Travel Concession to West Bengal Government Employee

  • Travel Concession is admissible to a Government employee and his family provided his place of posting is 400 km and above from Kolkata and his conditions of service is transferable in anywhere in West Bengal. Group D and Work charged employees posted in North Bengal are not entitled to Travel Concession.
  • Travel Concession is admissible for once in a year.
  • No minimum length of service is required to be rendered by Government employee for the concession.
  • Actual railway fare in admissible class is entitled from place of work to Kolkata and back.
  • An employee may perform journey to New Delhi or any place other than Kolkata by 2nd class in place of 1st class, but he is entitled 2nd class railway fare to the journey between his place of work and Kolkata.
  • Advance is admissible for the said tour as per G.O. No. 2069-F date 05.03.1999.
  • Travelling Concession may be sanctioned by the Controlling Officer.
  • Record of Travel Concession should be suitably maintained in the Service Book of the concerned employee to avoid double drawal.
  • When both husband and wife are Government employees, the said T.C. may be granted separately. If they perform the journey separately, the T.C. will, however, be admissible either to the husband or to the wife travelling with the family.
  • The concession is restricted to journey by rail within the State. For places which are not connected with the rail system by road or steamer unless the road transport or steamer services are owned by railway, the concession will be admissible for journeys from and up to the nearest railway station only. No road mileage is admissible where an only facility exists.
  • In cases where onward and return journeys fall in different calendar year, the same should be counted against the year in which onward journey commenced.
  • If a member of family performs a single journey, he is eligible for T.C.
  • The Government servant can avail himself of bus in place of rail, actual bus fare is admissible provided the same is less than railway fare of entitled class.


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