National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship Examination, 2021

Government of West Bengal
Directorate of School Education
Bikash Bhawan, 7th Floor, Salt Lake City,
Kolkata – 700091

Memo No. 224/SCH&MC Dated: 11/08/2021

From: The Deputy Director of School Education (AIS)
State Nodal Officer of NMMSE, West Bengal

To: The District Inspector of Schools (S.E), all

Sub: Regarding National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship Examination (NMMSE).

Ref: i) letter of Jt. Secretary (SS-I), Govt. of India vide no. 17-1/2020-SS dated- 13/08/2020.
ii) Letter of Under Secretary to the Govt. of India vide no. F.No. 1-10/2010-SS dated- 14/10/2020

With reference to the subject mentioned above, this is to inform him/her that as per guidelines of MHRD, Govt of India, every qualified student of NMMSE has to register as a fresh candidate at National Scholarship Portal (NSP2) within a stipulated time period fixed by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India since 2017. National Scholarship Portal remains open from the month of July/ August to 31st December tentatively every year. Every eligible student has to submit his/her renewal application also in the said portal up to class XII for continuance of the said scholarship. Each student must have scored at least 55% of marks in class VIII examination (5% relaxation for SC & ST students). The awardees should get minimum of 55% marks in class IX & XI and minimum 60% in class X (5% relaxation for SC & ST students) for continuance of the scholarship up to class XII.

After submission of online fresh & renewal application from students’ end at NSP2, it is required to verify the applications from Institution and District end as per guideline of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India. Two tier verification i.e. Institutional level verification (1st phase) and District level verification (2nd phase) would be done to make the registration process completed.

In this regard, it is mentioned here that in the Academic year 2020-21 students of class VIII, IX & XI have been promoted to the next class without Examination as decided by the Competent Authority. Due to COVID 19 pandemic, examination was not held in any Institution. But as per the guidelines of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India “previous class % of marks” will be required for submission of ‘Fresh as well as renewal application’ of the eligible students, i.e. the fresh students of 2021 22 (those who have qualified NMMSE, 2020 examination) and the students who have to submit their renewal applications in this 2021-22 Academic year (i.e. the students of class X, XI & XII).

So, in the interest of the poor & meritorious students, it has been decided by the competent authority that a score card for the academic year 2020 in respect of all eligible students of NMMSE may be issued by the concerned school Authority so that all eligible students (fresh & renewal) of NMMSE can submit the forms at NSP2 in due time and avail the scholarship smoothly. So, the undersigned is directed to send the three sample sheets of score cards/ Mark sheets (copy enclosed) which are framed by WBBSE for class VIII & IX for 2020 Academic year & WBCHSE for class XI for 2021. In this regard, necessary actions should be taken which are as follows:

  • All Dl/S (SE) are requested to circulate the format of score card/Mark sheet among Head of the Institutions under his/her jurisdiction with the message of issuing the same to the eligible fresh students of NMMSE for class IX (score card of VIII) so that all eligible fresh students can avail the scholarship for 2021-22. District wise list of qualified students of NMMSE, 2020 have already been shared with the Dl/S (SE) for circulation of the same at Institution level. Fresh students have to put the previous class % of marks i.e. % of class VIII at the time of registration at NSP2. So, score card should be issued to them before submission of fresh registration.
  • All District Nodal officers (Dl/S, SE) are also requested to share the list of all eligible renewal students which is available to his/her login at NSP2 by selecting the option (‘Updated Renewal list’ from “Report section”) with the respective institutions under his/her jurisdiction. He/she may contact with the State office for the same. In the Academic year 2021-22 students of class X, XI & XII have to submit renewal applications at NSP2. So, for all the eligible students of classes mentioned above, score card/ mark sheet should be issued by the concerned Head of the Institution. For class X students of Academic year 2021 (score card of class IX, 2020) may be issued to them respectively.
  • All eligible renewal students of NMMSS for class XI of Academic year2021 may submit the renewal form in NSP2 with the Percentage of marks of their Board Examination.
  • The eligible students of class XII of NMMSS for 2021 Academic year may put the percentage of marks of class XI of 2021 according to their score card issued following the guidelines of WBCHSE at the time of submission of renewal forms at NSP2.
  • It must be ensured by the District Authority that the score card/mark sheet should be issued in favour of all eligible students of NMMSS (fresh & renewal) so that they will apply at NSP2 for this year in due time.

For ensuing NTSE (State level), 2021-22 & NMMSE, 2021 the score card of class IX & same of class VII will be applicable for the applicants for applying the examinations respectively.

Enclosure: As stated above

Deputy Director of School Education (AIS)
State Nodal Officer of NMMSE, West Bengal

No. 224/SCH dated 11.08.2021, Source

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