Finance Department – Archive, 2022

West Bengal Govt. Circulars, Notifications, Orders, Clarifications, Memorandum of Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal published in the year 2022.

Finance Department

4691-F dt. 22.11.2022Change in Contract Amount due to Enhancement of GST
4679-F dt. 21.11.2022Verifying the Status of GSTIN before Making Payment
3173-F dt. 21.11.2022GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto January, 2023
4583-F dt. 14.11.2022Clarification 2 of West Bengal Services ROPA Rules, 2019
4331-F dt. 21.10.2022Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees, 2023
2930-F dt. 20.10.2022Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.10.2022 to 31.12.2022)
4252-F dt. 17.10.2022Public Holiday on account of Bhatridwitya on 27.10.2022
4100-F dt. 28.09.2022Introduction of Government Receipt Portal System (GRIPS) 2.0
1645-F dt. 27.09.2022Remission of Stamp Duty by 2% for Several types of Registration
3940-F dt. 21.09.2022Disbursement of Salary for the Month of September and October, 2022
3843-F dt. 15.09.2022Last Date of Submission of Self Appraisal Report
506-F dt. 13.09.2022Submission of Budget Estimates by Finance Department, 2023-24
505-F dt. 13.09.2022Submission of Budget Estimates for Administrative Expenditure, 2023-24
3586-F dt. 31.08.2022Creation of State Direct Benefit Transfer Cell and Steering Committee
3551-F dt. 30.08.2022Sectional Holiday on account of Karam Puja, 2022
3448-F dt. 23.08.2022Implementation of New CTS-2010 Cheques w.e.f. 01.09.2022
1393-FT dt. 23.08.2022GST rate Enhanced from 12% to 18% on Works Contract
3268-F dt. 05.08.2022Holiday on account of Rakhi Bandhan in West Bengal on 11.08.2022
2055-F dt. 04.08.2022GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto October, 2022
3196-F dt. 02.08.2022Initiation of Making Payment through SBMS with Axis and ICICI Bank
2377-F dt. 09.06.2022Initiation of Making Payment through SBMS with SBI, PNB and UCO Bank
149-F dt. 01.08.2022Online Purchase of Medicine is Accepted for Reimbursement under WBHS
3103-F dt. 27.07.2022e-Tender is Mandatory for Procurement above Rs. 1 Lakh
1882-F dt. 20.07.2022Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.07.2022 to 30.09.2022)
525-F dt. 19.07.2022Revision of Pension of pre-01.01.2016 Pensioners under ROPA, 2019
2831-F dt. 11.07.2022Relaxation of Typing Test on Computer during Recruitment of LDA/ LDC
2830-F dt. 11.07.2022Pre-Revised Pay Level 10C under WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2019
280-F dt. 05.07.2022Release of Fund relating to Administrative Expenditure for 2022-2023
131-F dt. 30.06.2022Reimbursement of Medicine Cost in Non-Empanelled Hospital
129-F dt. 30.06.2022Last Date for Inclusion of Aadhaar Number of Beneficiary under WBHS
2672-F dt. 28.06.2022Online Payment to Utility Service Providers – WBSEDCL, CESC, BSNL
2637-F dt. 27.06.2022Holiday for Celebration of Doctors’ Day and Rathayatra on 01.07.2022
126-F dt. 24.06.2022Revision of Income Eligibility of Dependent Beneficiaries under WBHS
2426-F dt. 13.06.2022Modification of Level 10C of WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2019
2391-F dt. 10.06.2022Relaxation of Austerity Measures (2nd Wave of COVID19)
180-F dt. 10.06.2022Rate of Interest on State Compensatory Afforestation Fund, 2021-22
2320-F dt. 07.06.2022Revised Norms for Acceptance of Tender in case of Works/ Non-Works Department
860-F dt. 26.05.2022Standard User Charges for Registration of Documents through e-Nathikaran, 2022
132-F dt. 23.05.2022Constitution of 5th State Finance Commission, West Bengal
