Minimum Wages to Private Security Agency deployed in Govt Establishments


No. 3790-F(Y), Dated, Howrah the 21st July, 2014.


Sub: Consolidated monthly charges for Private Security Agencies deployed in Government establishments.

The undersigned is directed to state the following in clarification of this Department’s Memorandum No. 3687-F(Y), dated 02.05.2012.

The consolidated monthly charges paid to Private Security Agencies deployed in Government establishments has two parts – i) Service charge and ii) Security charge.

Service Charge is determined on the basis of L1 bid and would remain fixed for the period of service contract.

Security charge is the minimum wage of the security personnel to be provided and their entitlements to E.S.I., E.P.F. and Bonus, as may be applicable. It is variable according to the variation of minimum wages stipulated by the State Government from time to time.

The responsibility for E.S.I., E.P.F., Bonus for the security personnel to be provided by the Security Service Agency will be shouldered by the agency supplying/ engaging the personnel. Therefore, the Security Charges to be quoted by the agency in response to the Notice Inviting Tender for security service may include, besides the minimum wage, a part of the contribution to E.S.I., E.P.F. etc. to be made by the security agency as its statutory obligation as employer of the security personnel.

Sd/- G. Samanta
Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal.

No. 3790-F dated 21.07.2014, Source

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