e-Receipt of Examination Fees of West Bengal Health Recruitment Board


Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 531-F(Y) Dated: 30.01.2014.


Sub: Inclusion of new head of account for e-receipt of online examination fees of West Bengal Health Recruitment Board through GRIPS Portal.

On-line receipt of examination fees through GRIPS portal was under consideration of the Government for some time past to expand the reach of the GRIPS portal and avail the advantage of electronic deposit of money in Government account and its accounting without the hassles associated with manual dealing of the fund. West Bengal Health Recruitment Board having completed the process of tuning their system to electronic receipt of examination fees approached Finance Department to enable the GRIPS portal to receive fees for examination to be conducted by them from this year.

Now, therefore, the Governor is pleased to include the following head of account in GRIPS Portal for on-line and off-line receipt of fees for examinations to be conducted by West Bengal Health Recruitment Board through all/ any of the participant bankers in the GRIPS portal.

The Guidelines issued in this regard vide F.D notification no. 8298-F(Y) dt. 03.10.12, Memo Nos. 9668-F(Y) dt. 30.11.12, 10578-F(Y) dt. 28.12.12 & 5533-F(Y) dt. 09.07.13 will apply mutandis mutandis.

Head of account under which the examination fees of WBHRB can be deposited by the depositors through GRIPS portal.

Account headDescription
0051-00-104-002-16Collection of examination fees of West Bengal Health Recruitment Board

This order shall take immediate effect.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal.

No. 531-F dated 30.01.2014, Source