1238-F dt. 20.05.2022GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto July, 2022
84-F dt. 10.05.2022Processing of OPD Claim for Heart Diseases Category in WBHS
73-F dt. 28.04.2022Enhancement of Cashless Limit for IPD Treatment in Private Hospital
914-F dt. 19.04.2022Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.04.2022 to 31.06.2022)
1573-F dt. 18.04.2022Grant of Ex-Gratia Payment to State Govt. Pensioners, 2021-2022
1572-F dt. 18.04.2022Bonus/ Ex-Gratia Grant to Employees of Public Undertakings, 2021-2022
1571-F dt. 18.04.2022Interest Free Festival Advance to West Bengal Government Employees, 2022
1570-F dt. 18.04.2022Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to State Government Employees, 2021-22
1547-F dt. 13.04.2022Increment for Stagnation beyond Last Cell of Pay Matrix of ROPA, 2019
01-O&M dt. 12.04.2022Supply of Daily Newspapers to Ministers and Different Categories of Officers
10-FB dt. 07.04.2022Withdrawal of Non-SNA Modality of IFMS e-Billing Module
318-L dt. 31.03.2022Contingency Fund of West Bengal (Amendment) Act, 2022
317-L dt. 31.03.2022West Bengal Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (Amendment) Act, 2022
316-L dt. 31.03.2022West Bengal Finance Act, 2022
1331-F dt. 31.03.2022Drawal of Bills in Anticipation of Allotment of Fund, Financial Year 2022-23
48-F dt. 29.03.2022Online Processing of Advance Claim through WBHS Portal
1250-F dt. 26.03.2022Attendance of Employees due to Strike on 28th and 29th March, 2022
1230-F dt. 25.03.2022Holiday on account of Birth Day of Shri Shri Harichand Thakur on 30.03.2022
1190-F dt. 23.03.2022Relaxation of Typing Test for Disabled during Recruitment of LDA/ LDC
1180-F dt. 23.03.2022e-Services for Employees of Universities/ Colleges/ Grant-in-Aid Institutions
41-F dt. 21.03.2022Seeking Prior Permission for Providing Certain Category of Treatment
100-F dt. 28.02.2022Proforma/ Forms for Approval of Family Pension under WBS(DCRB) Rules
810-F dt. 27.02.2022Treatment of Absence on 28th February, 2022 for Bandh
796-F dt. 25.02.2022Benefit of Reduced Performance Security/ Security Deposit of 3%
686-F dt. 20.02.2022Closure of Office due to sad demise of Shri Sadhan Pande, Hon’ble MIC
24-F dt. 16.02.2022Mandatory Inclusion of Aadhaar Number in database of WBHS
23-F dt. 16.02.2022Inclusion of Covid-19 Disease/ Illness in the OPD List under WBHS
19-F dt. 15.02.2022Revised Financial Power for Sanctioning Cost of Medical Treatment
586-F dt. 16.02.2022Guidelines for Presenting Bills at Treasury/ PAO, 2021-2022
560-F dt. 15.02.2022Use of Government Vehicles on Saturdays/ Sundays/ Holidays
466-F dt. 07.02.2022Physical Submission of Bills in Treasuries/ PAOs w.e.f 10.02.2022
465-F dt. 07.02.2022Splitting of Project into Specialized Component Works for Separate Tenders
415-F dt. 06.02.2022Closure of Office due to sad demise of Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar
367-F dt. 02.02.2022Disbursement of Pension/ Family pension through Private Banks
192-F dt. 31.01.2022GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto April, 2022
258-F dt. 27.01.2022List of Integrated Banks in SBMS Module of IFMS
2750-F dt. 18.01.2022Interest Rate on General Provident Fund (01.01.2022 to 31.03.2022)
3-F dt. 17.01.2022Seeking Prior Online Permission for Treatment outside West Bengal
120-F dt. 13.01.2022Withdrawal of Pension using ATM/ Debit Card/ Net Banking
81-F dt. 10.01.2022Submission of Bills in Treasuries during Resurgence of Pandemic COVID-19

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