Emergency Services
0070-60-109-002-27 Receipt from the GOI for purchase of equipments for fire station at Falta Export Processing Zone-other Receipts
0070-60-106-006-27 Other items-Other Receipts
Food & Supplies Department
0408-00-800-002-27 other Items-Other Receipts
Common to all the Departments.
0070-60-115-001-27 Staging Bungalow Receipts-Other Receipts
0070-60-800-003-12 Leave Salary Contribution of Officers Lent foreign Services-Registration Fees
0070-60-800-003-28 Leave Salary Contribution of Officers Lent foreign Services-Leave Salary Contribution
0070-60-800-004-10 Recoveries of over payment-Recoveries
0070-60-800-010-27 Refund under the Minor Head- 800-0ther Receipts
0070-60-800-011-27 Leaves Contribution of officers lent to Foreign Service-Other Receipts
0070-60-800-013-17 Receipts on Sale of Tender Document-Sale Proceeds
0070-60-800-013-27 Receipts on Sale of Tender Document-Other Receipts
0070-60-800-014-17 Reimbursement on account of expenditure for facilities-Sale Proceeds
0070-60-800-014-23 Reimbursement on account of expenditure for facilities-Reimbursement/ Grants-in-aid from

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