Minimum Rates of Wages in Construction/ Maintenance of Roads/ Building

Government of West Bengal
Office of the Labour Commissioner
6, Church Lane, 3rd floor, Kolkata – 700 001.

No. 48/Stat/2RW/32/94/LCS/JLC Dated: 30.06.2021


The minimum rates of wages for those in the employment of CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE OF ROADS OR IN BUILDING OPERATION in the state of West Bengal covered as per notification number 439-MW/2W-11-2010 dated 21.09.2011 are being hereby fixed as under. These rates will be effective for the period from 1st July, 2021 to 31st Dec, 2021.

Categories of EmployeesMonthly Minimum Rates of Wages Zone A (Rs.)Monthly Minimum Rates of Wages Zone B (Rs.)
Unskilled8,904.00 (Daily – 342.00)7,929.00 (Daily – 305.00)
Semi-Skilled9,795.00 (Daily – 377.00)8,720.00 (Daily – 335.00)
Skilled10,775.00 (Daily – 414.00)9,593.00 (Daily – 369.00)
Highly Skilled11,852.00 (Daily – 456.00)10,554.00 (Daily – 406.00)

a. The classification of employees in the above employment is as follows:-

Unskilled Workers:

BajriSreader, Beldar (Adult Male/Female), Beater Woman, Bellow man, Chain Man, Boat Man, Bucket Man, Carrier (Stone), Carrier (Water), Cart man, Caretaker (Bridge), Cleaner (Crane Track, Cinder for Ash Pit), Chowkidar, Hand Mixer (Concrete), Daffader, Driver (Bullock, Camel, Donkey, Mule), Flagman, Flagman (Blast Train), Gate Man, Gang man, Gating man (Permanent Way), Handle Man, Jumper Man, Kamin(Female Work), Khalasi, Khalasi (Male/Female, Bridge, Electrical, Marine, Moplah, Store, Steam Road, Shore, Roller, Survey), Labourer (Garden), Lamp man Mail, Mazdoor, Lorry Trainer, Petrol man, Peon, Searcher, Signal man. Strikers, Striker (Moplah Gang), Sweeper, Tile Turner, Trolley man, Valve Controller, Valve man, Wooder Woman, Borryman, Coalman, Condenser Attendant, Grass Cutter, Muchhers Jamadars, Condenser Attendant, Shunters, Gharami (Helper) and any other categories, by whatever name called, which are of an unskilled nature.

Semi-skilled Workers:

Balchawala, Bhisti, Bhisti (with Mushk), Boatman (Head), Breaker (Rock, Rock-Stone, Stone Metal, Stone), Cane Weaver, Chairman (Head), Charpoy Stringer, Checker, Chowkidar (Head), Cracker, Daftri, Dolly man, Driller, Drillers (Hole, Rock), Driver (Skin), Excavator, Foreman, Fireman, Fireman (Brick Kiln, Steam Road Roller), Gale Keeper, Gharami (Thatcher), Glassman, Greaser-cum-Fireman, Grinder, Hammer man, Helper (Artisan), Helper (Sawyer), Jamadar, Key man, Khalasi (Head Survey, Rivertters, Mophah Gang, Supervisory), Labourer (Rock cutting), Lascar, Mali (Head), Mate, Mate (Blacksmith, Road, Carpenter, Engine Driver and/or Feeder, Fitter, Gang, Khalasi, Mazdoor Mason, Permanent Way, Lift Operator, Pump Operator, Pump Driver (Turner), Mazdoor (Heavy Weight), Charge-man Mistri (Head), Muccadam, Night Guard, Runner (Postdak), Oil man, Quarry man, Quarry Operator, Stone man, Stocker, Thatcher, Stockers and Boilerman, Thoombaman (Spade worker), Tindals, Trolley man (Head, Motor), Fitter (Assistant, Semi-skilled), Jamadar (Semi-skilled), Mate (Store), Pump Attendant, Bearer, Breaks man, Crowlder man, COOK, Dandee, Farash, Hacksaw man. Helper (Locco/Crane/Truck), Kasab, Khalasi (Structural), Laboratory Boy, Manjhee (Boatman), Masalchi, P.M. Mates, Pointsman, Sencummy, Topaz, Topkar (Big Stone breaker), Trolley Jamadar, Winch man, Assistant Wireman, Carpenter (Helper), Mason (Helper), Blacksmith (Helper), Fitter and machine (Helper), Tar man, Persons engaged in Fire fighting, any other categories, by whatever name called, which are of semi-skilled nature.

