Head of Accounts included in GRIPS of various Departments


Update: Rectification of Head of Accounts vide No. 6180-F dated 17.08.2015

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 4168-F(Y) Dated, 28th May, 2015.


Sub: Inclusion of heads of accounts for e-receipt of Government tax and non-tax revenue administered by various departments through GRIPS Portal

On-line receipt of State Government revenue through GRIPS was introduced by the state Government vide FD notification no. 8298-F(Y) dt. 03.10.12. Subsequently a number orders have been issued to prescribe the guidelines for on-line and off-line deposit of the Government receipts through GRIPS. In the meantime twenty six departments adopted the process of on-line and off-line receipt of their tax and non-tax revenues through GRIPS portal. Now, the Government has decided to introduce on-line and off-line receipt of tax and non-tax revenue through GRIPS in all the other departments controlling such receipts under the heads of accounts given in the annexure with effect from 1.7.2015.

Therefore, the Governor is pleased to include the heads of accounts as mentioned in the Annexure-I to this order in GRIPS Portal for on-line and off-line receipt of the related tax and non-tax revenues through all/ any of the participant bankers. The e-challan form of TR-7 given in Annexure-II shall be used for deposit of the revenue through GRIPS portal in absence of any specific format of challan for deposit of Tax/non-tax revenue of any department.

The Guidelines issued in this regard vide F.D notification no. 8298-F(Y) dt. 03.10.12, Memo. Nos. 9668-F(Y) dt. 30.11.12, 10578-F(Y) dt. 28.12.12, 5533-F(Y) dt. 09.07.13, 3435-F(Y) dt. 1.7.14, & 3312-F(Y) dt. 27.4.15 will equally apply in case of the e-receipts under the heads now added .

The Government departments are requested to issue necessary instructions to their subordinate offices for collection of tax and non-tax revenues through GRIPS portal. If necessary, the concerned departments may arrange for awareness programme for the depositors in this regard.

It will be mandatory for all the departments of the State Government to collect their tax & nontax revenue only through GRIPS with effect from 01.07.2015 in terms of Chief Secretary’s letter no. 79(60)-CS/ 2015 dt. 16.5.2015.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal.

No. 4168-F dated 28.05.2015, Source


Health & Family Welfare

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0051-00-104-002-16West Bengal Health Recruitment Board Miscellaneous Receipts-Other Fees
0210-01-020-001-14Receipts from R.G Kar Hospital-Service Fees
0210-01-020-001-31Receipts from R.G.Kar Hospital-Hospital Fees
0210-01-020-002-31Receipts from Carmichal Hospital for Tropica! Diseases-Hospital Fees
0210-01-020-003-31Receipts from Calcutta National Medical College Hospital-Hospital Fees
0210-01-020-004-31Receipts from Mental Hospital-Hospital Fees
0210-01-020-005-31Receipts from Other Hospitals and Dispensaries-Hospital Fees
0210-01-020-006-14Realisation of fees for treatment at After-noon Pay Clinics-Service Fees
0210-01-020-007-10Realisation of cost of Diet from the Patients-Recoveries
0210-01-101-001-10Recoveries on account of E.S.I. Corporations Share of Expenditure on E.S.I. Scheme- Recoveries
0210-01-101-001-24Recoveries on account of E.S.I Corporations Share of Expenditure on E.S.I. Scheme- Reimbursement/ Grant-in-aid from Other Bodies
0210-01-101-001-27Recoveries on account of E.S.I. Corporations Share of Expenditure on E.S.I. Scheme -Other Receipts
0210-01-101-002-27Miscellaneous Receipts-Other Receipts
0210-01-101-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0210-01-107-001-13Receipts under the Drugs Act-Licence Fees
0210-01-107-001-14Receipts Under the Drugs Act-Service Fees
0210-01-800-001-14Collection from Miscellaneous Service Fees-Service Fees
0210-01-800-001-19Collection from Miscellaneous Service Fees-Dividend/Profit
0210-01-800-002-14Collection from Bacteriological Laboratory-Service Fees
0210-01-800-003-17Sale of Blood, Medicines etc to Institutions Other than in-patients-Sale Proceeds
0210-04-101-001-14Collection from Miscellaneous Service Fees-Service Fees
0210-04-101-001-27Collection from Miscellaneous Service Fees-Other Receipts
0210-04-102-001-17Sale of Sera/Vaccine -Sale Proceeds
0210-04-104-001-13Receipts from Other Fees, Fines etc-Licence Fees
0210-04-104-001-27Receipts from Other Fees, Fines,etc-Other Receipts
0210-04-104-002-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0210-04-104-003-27Receipts under the Drugs and Cosmetics ,Act,1940-Other Receipts
0210-04-104-004-27Receipts under the Cigarettes and other Tobaco Products Act,2003-0ther Receipts
0210-04-104-005-06Receipts under the Food Safety and Standard act 2006 and Rules and Regulation of 2011-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0210-04-104-005-12Receipts under the Food Safety and Standard Act ,2006 and Rules and Regulation of 2011- Registration Fees
0210-04-104-005-13Receipts under the Food Safety and Standard Act,2006 and Rules and Regulation of 2011- Licence Fees
0210-04-105-001-27Receipts from Public Health Laboratories-Other Receipts
0210-04-501-001-14Collection from Miscellaneous Service Fees-Service Fees
0210-04-800-001-10Recoveries of over payments-Recoveries
0210-04-800-002-10Receipts from Other Items-Recoveries
0210-04-800-002-27Receipts from Other Items-Other Receipts
0210-04-800-002-28Receipts from Other Items-Leave Salary Contribution
0210-04-800-003-27Leave Salary Contribution-Other Receipts
0210-04-800-003-28Leave salary Contribution-Leave salary Contribution

Home (Police)

