Finance Department – Archive, 2024

1626-F dt. 01.04.2024Drawal of Bills in Anticipation of Allotment of Fund for FY 2024-25
032-F dt. 28.03.2024Ceiling of Rs. 5 Lakh regarding Annual Subscription of GPF
2448-F dt. 28.03.2024Release of Fund relating to Administrative Expenditure, 2024-25
1573-F dt. 28.03.2024Leave application may be processed through HRMS w.e.f. 01.05.2024
1540-F dt. 27.03.2024Public holiday on Poll Days of Parliamentary Election, 2024
339-L dt. 20.03.2024West Bengal Appropriation (No. 2) Act, 2024
336-L dt. 20.03.2024WB Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (Amendment) Act, 2024
335-L dt. 20.03.2024West Bengal Appropriation (No. 1) Act, 2024
203-F dt. 15.03.2024Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Ad-hoc Family Pension
202-F dt. 15.03.2024Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Family Pension
1332-F dt. 14.03.2024Application for Leave through HRMS is Mandatory
1235-F dt. 09.03.2024Public Holiday on account of Ram Navami, 2024
1219-F dt. 07.03.2024One Time Terminal Benefit for Casual/ Contractual Workers
1091-F dt. 01.03.2024Enhancement of Remuneration of Casual/ Contractual Workers, 2024
1090-F dt. 01.03.2024Dearness Allowance @ 14% of Basic Pay w.e.f. May, 2024
1086-F dt. 01.03.2024Enhancement of Remuneration of Contractually Engaged IT Personnel
111-F dt. 06.02.2024Family Pension to Unmarried Daughter beyond 25 years Age
013-F dt. 05.02.2024GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto April, 2024
579-F dt. 02.02.2024Online Submission of Monthly Treasury Accounts through IFMS
2046-FB dt. 24.01.2024Withdrawal of Ceiling on AA Limit for all RIDF/ WIF Works
289-F dt. 17.01.2024‘Prakash Purab’ of Guru Gobind Singh Ji – Sectional Holiday
37-F dt. 15.01.2024Submission of Pension Cases to AG(A&E), WB with proper Stamp
102-FT dt. 15.01.2024Functions of West Bengal Revenue Service (WBRS) Cell
001-F dt. 04.01.2024Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.01.2024 to 31.03.2024)
56-F dt. 03.01.2024Dearness Allowance/ Relief @ 4% of Basic Pay w.e.f. January, 2024
42-F dt. 03.01.2024Drawal of Bills in Anticipation of Allotment extended upto 31.03.2024

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