For every work initiated by, or connected with, the requirements of another department, it is first necessary to obtain the concurrence of the department concerned is termed as “administrative approval” of the work.

Financial Power of Engineer Officers

Assistant Engineers have the Tender Acceptance Power of Rs. 3 lakhs + 5% excess of Tender value as per the new delegation of financial power rule.

Financial Adviser in different Departments

Render advice on all financial matters including procurement proposals which would otherwise have required concurrence of the Finance Department.

Administrative Approval for Schemes under 13th F.C.

Local Bodies Grants, Water Sector Management, Grants for Forests, District Innovation Fund, Improvement of Statistical system, Employees and Pensioners data Base.

Delegation of Power to Departmental Secretaries

Delegation of power to the Departmental Secretaries for according administrative approval to the schemes where the cost estimate is limited to Rs. 10.00 lakhs.

College Level Approval Committee for College /Hospital

Health & Family Welfare Deptt. shall constitute a College Level Approval Committee (CLAC) comprising the following for each Medical/ Dental College in the State by notification.

Power of Departmental Approval Committee Enhanced

Enhancement of power of Departmental Approval Committee to accord administrative approval of projects/ schemes from the existing Rs. 3 crore to Rs. 5 crore.

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