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0051-00-800-002-16Other Fees
0055-00-101-001-11Railway Police-Grant/Contribution
0055-00-101-001-19Railway Police-Dividend/Profit
0055-00-101-002-10Railway Departments-Recoveries
0055-00-101-003-10Other Governments-Recoveries
0055-00-101-004-11Contribution towards Railway Police-Grant/Contribution
0055-00-101-006-10Other Governments-Recoveries
0055-00-101-007-10Other Items-Recoveries
0055-00-101-008-10Recoveries from Railway Departments-Recoveries
0055-00-101-009-10Recoveries from other Governments-Recoveries
0055-00-102-001-10Establishment Charges from C P T-10-Recoveries
0055-00-102-003-10Other Recoveries-Recoveries
0055-00-103-001-16Cattle-Pound Receipts-Other Fees
0055-00-103-002-06Other Fees and Fines-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0055-00-103-003-06Miscellaneous Receipts-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0055-00-103-004-06Realisation of Spot Fine due to enforcement of Traffic Rule- Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0055-00-103-004-08Realisation of Spot Fine due to enforcement of Traffic Rule-Cess
0055-00-103-005-06Realisation of Fees for making queries about stolen/recovered Motor Vehicles in favour of N.C.R.B.-06-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0055-00-104-001-10Receipts Under Arms Act-Recoveries
0055-00-104-001-13Receipts Under Arms Act-Licence Fees
0055-00-105-001-14Police Supplied to Private Persons-Service Fees
0055-00-105-002-10Receipts Under the Calcutta Hackney Carriage Act-Recoveries
0055-00-105-002-16Receipts Under the Calcutta Hackney Carriage Act-Other Fees
0055-00-105-003-16Cattle-Pound Receipts-Other Fees
0055-00-105-004-06Fees,Fines and For Forfeitures-Fines/Penalties/Forfeitures/Confiscation
0055-00-105-004-14Fines and For Forfeitures-Service Fees
0055-00-105-004-27Fees,Fines and For Forfeitures-Other Receipts
0055-00-105-005-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0055-00-800-001-10Receipts on Account of Cost of Anti-Hijacking Measures-Recoveries
0055-00-800-001-27Receipts on Account of Cost Of Anti-Hijacking Measures-Other Receipts
0055-00-800-002-10Receipts do to Over Payment-Recoveries
0055-00-800-003-28Collection do to Officers Lent to Foreign Service-Leave Salary Contribution
0055-00-800-004-28Collection do to Officers Sent on Deputation to other Government-Leave Salary Contribution
0055-00-800-005-10Miscellaneous Receipt-Recoveries
0055-00-800-005-17Miscellaneous Receipts-Sale Proceeds
0055-00-800-006-17Receipts from Sale of Food Staff Supplied to Police Force and N V F Personal at Concessional Rate-Sale Proceeds
0055-00-800-007-10Miscellaneous Receipts-Recoveries
0055-00-800-007-13Miscellaneous Receipts-Licence Fees
0055-00-800-007-27Miscellaneous Receipts-Other Receipts

Correctional Administration

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0056-00-101-001-14Collection under Jail Services-Service Fees
0056-00-102-001-17Collection from Sale of Jail Manufacture-Sale Proceeds
0056-00-501-001-14Collection under Jail Service-Service Fees
0056-00-800-001-07Miscellaneous Receipts- interest
0056-00-800-001-27Miscellaneous Receipts-Other Receipts
0056-00-800-003-27Miscellaneous Receipts-Other Receipts

Commerce & industries

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0058-00-101-001-29Receipts from Stationery items-Stationery Receipts
0058-00-102-001-17Indian Law Receipts-Sale Proceeds
0058-00-800-001-27Miscellaneous Receipts-Other Receipts
0058-00-800-002-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0058-00-800-003-27Printing Work -done for Other Governments-Other Receipts
0070-60-800-002-12Registration of Non-trading companies-Registration Fees
0070-60-800-003-12Leave salary Contribution of Officers Lent foreign Services-Registration Fees
0070-60-800-003-28Leave salary Contribution of Officers Lent foreign Services-Leave salary Contribution
1475-00-800-002-06Other Items-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
1475-00-800-002-08Other Items- Cess
1475-00-800-002-13Other Items-Licence Fees
1475-00-800-002-16Other Items-Other Fees
1475-00-800-002-17Other items-Sale Proceeds
1475-00-800-002-22Other item-Write Back
1475-00-800-002-27Other Items-Other Receipts
1475-00-800-002-28Other Items-Leave Salary Contribution
1475-00-200-001-12Fees for Registration of Firms-Registration Fees
1475-00-200-001-27Fees for Registration of Firms-Other Receipts
1475-00-201-001-27Land Celling other than Agricultural iand-Other Receipts
0852-06-600-001-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0852-06-600-002-17Oriental Gas Company Undertaking-Sale Proceeds
0852-06-600-002-27Oriental Gas Company Undertaking-Other Receipts
0852-06-800-001-14Services & service Fees-Service Fees
0852-06-800-002-27Receipts under Rice Milling lndustry(Regulation)Act-Other Receipts
0852-06-800-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0852-06-800-004-27Receipts from Industrial Operation-Other Receipts
^0852-08-600-001-01Brick Fields and Factories-Share of Central Taxes/Duties
0852-08-600-001-14Brick Fields and Factories-Service Fees
0852-08-600-001-17Brick Fields and Factories-Sale Proceeds
0852-08-600-001-27Brick Fields and Factories-Other Receipts
0852-08-600-002-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0852-08-600-003-01Oriental Gas Company Undertaking-Share of Central Taxes/Duties
0852-08-600-003-17Oriental Gas Company Undertaking -Sale Proceeds
0852-08-600-003-27Oriental Gas Company Undertaking-Other Receipts
0853-00-102-001-16Mineral Concession Fees-Other Fees
0853-00-102-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0853-00-103-001-27Collection by District Authorities- Other Receipts
0853-00-104 001-16Mines Department-Other Fees
0853-00-800-001-27Receipts from Coal Board on account of Check Posts for prevention of unauthorised movement of coal by Road-Other Receipts
0853-00-800-002-27Other Items- Other Receipts
0875-60-800-001-27Miscellaneous Collections-Other Receipts
0070-60-800-002-12Registration of Non-trading companies-Registration Fees
0070-60-800-003-12Leave salary Contribution of Officers Lent foreign Services-Registration Fees
0070-60-800-003-28Leave salary Contribution of Officers Lent foreign Services-Leave Salary Contribution

