Food and Supplies Department, Government of West Bengal

1483-FS dt. 08.04.2022Amendment in Working Capital of Dealer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
1482-FS dt. 08.04.2022Guidelines towards Godown Space to be maintained by Wholesaler
1470-FS dt. 07.04.2022Reconciliation of Fair Price Shop by Reform Cell of Food & Supplies
2458-FNS dt. 29.07.2021Implementation of One Nation One Ration Card (ONORC) Scheme
2358-FS dt. 22.07.2021Aadhaar Linking with Ration Card through ePOS by eKYC
480-FS dt. 02.06.2021Service Record Monitoring System for Constituted Cadre (WBFSS)
Nil dt. 08.01.2021Introduction of e-Ration Card in West Bengal
3090-F dt. 18.12.2020Working Capital of Dealer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler under FSD
2562-FS dt. 18.08.2017Distribution of Foodgrains against Digital Ration Card
20-FS dt. 27.01.2017Life Cycle Management of Ration Card in West Bengal
2481A-FS dt. 07.09.2016West Bengal Food Security Rules, 2016
362-FS dt. 10.02.2016Distribution of Foodgrain on Submission of Old Ration Card
91-FS dt. 01.02.2016Inclusion/ Rectification of Name/ Address under NFSA/ RKSY
70-FS dt. 07.01.2016Lifting of Food Grains from Fair Price Shop Dealer
2380-FS dt. 24.07.2015West Bengal Onion (Storage Control) Order, 2015
2715-FS dt. 18.11.2014Corrigendum of 2608-FS dt. 07.11.2014
2609-FS dt. 07.11.2014Online Renewal of Licenses of Petroleum Products except K.Oil
2608-FS dt. 07.11.2014Online Renewal of Licenses of K.Oil Agents and K.Oil Dealers
1707-FS dt. 21.07.2014Safe and Scientific Storage of Food Grains under PDS
1706-FS dt. 21.07.2014Financial Capacity for Engagement as Dealer/ Distributor
1705-FS dt. 21.07.2014Benefit of Lifting Lapsed Quota by a Ration Card Holder
82-FS dt. 27.11.2013Schedule for Capturing Ration Card Data at Fair Price Shop
2950-FS dt. 25.10.2013Stipulated Time Limit of various Services for Ration Card
57-FS dt. 03.10.2013Operational Guideline for Digitization of Ration Cards
2371-FS dt. 12.08.2013WB Urban Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order
2347-FS dt. 08.08.2013WB Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order, 2013
5880-FS dt. 22.12.2003WB Public Distribution System (Maintenance and Control) Order, 2003
5236-FS dt. 10.07.1985West Bengal Cooking Gas (Licensing and Control) Order, 1985
344-FS dt. 20.01.1967West Bengal Lubricating Oil Licensing Order, 1967

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