Payment of Electricity Bills (CESC) using IFMS

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 2475-F(Y) Dated: 06/05/2016


All Electricity bills of WBSEDCL/NTESCL are now being paid by the DDOs through online e-Pradan/e-Billing module of IFMS having a system based integration with respective service provider vide Finance Department Memorandum No. 912-F(Y) dated 17.02.2016.

Presently payment of all electricity bills of Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd. (CESC Ltd.) are out of the purview of the e-Pradan and hence being paid by cheque vide Memorandum No. 4725-F(Y) dated 18.06.2015 & Memorandum No. 912-F(Y) dated 17.02.2016.

Now, after careful consideration of all aspects, the State Government has decided to introduce online Electricity bill payment facility for all bills raised by the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Limited (CESC Ltd.) from the IFMS Portal. Necessary system integration of IFMS with the service provider i,e, CESC Limited has been completed for payment, reconciliation & acknowledgement.

In order to make online payment of electricity bills to the service provider, each DDO have to create Service Provider Master in IFMS separately for all electricity connections of CESC Ltd. for which bills are drawn. The bill will be drawn from e-billing module by selecting service provider as CESCL. The DDOs are not required to create any beneficiary Account/ details for this purpose. The beneficiary name (CESC LIMITED) will be automatically available in non-editable mode at the time of bill preparation.

Acknowledgement of payment can be downloaded from the portal of the respective service provider after T+2 days of successful credit (For CESC Ltd. Acknowledgement will be also available in e-billing link of IFMS.

This online payment facility of electricity bills will not apply in case of payment out of LF, PL. PD account at present. Such payments will continue to be guided by the existing order vide Memorandum No. 8060-F(Y) dated 26/11/2015 until further order.

Electricity bills raised by any service provider other than WBSEDCL /NTESCL /CESC Ltd. are not covered at present and payment to those service providers, if any, will continue in cheque as usual.

In order to avail all types of rebate(s) including rebate for online payment, the electricity bills must be submitted to the Treasury /PAO by the DDOs sufficiently in advance. Treasury /PAO shall ensure payment mandate in time.

This order will come with immediate effect. However, payment through this procedure shall become mandatory from 01.06.2016.

User Manual is available in the Download link of IFMS Portal (

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 2475-F dated 06.05.2016, Source

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