Public Works Department

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0059-01-011-001-03Receipts from rent of Office Buiidings-Taxes
0059-01-011-001-05Receipts from rent of Office Buildings -Rent
0059-01-102-001-05Collection of Hire Charge-Rent
0059-01-103-001-10Collection as Agency Charges-Recoveries
0059-01-800-001-17Collection from sale of Dead Stock, Waste Paper and Other Item, the cost of which was met from Office Expenses-Sale Proceeds
0059-01-800-002-28Collection from Leave Salary Contributions-Leave salary Contribution
0059-01-800-003-27Miscellaneous Receipt-Other Receipts
0059-01-800-003-28Miscellaneous Receipt-Leave Salary Contribution
0059-01-800-005-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0059-01-800-006-16Collection from Application Fees/Renewal Fees/Duplicate copy Fees for enlistment -Other Fees
0059-01-800-006-27Collection from Application Fees/Renewal Fees/ Duplicate Copy Fees for enlistment-Other Receipts
0070-01-101-008-16Other Items-Other Fees
0070-60-800-007-12Miscellaneous Ferry Receipts on Account of Adaptation of the Bengal Ferry Act- Registration Fees
1054-00-102-001-25Collection from Tolls on Roads-Toll
1054-00-102-002-25Collection from Tolls On Bridges-Toll
1054-00-102-003-27Collection from Ferry Receipts- Other Receipts
1054-00-800-001-10Recoveries of Expenditure -Recoveries
1054-00-800-002-10Collection from Other Items- Recoveries
1054-00-800-002-27Collection from Other Items- Other Receipts
1054-00-800-003-27Leave Salary Contribution-Other Receipts
1054-00-800-004-27Agency Charges on National Highways Works received from Government of India -Other Receipts
1054-00-800-005-27Railway’s share for ROB-Other Receipts
1054-00-800-005-27Railway’s share for ROB-Other Receipts


Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0070-01-101-008-16Other Items-Other Fees
0070-01-102-001-06General Fees,Fines,for Forfeitures-Fines/ForfeituresPenalties/Confiscation
0070-01-102-002-06Miscellaneous Fees and Fines-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0070-01-102-003-06Other Fines and Forfeitures-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0070-01-102-004-06Fines etc.realised under the Police Act-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0070-01-501-001-16Services and service Fees-Other Fees
0070-01-501-002-16Other Items-Other Fees
0070-01-800-001-27Sale Proceeds of Unclaimed Escheated Properly -Other Receipts
0070-01-800-005-12Other Items-Registration Fees
0070-01-800-006-27Compensation & net working of city court in kolkata-Other Receipts
0070-01-800-008-13Licence Fees of Law clerk-Licence Fees
0070-01-800-009-16Admission Fees for Enrolment of Law Clerks-Other Fees
0070-60-800-005-12Registration of Death,Birth etc-Registration Fees
0075-00-900-001-27Refunds of lapsed Deposits-Other Receipts
0075-00-800-006-06Refund of Lapsed Deposit-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0075-00-800-006-27Refund of Lapsed Deposit-Other Receipts

Home (C&E)

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0070-02-101-001-17Collection Due to Sale Proceeds Of Election Forms-Sale Proceeds
0070-02-102-001-06Receipts on a/c of fees etc. Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0070-02-104-001-06Receipts on Account of Fees, Fines etc-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0070-02-105-001-11Contribution towards Issue of Voter Identity Cards-Grant/Contribution
0070-02-105-002-27Cost realised on account of duplicate voter identity card-Other Receipts
0070-02-800-002-10Compensation due to loss of Election Materials-Recoveries
0070-02-800-003-10Other Items (Lending charge of EVM)- Recoveries
0070-02-800-003-27Other items(Lending charge of EVM) -other Receipts
0070-02-800-004-10Recoveries of Defacement Charges-Recoveries
0070-60-800-008-14Receipts on Account of Census-Service Fees
0070-60-800-009-27Receipts on Account of Other than Census-Other Receipts
0070-60-800-009-28Receipt on Account of Other than Census-Leave Salary Contribution
1475-00-107-001-14Census operation in West Bengal-Service Fees
0070-02-800-001-27Election-Other Election Charges-Recoveries from the Union Government-Other Receipts

Home (Political)

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0070-60-101-005-15Receipts on Account of Cinematograph Film rules-Tution Fees
0070-60-101-005-27Receipts on Account of Cinematograph Film rules- Other Receipts
0070-60-103-001-27Miscellaneous Receipt under Explosive Act- Other Receipts

Home (Defence)

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0070-60-102-001-17Miscellaneous Receipt under citizenship Act-Sale Proceeds
0070-60-107-002-10Collection due to Passport and Visa Forms-Recoveries
0070-60-107-002-17Collection due to Passport and Visa Forms-Sale Proceeds
0070-60-116-001-10Receipts on Account of Passport-Recoveries
0070-60-116-001-16Receipts on Account of Passport-Other Fees
0070-60-116-001-17Receipts on Account of Passport-Sale Proceeds
0070-60-116-001-27Receipts on Account of Passport -Other Receipts
0070-60-117-001-10Receipts on Account visa Fees-Recoveries
0070-60-117-001-16Receipt on Account visa Fees-Other Fees


Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0405-00-011-001-05Rents for Fisheries-Rent
0045-00-011-002-05Receipt of Room Rent from Guest House of Meen Bhawan-Rent
0405-00-102-001-13Receipts in connection with licence fees,fines-Ltcence Fees
0405-00-102-001-27Receipts in connection with licence fees,fines -Other Receipts
0405-00-103-001 17Development of derelict fisheries- Sale Proceeds
0405-00-103-001-27Development of derelict fisheries-Other Receipts
0405-00-103-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0405-00-800-001-28L.S Contribution-Leave Salary Contribution
0405-00-800-002-32Receipts from Govt. Of India on accounting of Strengthening Fisheries Cell/Training/Workshop etc.-Subsidy
0405-00-800-003-27Subsidy/Grants-in-Aid from N.C.D.C.-Other Receipts
0405-00-800-003-32Subsidy/Grants-in-Aid from N.C.D.C.-Subsidy
0405-00-800-004-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0405-00-800-005-28Shark Liver Oil Scheme-Leave Salary Contribution
0405-00-800-006-27Receipts from sale of Forms, Documents, Maps etc. and Consultancy Charges-Other Receipts

Animal Resource & Development

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0403-00-101-001-14Supply of vaccine for foot and mouth disease to the Cattle owner-Service Fees
0403-00-101-002-14Central Livestock Research -cum Breeding at Haringhata-Service Fees
0403-00-101-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0403-00-102-001-17Establishment of a Central Livestock Research -cum-Breeding station at Haringhata-Sale Proceeds
0403-00-102-002-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0403-00-102-003-27Improvement of Milk production by Cross Breeding Dairy Cattle at Haringhata-Other Receipts
0403-00-103-001-17Intensive egg and poultry production -cum marketing-Sale proceeds
0403-00-103-001-27Intensive egg and poultry production -cum-marketing-Other Receipts
0403-00-103-002-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0403-00-104-001-27Ship and Wool Development-Other Receipts
0403-00-105-001-27Piggery Development-Other Receipts
0403-00-105-002-27Pig Breeding Station -cum-Bacon Factory-Other Receipts
0403-00-106-001-27Maintenance of Salboni Fodder Farm-Other Receipts
0403-00-106-002-27Haringhata Fodder Farm(Main)-Other Receipts
0403-00-106-003-27Maintenance of Drought Prone Area Programme-Animal Husbandry-Other Receipts
0403-00-106-004-17Other Items-Sale Proceeds
0403-00-106-004-27Other Items- Other Receipts
0403-00-107-001-27Maintenance of Salboni Fodder Farm-Other Receipts
0403-00-107-002-27Haringhata Fodder Farm(Main)-Other Receipts
0403-00-107-003-27Maintenance of Drought Prone Area Programme-Animal Husbandry-Other Receipts
0403-00-107-004-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0403-00-108-001-27Livestock Development-Other Receipts
0403-00-109-001-27Livestock Development-Other Receipts
0403-00-110-001-11Grant from I.C.A.R, for the Scheme “Improvement of Milk Production by cross Breeding Dairy Cattle at Haringhata-Grant/Contribution
0403-00-110-002-11Grant from I.C.A.R. for the scheme -All India Co-ordinator Research Project on epidemiological studies on F.M.D-Virus Typing Centres-Grant/Contribution
0403-00-501-001-14Supply of vaccine for Foot & Mouth Disease to the cattle owner-Service Fees
0403-00-501-002-14Central Livestock Research -cum-Breeding at Haringhata-Service Fees
0403-00-501-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0403-00-789-001-17 ‘Establishment of State Poultry Farm at Malda-Sale Proceeds
0403-00-789-001-27Establishment of State Poultry Farm at Malda-Other Receipts
0403-00-789-002-27Salboni Fodder Farm-Other Receipts
0403-00-800-001-10Recoveries of Overpayment-Recoveries
0403-00-800-002-28Leave Salary Contribution-Leave salary contribution
0403-00-800-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0403-00-800-004-32Subsidy/Grants-in-aid for NCDC-Subsidy
0404-00-101-001-17Receipts from sales-Sale Proceeds
0404-00-102-001-17Receipts from sales-Sale Proceeds
0404-00-102-001-27Receipts from Sales-Other Receipts
0404-00-102-002-27Other Receipts-Other Receipts
0404-00-103-001-17Receipts from sales-Sale Proceeds
0404-00-103-002-27Other Receipts-Other Receipts
0404-00-104-001-17Receipts from sales-Sale Proceeds
0404-00-104-002-27Other Receipts-Other Receipts
0404-00-105-001-17Receipts from sales-Sale Proceeds
0404-00-105-002-27Other Receipts-Other Receipts
0404-00-800-001-27Grant from Indian Dairy Corporation under W.F.P.NO.618-Other Receipts
0404-00-800-002-28Leave Salary Contribution-Leave salary contribution
0404-00-800-003-27Receipts from Mother Dairy, Dankuni-Other Receipts
0404-00-800-004-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0404-00-800-005-15Education and Training for Dairy Personnel-Tution Fees

