Rates of Daily Wages of Daily-Rated Workers, 2016

Government of West Bengal
Office of the Labour Commissioner
6, Church lane, 4th floor, Kolkata – 700 001.

No.: 251/Stat/RW/04/LCS/JLC/93, Dated: 15.01.2016


The Joint/ Deputy/ Assistant Labour Commissioner,

Sub: Rates of daily wages of daily-rated workers under the Government whose wages are not regulated by any of the Statutory provisions like the Minimum Wages Act, etc.


This is to inform you that the rates of daily wages for the workers as mentioned above were enhanced under the Government of West Bengal, Finance Department., Audit Branch Memo. No. 3300(65) dated 04.05.09 and thereafter under Memo. Nos. 10900-F(P) dated 09.12.2009, 2580-F(P) dated 06.04.2010, 10850-F(P) dated 23.11.10, & 11080-F(P) dated 12.12.11 & 10615 F(P) dated 31.12.2012, 8840-F(P2) dated 16.12.2013, 143-F(P) dated 09.01.2015. Now, under Memo No. 8430-F(P2) dated 14.12.2015 the existing rates of wages have further been increased by Rs. 21/- ( Rupees Twenty One) only with effect from 01.01.2016.

Hence, the daily rates of wages would now be as follows:-

CategoriesRate (Rs.)
Group – ‘D’Rs. 281.00 (Rs. 260.00+Rs. 21.00)
DriverRs. 291.00 (Rs. 270.00+Rs. 21.00)
Group – ‘C’/ L.D.C./ TypistRs. 292.00 (Rs. 271.00+Rs. 21.00)

This is for your information and necessary action.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Md. Amanul Haque
Joint Labour Commissioner, West Bengal

No. 251/Stat dated 15.01.2016

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