West Bengal Secondary School Teaching/ Non-Teaching Leave Rules

Rules for the grant of leave to the teaching and the non-teaching staff of recognized non-government Secondary Schools other than Sponsored Schools or any other Schools or Class of School as the State Government may specify.

There may be the following kinds of Leave admissible to a teacher or a non-teaching employee of an institution:

(i) Casual leave
(ii) Leave on half average pay
(iii) Leave on medical grounds
(iv) Special leave in exceptional circumstance
(v) Compensatory leave
(vi) Extraordinary leave
(vii) Maternity leave
(viii) Quarantine leave
(ix) Child Care Leave

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No. S/342 dated 24.04.1979Leave in the period of Extension
No. 103/9 dated 02.01.1980Clarification of leave on half average pay
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No. 2819/G dated 16.03.1983Carried over of leaves for joining another school
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No. 9246/G dated 28.10.1983Clarification of Medical Leave
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No. 411/B dated 05.02.1988Clarification of Quarantine Leave
No. 835/8 dated 02.03.1988Clarification of Special Leave on Medical Ground
No. S/863 dated 12.12.1988Special Casual Leave for Election Duty
No. S/180 dated 07.04.1990Special Leave under Rule 5 of the existing leave rule
No. S/218 dated 26.04.1990Provision for Lien
No. S/122 dated 02.05.1991Special Leave for Examination
No. S/133A dated 22.04.1992Special Leave for Examination under Rule 5(ii)
No. 629-Edn dated 24.08.1993Special Leave for Election Duty
No. 9517/G/1 dated 27.01.1994Compensatory Leave and Medical Leave
No. 79-Edn dated 28.01.1994Amendment of Leave Rules
No. 903/G dated 01.03.1994Special Leave for International Conference
No. S/181 dated 26.05.1994Amendment of Leave Rules
No. S/246 dated 16.06.1995
No. 169-SE dated 25.03.1996Special casual leave – Elected to Municipal Corporations and Municipalities
No. 284-SE dated 02.04.1997Extra Ordinary Leave without Pay
No. 288-SE dated 08.04.1997Special Casual Leave
No. 3948/G dated 26.11.1999Clarification on Medical and Casual leave
No. 2327/04/G dated 11.06.2004Advance Medical Leave
No. S/104 dated 07.08.2009Casual Leave due to Change in Academic Session
No. S/214 dated 23.08.2010Leave for Adoptive Mothers
No. S/221 dated 30.08.2010Clarification in respect of M.L., Commuted Leave & Half Avg.

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