Irrigation & Waterways

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0700-01-101-001-01Mayurakshi Irrigation Scheme -Share of Central Taxes/Duties
0070-01-101-001-02Mayurakshi Irrigation Scheme-Duty
0070-01-101-001-05Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0070-01-101-001-06Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0070-01-101-001-07Mayurakshi Irrigation Scheme-Interest
0070-01-101-001-17Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes- Sale Proceeds
0700-01-101-001-27Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0700-01-101-002-27Mayurakshi Navigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0070-01-102-001-02Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Duty
0070-01-102-001-05Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0070-01-102-001-06Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0070-01-102-001-07Kansabati Irrigation Schemes-lnterest
0070-01-102-001-17Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Sale Proceeds
0070-01-102-001-27Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0070-01-103-001-03Damodar Irrigation Schemes-Taxes
0070-01-103-001-05Damodar Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0070-01-103-001-06Damodar Irrigation Schemes-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0070-01-103-001-07Damodar Irrigation Schemes-lnterest
0070-01-103-001-17Damodar Irrigation Schemes- Sale Proceeds
0070-01-103-001-27Damodar Irrigation Schemes- Other Receipts
0070-01-103-002-27Damodar Navigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0070-01-103-003-27Damodar Drainage Schemes-Other Receipts
0700-01-104-001-02Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes-Duty
0070-01-104-001-05Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0070-01-104-001-27Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0070-01-105-001-05Subarnarekha Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0070-01-105-001-27Subarnarekha Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0070-80-800-001-05Other Receipts: Rent of Buildings, Furniture, etc. – Rent
0070-80-800-002-27Indirect Receipts-Other Receipts
0070-80-800-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0070-80-800-004-27Navigation-Other Receipts
0701-01-101-001-01Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Share of Central Taxes/Duties
0701-01-101-001-02Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Duty
0701-01-101-001-05Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0701-01-101-001-06Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0701-01-101-001-07Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-lnterest
0701-01-101-001-17Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Sale Proceeds
0701-01-101-001-27Mayurakshi Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0701-01-101-002-27Mayurakshi Navigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0701-01-102-001-02Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Duty
0701-01-102-001-05Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0701-01-102-001-06Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0701-01-102-001-07Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-lnterest
0701-01-102-001-17Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Sale Proceeds
0701-01-102-001-27Kangsabati Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0701-01-103-001-03Damodar Irrigation Schemes-Taxes
0701-01-103-001-05Damodar Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0701-01-103-001-06Damodar Irrigation Schemes-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0701-01-103-001-07Damodar Irrigation Schemes-lnterest
0701-01-103-001-17Damodar Irrigation Schemes-Sale Proceeds
0701-01-103-001-27Damodar Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0701-01-103-002-27Damodar Navigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0701-01-103-003-27Damodar Drainage Schemes-Other Receipts
0701-01-104-001-02Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes-Duty
0701-01-104-001-05Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0701-01-104-001-27Teesta Barrage Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0701-01-105-001-05Subarnarekha Irrigation Schemes-Rent
0701-01-105-001-27Subarnarekha Irrigation Schemes-Other Receipts
0701-03-101-001-01Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Share of Central Taxes/Duties
0701-03-101-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-03-101-002-02Other Receipts-Rent
0701-03-101-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-03-101-004-07Interest on Arears of Water Rates-lnterest
0701-03-102-001-02Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Duty
0701-03-102-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-03-102-003-07Interest on Arears of Water Rates-lnterest
0701-03-103-001-02Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Duty
0701-03-103-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-03-103-001-21Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Water Rate
0701-03-103-002-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-03-103-003-05Interest on Arrears of Water Rates-Rent
0701-03-103-003-07Interest on Arrears on Water Rates-lnterest
0701-03-104-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-03-104-001-21Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Water Rate
0701-03-104-002-05Other Receipts -Rent of Buildings, Furnitures, etc-Rent
0701-03-104-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-03-104-004-07Interest on Arrears of Water Rates-lnterest
0701-03-107-001-01Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Share of Central Taxes/Duties
0701-03-107-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-03-107-001-21Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Water Rate
0701-03-107-002-05Other Receipts-Rent of Buildings, Furniture, etc-Rent
0701-03-107-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-03-107-004-05Interest on Arrears of Water Rates-Rent
0701-03-107-004-07Interest on Arrears Of Water Rates-lnterest
0701-04-101-001-02Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Duty
0701-04-101-001-05Sale of Water for Irrigation purposes-Rent
0701-04-101-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-04-101-002-05other Receipts-Rent of Buildings, Furniture, etc-Rent
0701-04-101-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-04-101-004-07Interest on Arrears Of Water Rates-lnterest
0701-04-101-004-27Interest on Arrears of Water Rates-Other Receipts
0701-04-102-001-02Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Duty
0701-04-102-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-04-102-002-05Other Receipts -Rent of Buildings, Furnitures, etc-Rent
0701-04-102-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-04-102-004-27Interest on Arrears of Water Rates-Other Receipts
0701-04-102-005-27Indirect Receipts-Other Receipts
0701-04-103-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-04-103-002-05Other Receipts-Rent of Buildings, Furniture, etc-Rent
0701-04-103-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-04-103-004-27Interest on Arrears of Water Rates-Other Receipts
0701-04-104-001-01Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Share of Central Taxes/Duties
0701-04-104-001-17Sale of Water for Irrigation Purposes-Sale Proceeds
0701-04-104-002-05Other Receipts-Rent of Buildings, Furniture, etc-Rent
0701-04-104-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-04-104-004-27Indirect Receipts-Other Receipts
0701-04-700-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-04-700-004-07Interest on Arrears Of Water Rates-lnterest
0701-04-700-004-27Interest on Arrears of Water Rates-Other Receipts
0701-80-800-001-05Other Receipts-Rent of Buildings, Furniture, etc-Rent
0701-80-800-002-27Indirect Receipts-Other Receipts
0701-80-800-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0701-80-800-004-27Navigation-Other Receipts

Water Resources Investigation & Dev

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0702-01-101-001-27Tank Irrigation-Other Receipts
0702-01-102-001-27Lift Irrigation- Other Receipts
0702-01-102-002-27Lift Irrigation by Supply of Pump Sets- Other Receipts
0702-01-102-003-27Lift Irrigation from Rivers and Beels-Other Receipts
0702-01-800-001-27Minor Irrigation-Other Receipts
0702-02-101-001-24Deep Tubewell Irrigation -Reimbursement/Grant-in-aid from Other Bodies
0702-02-101-001-27Deep Tubewell Irrigation -Other Receipts
0702-02-101-002-27Receipts from Shallow Tubewells- Other Receipts
0702-02-800-001-07Recoveries on Other Receipts-lnterest
0702-04-102-001-29Recoveries from Flood Control Project-Stationary Receipts
0702-80-800-002-27Other Items- Other Receipts

