Guidelines for Utilization of Grant under RMSA, 2014-15

School Education,

Annexure of No. 62-RMSA dated 19.03.2015 regarding School Grants, 2014-15

The fund of Rs. 50,000/- is placed directly to the Heads of the Institutions. The funds placed will be utilized on approval of the Managing Committee of the school.

Activities to be undertaken:-

i. Sports, music, dance, painting, culture, teaching aids (for classes IX-X).

  • Equipment for teaching geography as elective.
  • Drawing equipments and painting materials.
  • Maps, charts, specified instruments and appliances.
  • Sports equipments, uniforms etc.

ii. Petty and contingent expenditure like organizing meetings, conveyance, stationaries.

iii. Petty repairs and maintenance.

iv. Water, electricity and telephone charges, internet charges/ other rates and taxes. Ceiling limit to meet water and electricity charges is Rs. 15000/-

v. Purchase of books, periodicals, newspapers etc. (periodicals should not exceed Rs. 5000/-). The lists of books to be approved/ recommended by the State Govt.

vi. Purchase of need based educational materials for students with disabilities (for classes IX-X).

vii. Repair/ replacement of laboratory equipments and purchase of laboratory consumables/ chemicals, upkeep of laboratory or any other activity related to the study of Science/ Mathematics/ Geography (for classes IX-X).

Prohibited Expenditure:-

The expenditure on the following accounts can never be made.

  • Hiring of vehicle
  • Petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) charge
  • Any sort of remuneration/ wages & etc.

Norms of Expenditure & Accounting:-

i. Expenditure is to be made within 31st March, 2015.

ii. All procurement shall be made observing guidelines as prescribed in the Financial Management and Procurement (FMP) Manual.

iii. All the vouchers are to be kept with the school.

iv. Utilization Certificate along with an expenditure statement is to be sent to the State Project Office RMSA through DPO, RMSA within 30-04-2015.

These guidelines are issued with the approval of Hone’ble MIC, School Education Department.

State Project Director