Observation of Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptaha, 2014 from 7th July

Paschim Banga Sarva Shiksha Mission
Bikash Bhawan (2nd Floor), Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700 091

Memo No. 966/PBSSM/NVA-01/13-14 Date: 26th June, 2014


  1. Principal Secretary, GTA-Darjeeling
  2. District Magistrate and District Project Director (SSM)-All Educational Districts
  3. Additional Executive Officer, Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad
  4. Chairman, District Primary School Council, Kolkata Educational District

Subject: Observation of Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptaha 2014 on 7th -12th July.

Madam/ Sir,

In continuation of our letter number 64(21)/PD/PBSSM/2014 dated 13/6/2014 postponing the observation of Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptaha, scheduled for 16-21 June 2014, I am happy to inform you that as classes will resume on 26 June 2014, the School Education Department has decided to observe Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptaha 2014 on 7th -12th July 2014.

In this context, the following issues in organizing the drive on 7-12 July 2014 may please be noted:

1. The terms and conditions of the existing guidelines jointly issued by School Education Department and Panchayats & Rural Development Department remain unaltered.

2. The following roster may be considered in organizing the thematic days with activities as suggested in the guidelines and as decided by the districts in the District Consultative Meetings:

  • 7th July 2014: Launching of Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptaha
  • 8th & 9th July 2014: Social Responsibility Days
  • 10th July 2014: Activity Based Learning Day
  • 11th July 2014: Leadership Development Day
  • 12th July 2014: Aesthetic Appreciating Day

3. Panchayat & Rural Development Department has decided to provide Rs. 500 to each school for supporting observation of Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptaha under the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan as mentioned in the guidelines. For the present, you may release funds under the Media and Documentation head for schools in the urban areas which will be provided support at the same rate of Rs. 500. State Project Office will support 50% of the schools with funds available with the State under the same head. You may claim the funds accordingly from the State. Those districts whose claim for reimbursement from the state would not exceed Rs One Lakh need not send their claim and should bear the entire cost from the district account itself.

4. As the Sit and Draw competition on the themes mentioned in the guidelines is one of the major activities to be carried out on Aesthetic Appreciation Day, the same should be organized on 12 July 2014 at school level at a fixed time as decided by the Districts. The evaluation of the entries will be done at school; circle and district levels and the process mentioned in the guidelines remain unaltered. The school will submit the best entry of each group for circle level evaluation on or before 31 July 2014. The Circles will submit the best entries of each group to the district by 31 August 2014. The District Award Committee will organize the second round of competition at district level in September 2014 and ensure submission of best entry of each group to the State Project Office of PBSSM by 30 September 2014.

We have taken note that the District Consultative Meetings under your chair took some very positive and important decisions that included the following:

  • Engaging children as the Teacher-in-Charge during the drive
  • Leveraging resources from national flagship programs to provide fencing /bio-fencing in schools which do not have boundary wall
  • Providing drinking water source within the campus to address water needs of the school.
  • Providing water filter/hygiene kits to all schools
  • Arranging Prizes at Circle Level for the best three entries of each group of Sit & Draw Competition
  • Periodic monitoring of Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhiyan in the monthly development meeting

We are confident that under your capable and unstinting leadership, the level of achievements of the goals of Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhijan will be propelled to dizzying heights in your district.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Sd/- State Project Director

No. 966/PBSSM dated 26.06.2014


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