Food Processing Industry & Horticulture

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0551-60-822-001-17Cinchona Plantation-Sale Proceeds
0551-60-822-001-27Cinchona Plantation-Other Receipts
0551-60-822-002-17Scheme for the supply food -stuff to the staff under Cinchona Plantation-Sale Proceeds
0551-60-822-003-17Cinchona plantation-Quinine and Quinine Product-Sale proceeds
0551-60-822-004-17Cinchona Plantation-Cinchona Product-Sale Proceeds
0551-60-830-001-27Ipecac-Other Receipts
0551-60-830-004-27Alternative and subsidiary crops-Other Receipts
0551-60-830-005-27Receipts for supply of food -stuff to the staff under different Medical Plantation-Other Receipts
0551-60-830-006-27Other Items- Other Receipts
0551-60-830-007-27Emetine Hydrochloride -Other Receipts

Panchayet & Rural Development

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0515-00-101-001-27Training-cum-production centres-Other Receipts
0515-00-101-002-27Other Items- Other Receipts
0515-00-102-001-27Other items- Other Receipts
0515-00-800-001-27Contribution from Zilla Parishads in connection with Panchayat Exhibition,1978-Other Receipts
0515-00-800-002-27Fees, Fines and forfeitures in connection with Panchyat Election-Other Receipts
0515-00-800-003-03Misc. Receipts in connection with Panchyat Election-Taxes
0515-00-800-003-27Misc. Receipts in connection with Panchyat Election-Other Receipts
0515-00-800-004-24Assistance from the UNICEF/other organizations for creation of sanitation facilities in rural areas-Reimbursement/Grant-in-aid from other bodies
0515-00-800-008-28Receipts on account of Leave Salary Contribution -Leave salary Contribution
0515-00-800-009-27Other Items- Other Receipts
0070-60-800-020-03Receipts from ponds maintained by Zilla Parishad Panchyat etc.-Taxes


Receipt Head of AccountDescription
04425-00-101-001-16Audit Fees for Co- operation -Other Fees
0425-00-800-002-28Leave Salary Contribution-Leave salary contribution
0425-00-800-004-32Subsidy from National co-operative development Corporation for co-operative development schemes-Subsidy
0425-00-800-006-11Grants from UNICEF for setting up of weavers co-operative societies for flood-affectedloomless weavers -Grant/Contribution
0425-00-800-006-27Grants from UNICEF for setting up of co-operative societies for flood affected loomless weavers-Other Receipts
0425-00-800-007-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0425-00-800-008-05Share of Revenue Deposited by the Beneficiary Co-operatives against Utilisation of StorageFacilities Created in Co-operatives Sector through RIDF-Rent
0235-01-800-004-14Receipts from N.C.D.C. for Co-operative Schemes-Service Fees
0235-01-800-004-32Receipts from N.C.D.C. for Co-operative Scheme-Subsidy

Civil Defence

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0070-60-106-002-27Receipt on account of administration of petroleum/c-Other Receipts
0070-60-106-004-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0070-60-106-006-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0070-60-800-015-17Disposal of un-serviceable utility goods of WBNVF-Sale Proceeds-Sale Proceeds
0070-60-800-006-03Recoveries in respect of W B N V F -Taxes
0070-60-800-006-14Recoveries in respect of W B N V F -Service Fees
0070-60-800-007-10Miscellaneous Ferry Receipts on Account of Adaptation of the Bengal Ferry Act-Recoveries

Fire & Emergency Service

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0070-60-109-001-13Fees Under the West Bengal Fire Services Act-License Fees
0070-60-109-001 14Fees Under West Bengal Fire Services Act- Service Fees
0070-60-109-003-05Realisation of Rent from Fire Station buildings-Rent

School Education

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0202-01-101-001-15Collection from Elementary Education-Tution Fees
0202-01-101-001-16Collection from Elementary Education-Other Fees
0202-01-101-002-15Other Receipts-Tution Fees
0202-01-101-003-15Tution and Other Fees-Tution Fees
0202-01-101-003-16Tution &Other Fees-Other Fees
0202-01-102-001-15Collection from Secondary Education-Tution Fees
0202-01-102-001-16Collection from Secondary Education-Other Fees
0202-01-102-002-17Collection from Text Book of Secondary Education-Sale Proceeds
0202-01-102-003-27Other Receipts-Other Receipts
0202-01-102-004-15Collection from Secondary Education-Tution Fees
0202-01-102-004-16Collection from Secondary Education-Other Fees
0202-01-102-005-17Collection from Text Book of Secondary Education-Sale Proceeds
0202-01-103-002-15Tution and other fees collection from Institution of Higher Learning-Tution Fees
0202-01-103-004-15Collection from other sources-Tution Fees
0202-01-103-004-27Collection from other sources-Other Receipts
0202-01-103-005-15Tution and other fees collection from Institution of Higher Learning-Tution Fees
0202-01-103-007-27Collection from other sources-Other Receipts
0202-01-800-001-10Collection from Special Education-Recoveries
0202-01-800-001-13Collection from Special Education-Licence Fees
0202-01-800-001-15Collection from Special Education -Tution Fees
0202-01-800-001-27Collection from Special Education-Other Receipts
0202-01-800-003-10Other Collections from General Education-Recoveries
0202-01-800-003-14Other Collections from General Education-Service Fees
0202-01-800-003-15Other Collections from General Education-Tution Fees
0202-01-800-003-27Other Collections from General Education-Other Receipts
0202-01-800-003-28Other Collections from General Education-Leave Salary Contribution
0202-01-800-003-34Other Collection from General Education-Premium
0202-01-800-004-06Other Miscellaneous Receipts -Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
0202-01-800-004-17Other Miscellaneous Receipts-Sale Proceeds
0202-01-800-004-27Other Miscellaneous Receipts-Other Receipts
0202-01-800-005-10Sale proceeds of assets etc. of the derecognised schools-Recoveries
0202-01-800-005-14Sale proceeds of assets etc. of the derecognised school-Service Fees
0202-01-800-005-15Sale proceeds of assets etc. of the derecognised school-Tution Fees
0202-01-800-005-17Sale proceeds of assets etc. of the derecognised school-Sale Proceeds
0202-01-800-005-27Sale proceeds of assets etc. of the derecognised schools-Other Receipts
0202-01-800-005-28Sale proceeds of assets etc. of the derecognised schools-Leave Salary Contribution