Skilled Workers:

Assistant Mistry, Armature Winder Grade II and III, Bhandari, Blacksmith (Selection Grade II, III, Class II and III), Boiler man, Boiler man Grade II and III, Boiler Foreman Grade II, Work (Assistant), Brick-Layer, Brick-Layer (Selection Grade Class II), Blaster, Carpenter (Selection Grade, Grade II and III, Class II and III, Assistant B.I.M. Road), Cabinet Maker, Cane man, Celotax Cutter Maker, Charge man Class II and Class III, Carpenter (Ordinary), Checker (Junior), Chick maker, Chick man (Junior), Concrete Mixture Mixer, Concrete mixer operator, Cobbler, Coremaker, Driver, Driver (Motor Vehicle, Motor Vehicle Selection Grade Motor Lorry, Motor Lorry Grade II, Diesel Engine, Diesel Engine Grade II, Mechanical, Road Roller I.C. and Cement Mixer etc. Road Roller, Road Roller Driver Grade II, Driver (Engine Static, Stone Crusher, Tractor/Bull Dozer, Steam Road Roller, Water Pump, Mechanical Assistant, Road Roller Mechanical, Stream Crane, Tractor with Bull Dozer Mechanical, Transport, Engine Static & Road Roller, Boiler Attendant Engine Operator (Stone Crusher Mechanical), Distemper, Electrician, Electrician (Grade II, Class II, Class III), Fitter, Fitter (Selection Grade, Grade II and III, Class II and III Assistant, Pipe Class II, Pipe Line, Bending Bars for reinforcement-cum-mechanic, Mechanic and Plumber), Gharami (Head), Glazier, Hole Driller for Blasting, Joiner, Joiner (Cable, Cable Grade II), Line Man (Grade I, III, HT/LT), Mason, Mason (Selection Grade, Grade II and III, Class II and III, Class B Mistry), Stone, (Stone Class II, Brick Work, Stone Work), Brick-layer. Tile Flooring, B.I.M., Muccadam (Head), Stone Cutting Ordinary Mechanic, Mechanic, Mechanic (Class II, Air-conditioning Grade II, Diesel Grade II, Road Roller Grade II, Assistant Radio), Mason (Gharami), Mistry, Mistry Survey, Santras, Works), Mason Class A, Moulder, Moulder (Brick, Tile), Painter, Painter (Selection Grade, Grade II and III, Class II), Assistant Lotter and Polisher, PoIisher(Rough), Plastener, Plaster (Mason Grade II), Plumber, Plumber (Selection Grade, Class II, Assistant Senior, Junior Mistry Grade II), Plumbing Mistry, PIumber-cum-Fitter, Polisher, Polisher (Floor), Pump Driver, Pump Driver (Selection Grade, Grade II and III, Class II), Pump Driver (Selection Grade), P.E. Driver, Pump Man, Rivet Cutter (Assistant Riveter), Riveter (Cutter), Road Inspector Grade II, Railway Plate Layer, Bender, Sawyer, Sawyer (Selection Grade Class II). Serang, Serangpile Driving Pantoons with Boiler Shapes man, Shift-incharges, Spray man, Spray man (Roads), Stone, Cutter (Class II), Stone Blasterer, Sub-overseer (Unqualified), Surveyors, Surveyors (ASSISTANT) Tailor, Tailor (Upholstery), Tran sprayer, Tar Man, Line Man, Tiler Clas II (Wall, Floor Roof). Tiler (Selection Grade), Tin-Smith, Tin-Smith (Selection Grade, Grade II and III, Class II), Tinker, Trailors, Turner, Upholsterer, Upholsterer (Grade II and III), Painter spray (Class II), Wood Cutter, Wood Cutter Selection Grade, Wood Cutter Class II, Work Sircar, Welder, Welder Gas, Welder (Class II, Bridge Work), Well Sinker, White Washer, White Washer (Selection Grade, Class III), Wireman, Wireman (Grade II & III), Mechanic, Electrical), Whitewashing &Colour-Washing Man, Operator Pneumatic Tools, Operator (Fitter), Bore man, Borer, Chipper, Chipper-cum-Grinder, Cook (Head), Driller (Well boring). Driver (Loco/Truck), Electrician (Asstt.), Mechanic (Tube-well), Mistry (Steel, Tube-well), Telephone (Meter Reader), Meteorological Observer, Navghani, Operator (Batching Plant, Cinema Project, Clamp Shelf, Compressor, Crane, Dorrick, Diesel Engine, Doser, Dragline, Drill Dumber, Excavator, Fork Lift Generator, Grader, Jack Hammer and Pavement Breaker Loader, Pump, Pile Driving, Scrapper, Screening Plant, Shoval, Tractor (Vibrator, Weight Batcher), Railway Guards, Repairer (Battery), Sharpcr/Slotter, Sprayer (Asphalt), Station Master, Surveyor (Silt), Tradesman, Train Examiner, Turner/Miller, Tyre Vulcaniser, any other categories, by whatever name called, which are of skilled nature. M.C Clerk/Munshi (Matriculate, Non-matriculate), Store Clerks (Matriculate, Non-matriculate), Store Issuer, Store Keeper, Store Keeper (Grade I, II) (Matriculate, Non-matriculate), Tool Keeper, Work Munshi, Work Munshi(Subordinate), Accounts Clerk, Clerks, Computer, Telephone Operator, Typist, any other categories, by whatever name called, which are of clerical nature.

