Implementation of HRMS-IFMS for Payment of Wages

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 1348-F(Y) Date: 06.03.2017


Sub: Implementation of Pay Roll Processing Sub-module of HRMS-IFMS for payment of Wages

The Government of West Bengal has decided to switch over to online Human Resource Management System (HRMS) from the manual process practiced across the state. In this respect the pay-roll sub module of HRMS has already been rolled out vide G.O. No. 8531-F(Y) dated 18/12/2015 and by using this facility DDOs are already drawing the pay bill of State Government employees whose salary is drawn from the detailed head 01-Salaries.

Now, the payment sub module of wages to the wage earners engaged in different offices has been developed and deployed in live server. At present, the facility of generation of wages bill along with the schedules and challans is available for the DDOs in HRMS modules.

Three categories of wage earners can be paid through the above mentioned facility viz:

  1. Daily rated wages
  2. Monthly consolidated wages
  3. Pay scale linked Wages

Payment of wages for contractual engagement shall have to be paid from detailed head 02-wages irrespective of the engagement being made on daily rated, consolidated or in scale linked. The Administrative Departments have to take necessary steps for budget provision in this regard, if it is not practiced now.

The Governor is hereby pleased to decide that the wages bills of all categories will mandatorily be prepared and submitted through HRMS-IFMS module from 01/04/2017. In this connection, all prerequisites for drawal of wages bills through HRMS module must be completed within 31/03/2017.

The manual for drawal of wages is available in the ‘Guidelines’ section of the IFMS portal

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 1348-F dated 06.03.2017, Source