Agriculture Marketing

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0435-00-104-001-16Soil and Water conservation, Food storage and Ware housing-Other Receipts
0435-00-800-001-27Receipts for other Agricultural programme-Other Receipts


Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0216-01-106-001-05Collection under General Pool Accommodation-Rent
0216-01-106-002-05Licence Fees-Rent
0216-01-106-003-05Other Items-Rent
0216-01-107-001-05Police Housing-Rent
0216-01-700-001-05Police Housing-Rent
0216-02-101-001-01Collection under Government Housing Scheme-Share of Central Taxes/Duties
0216-02-101-001-05Collection under Government Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-101-002-05Other Items-Rent
0216-02-102-001-05Collection under subsidised Industrial Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-102-002-05Other Items-Rent
0216-02-103-001-05Collection under Kalyani Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-104-001-05Collection under Middle Income Group Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-105-001-05Collection from Rental Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-105-001-20Collection From Rental Housing Scheme-Refund
0216-02-105-002-05Other Items-Rent
0216-02-106-001-05Collection under Slum Clearance Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-106-002-05Other Items-Rent
0216-02-107-001-05Collection under Low Income Group Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-107-002-05Other Items-Rent
0216-02-108-001-05Collection under Haldia Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-109-001-05Collection under Asansol Housing Scheme-Rent
0216-02-110-001-05Collection under Integrated H.Sc. For Industrial Workers And Weaker Sections-Rent
0216-02-110-002-05Other Items-Rent
0216-02-111-001-05Receipts from Bidhannagar-Rent
0216-02-111-001-10Receipts from Bidhannagar-Recoveries
0216-02-800-001-05Government Requisitioned Buildings Rent- Rent
0216-02-800-002-28Collection from Other Items- Leave Salary Contribution
0216-02-800-004-28Other Items-Leave Salary Contribution
0216-02-800-007-27Receipts under the West Bengal Building (Regulation of Promotion of Construction and Transfer by Promoters)Act 1993-Other Receipts
0216-02-800-008-16Receipts under the West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act,1972-Other Fees
0216-02-800-009-28Collection from Other Items-Leave Salary Contribution
0216-03-800-001-27Rural Housing-Other Receipts
0216-80-800-001-27Rural Housing-Other Receipts
0217-03-800-003-05Collection from Kalyani Market-Rent
0217-03-800-004-05Collection from Leased out plots-Rent
0217-03-800-005-05Collection from Townships and Administrative Colonies-Rent
0217-03-800-006-05Collection from Patipukur Market-Rent
0217-60-800-001-16Collection from Other Item-Other Fees
0217-60-800-001-27Collection from Other Item-Other Receipts
0217-01-101-001-27Grants from the Government of India for Research on impact of rapid transit system on environment in Calcutta-Other Receipts
0217-02-800-001-05Receipts from Urban Development Authorities etc-Rent
0216-80-800-002-10Receipts as realised from the allottees and tranferees under Purba Putiery DevelopmentSchemes-Recoveries
0216-80-800-002-27Receipts as realised from the allottees and tranferees under Purba Putiery Development Schemes-Other Receipts
0216-80-800-003-10Receipts as Realised from the alotees and tranferees under Sodepur Development Scheme-Recoveries
0216-80-800-003-27Receipts as realised from the alotees and tranferees under Sodepur Development Scheme- Other Receipts
0216-80-800-004-10Receipts as realised from the alotees and tranferees under Baisnabghata development Scheme-Recoveries
0216-80-800-004-27Receipts as realised from the alotees and tranferees under Baisnabghata Development Scheme-Other Receipts
0216-02-111-001-16Receipts from Bidhannagar-Other Fees

Municipal Affairs

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0217-60-800-002-05Receipts on account of rent and service charge of I.L.G.S. Building-Rent

Information & Cultural Affairs

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0220-01-102-001-05Collection from Departmentally Produced Films-Rent
0220-01-103-001-27Collection from Cinematographic Rule-Other Receipts
0220-01-800-001-17Collection from Miscellaneous Items-Sale Proceeds
0220-01-800-001-27Collection from Miscellaneous Items-Other Receipts
0220-01-800-002-27Collection from Cinematographic Rule-Other Receipts
0220-60-106-001-14Collection from Advertising and Visual Publicity-Service Fees
0220-60-113-001-17Collection from other Publication-Sale Proceeds
0220-60-800-001-27Collection from Other Items-Other Receipts
0202-04-103-001-16Receipts from Cinematographic Rules-Other Fees
0202-04-800-001-27Miscellaneous due to Art and Culture -Other Receipts
0202-04-800-002-27Other Receipts-Other Receipts

Disaster Management

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0250-00-800-017-11UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction Programme-Grant/Contribution
0250-00-800-006-11UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme-Grant/Contribution
0235-60-800-003-27Training through the designated State Resource lnstitute (SRIs) to the Practicing Engineers & Supporting Hazzard Safety Cells under NPCBEERM-Other Receipts
0235-01-800-007-24Receipts from E.E.C.for Flood and Cyclone Reimbursement/Grant-in-aid from Other Bodies

Refugee Relief & Rehabilitation

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0235-01-200-001-17Receipts on account of hired and requisitioned buildings and disposal of camp materialsetc.-Saie Proceeds
0235-01-200-002-17Receipts from sale of finished products of various campsetc.-Sale Proceeds
0235-01-200-003-17Receipts from sale of unserviceable stores and materials for Bangladesh Evacuees-Sale Proceeds
0235-01-200-004-05Receipts from Tenant Schemes-Rent
0235-01-200-005-05Receipts from Market Schemes-Rent
0235-01-200-006-17Receipts from Tollygunge Poultry Multiplication Centre-Sale Proceeds
0235-01-200-007-17Receipts relating to production Centres under Deputy Director (Production)-Sale Proceeds
0235-01-200-008-17Receipts relating to production Centres under Director(W.R)-Sale Proceeds
0235-01-200-009-17Receipts relating to Other production Centres-Sale Proceeds
0235-01-200-011-27Receipts from other items-Other Receipts
0235-01-200-012-17Receipts on account of Fulia Township-Sale Proceeds
0235-01-200-013-17Receipts relating to production Centres under Director(W.R)-Sale Proceeds