Highly Skilled Workers:

Armature Winder Grade I, Blacksmith Grade I and Class I, Boiler man Grade I, Boiler man Foreman Grade I, Brick Layer Class I, Cable Joiner Grade I, Carpenter Grade I and Class I, Celotes Cutter and Decorator, Charge man Class I, Checker (Senior), Driver (Lorry Grade I, Motor Lorry Grade I, Motor Vehicle Class I and Diesel Engine Grade I, Road Roller Grade I, Pump Grade I, Pump Class I), Electrician (Grade I and ClassI), Fitter (Grade I, Class I), Pipe Class I (Head), Foreman (Asstt.). Line Man Grade I, Mason (Skilled Grade I, ClassI), Mast Rigger Mechanic Class I and Class II, Mechanic (Diesel Grade I, Road Roller Grade I, Air-conditioning Grade I, Class I), Air-conditioning Mistry Grade I, Mistry (Air-conditioning Grade I), Overseer, Overseer (Senior and Junior), Painter (Grade I, Class I, Spray), Plaster (Mason) Class I. Plumber (Head) Class I, Mistry Grade I, Polisher (with spray) Grade I, Road Inspector Grade I, Sawyer Class I, Stone Cutter Class I, Stone Cutter Grade I, Stone Chisler Class I, Stone Mason Class I, Sub-Overseer (Qualified), Tiler Class I, Tin-smith Grade I and Class I, Upholsterer Grade I, Vamisher Class I, Welder (Gas) Class I, White Washer Class I, Wireman Grade I, Class I, Wood Cutter Class I, Grinder (Tool) Grade I, Operator (Batching Plant Grade I, Clamp Shell Grade I, Compressor Grade I, Crane Grade I, Diesel Engine Grade I, Dozer Grade I, Dragline Grade I, Drill Grade I, Dumper Grade I, Excavator Grade I, Fork Lift Grade I, Generator Grade I, Grader Grade I, Leader Grade I, Pile Driving Grade I, Dump Grade I, Scrapper Grade I, Screening Plant Grade I, Shovel Grade I, Shovel and Dragline, Tractor Grade I, Vibrator Grade I, Rigger Grade I, Rigger Grade II, Sharper/Sletter Grade I, Shovel and Dragline Tractor Grade 1, Tradesman Class I, Turner/Miller Grade I, Tyre Vulcanizer Grade I, Work (Asstt.) Grade I, Fire Fighting Supervisor/Leader, any other categories, by whatever name called, which are of highly skilled nature.

b. Implementing areas: Zone ‘A’ = (i) Areas Notified under Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), (ii) Asansol Municipal Corporation, (iii) Durgapur Municipal Corporation, (iv) Siliguri Municipal Corporation, (v) Digha-Shankarpur Development Authority, (vi) Thermal Power plant areas including Township areas, (vii) All the Municipal areas in different Districts, (viii) All the Sub-Divisions in the districts of Howrah, Hoogly, Burdwan and 24- Parganas (N) [excluding Barasat and Basirhat], (ix) Alipur Sub-Division and Baruipur Sub-Division in the district of 24-Parganas(S), (x) Midnapore Sadar Sub-Division and Kharagpur Sub-Division in the district of West Midnapore, (xi) Siliguri sub-division in the district of Darjeeling, (xii) Bankura Sub-Division and Bisnupur Sub-division in the district of Bankura, and (xiii) Raghunathpur Sub-Division in the district of Purulia.

Zone ‘B’= Rest of the West Bengal.

c. To arrive at daily rates, monthly rates shall have to be divided by 26 (to be rounded off to the nearest rupee) and to arrive at weekly rates, daily rates shall have to be multiplied by 6.

d. A normal working day shall consist of eight and half hours of work including interval for half-an-hour for rest.

e. One day in any period of seven days as may suit the local convenience shall be the day of weekly rest. The minimum rates of wages include the wages for weekly day of rest. For payment for work done on the day of weekly rest and for work done beyond the normal working hours shall be double the ordinary rate of wages.

f. Where the existing rates of wages of any employee based on contract or agreement or otherwise are higher than the rates notified herein, the higher rates shall be protected and treated as minimum rates of wages applicable for the purpose of this notification to all such employees.

g. These minimum rates of wages are applicable to employees employed by contractors also.

h. The minimum rates of wages for disabled persons shall be same as payable to the workers of appropriate category.

i. The men and women employees shall get the same rates of wages for the same work or work of similar nature.

j. The minimum rates of wages and Variable Dearness Allowance, if any, both together shall constitute the minimum rates of wages to be be enforceable under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 (11 of 1948).

This is issued with due approval of the Labour Commissioner, West Bengal.

Sd/- Chandan Dasgupta
Additional Labour Commissioner
West Bengal

No. 48-Stat dated 30.06.2021

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