Consumer Affairs

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
1475-00-106-001-01Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures-Share of Central Taxes/Duties
1475-00-106-001-03Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures-Taxes
1475-00-106-001-06Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures- Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
1475-00-106-001-07Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures-lnterest
1475-00-106-001-10Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures- Recoveries
1475-00-106-001-12Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures- Registration Fees
1475-00-106-001-13Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures-Licence Fees
1475-00-106-001-16Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures-Other Fees
1475-00-106-001-17Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures-Sale Proceeds
1475-00-106-001-27Receipts in connection with adoption of metric system of weights and measures-Other Receipts
1456-00-800-002-06Receipts under Consumer Protection Act,1986-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation
1456-00-800-002-26Receipts under Consumer Protection Act,1986-Loans
1456-00-800-002-27Receipts under Consumer Protection Act,1986-Other Receipts
1456-00-800-003-27Strengthening of Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission-Other Receipts
1456-00-800-006-27Receipts for Awareness Programme under Consumer Club -Other Receipts
1456-00-800-007-27Receipts towards Consumer Welfare Fund -Other Receipts

Micro & Small Scale Enterprises and Textiles Department

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0851-00-101-001-17Industrial Estate,Baruipur-Sale Proceeds
0851-00-101-002-17Industrial Estate, Kalyani-Sale Proceeds
0851-00-101-002-27Industrial Estate, Kalyani-Other Receipts
0851-00-101-003-27Industrial Estate, Howrah-Other Receipts
0851-00-101-005-17Industrial Estate, Manicktala under C.M.P.O working cum living centre-Sale Proceeds
0851-00-102-001-03Grants from Government of India-Taxes
0851-00-102-001-27Grants from Government of India-Other Receipts
0851-00-102-002-27Receipts from small scale Industries-Other Receipts
0851-00-103-001-17Receipts from Handloom Industries-Sale Proceeds
0851-00-104-001-17Receipts from Handicrafts Industries-Sale Proceeds
0851-00-105-001-17Receipts from Khadi and Village Industries-Sale Proceeds
0851-00-106-001-16Receipts from Coir Industries-Other Fees
0851-00-107-001-17Receipts from Sericulture Industries-Sale Proceeds
0851-00-800-001-28leave Salary Contributions-Leave Salary Contribution
0851-00-800-002-27Receipts from Public Undertakings -Other Receipts
0851-00-800-003-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0851-00-800-004-32Subsidy received from NCDC-Subsidy
0575-02-101-001-27Cottage and Small Industries Schemes-Other Receipts

Power & NES

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0801-02-800-002-27Other Receipts-Other Receipts
0801-04-800-001-27Other Items-Other Receipts
0810-00-800-001-27Other Receipts-Other Receipts

Science & Technology

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
1425-00-800-001-27Miscellaneous receipts-Other Receipts


Receipt Head of AccountDescription
1475-00-800-004-27Receipts as Processing Fee of CRZ Clearance-Other Receipts
0075-00-800-004-06Fines from the polluting -vehicles-Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation

Technical Education & Training

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0202-02-101-001-15Collection from Technical Education-Tution Fees
0202-02-101-001-16Collection from Technical Education-Other Fees
0202-02-101-001-27Collection from Technical Education-Other Receipts
0202-02-800-004-15Miscellaneous Receipts- Tution Fees
0202-02-800-004-27Miscellaneous Receipt-Other Receipts
0202-02-800-005-27Other Items-Other Receipts

Women and Child Development & Social Welfare

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0235-01-800-001-27Civil Supplies-Other Receipts
0235-01-800-006-24Receipt from CARE& Mother and child Care Programme-Reimbursement/Grant-in-aid from other bodies
0235-01-800-018-23Receipts on account of Vagrancy -Reimbursement/Grant-in-aid from Central Government

Tribal Development

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0235-01-800-005-24Receipts from Tribal Co- Operative Marketing Development-Re-imbursement/Grant-in-aid from other bodies

Backward Classes Welfare Dept

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0250-00-102-002-17Collection from Publication-Sale Proceeds
0250-00-102-001-24Receipts on account of welfare grant-Reimbursement/Grant-in-aid from Other Bodies


Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0070-60-800-021-17Collection of Fees from information Seeker for the Purpose Of Servicing Information-Sale Proceeds
0070-60-800-021-27Collection of Fees from Information Seeker for the Purpose of Servicing Information-Other Receipts
0070-60-800-026-06Fines/Penalties under West Bengal Right to Public Service Act,2013- Fines/Forfeitures/Penalties/Confiscation


Receipt Head of AccountDescription
1452-00-103-001-27Receipts from Tourist Transport-Other Receipts
1452-00-105-001-05Rent and Catering Receipts from Tourist Lodges-Rent
1452-00-105-002-27Rent from Tenants etc at Digha -Other Receipts
1452-00-800-001-27Upgradation of standards of Tourists facilities in operational Tourist Coach Fleet-Other Receipts
1452-00-800-002-27Upgradation of standards of tourist facilities in operational Tourist Launch Fleet-Other Receipts
1452-00-800-003-27Promotional measures for programmes of Package Tours-Other Receipts
1452-00-800-004-27Maintenance of tourist facilities-Other Receipts
1452-00-800-005-32Managerial subsidy to WBTD Corporation-Subsidy
1452-00-800-006-27Collection from Other Items-Other Receipts

Finance (Revenue)

Receipt Head of AccountDescription
0075-00-103-001-17Receipt from state lotteries – sale proceeds
0075-00-103-002-16Receipt from state lotteries- other receipts