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Managing Committee

There will be a Secretary of the Managing Committee who shall be appointed by the Director of School Education, West Bengal from the members of the Committee.

Qualification for Members of Governing Bodies of Colleges

Published in Higher Education

Government have been feeling the necessity to prescribe educational qualification for members of Governing Bodies of the Non-Govt. aided Colleges including erstwhile Sponsored Colleges.

Reconstitution of Managing Committee in Madrasah

Published in Madrasah Education

Postponement of Election for Constitution /Reconstitution of Managing Committee up to 16.07.2014 in Recognised Junior High, High and Senior Madrasah in view of ensuing Parliamentary Election 2014.

Additional Increment for Obtaining Higher Qualification

Published in School Education

Manner in which a teacher appointed in Honours Graduate/ Post Graduate scale of pay will be entitled to claim any additional increment and higher scale of pay upon acquiring Post Graduate/ or any Higher diploma/ Degree.

Managing Committee of Schools converted into Govt. Sponsored

Published in School Education

The Managing Committee existed for the aided school on 30.09.2013 will continue and act for the sponsored school till the new committee is formed under the rule of Sponsored Schools.

Management of Sponsored Institutions (Secondary) Rules, 1972

Published in School Education

Management of Sponsored Institutions (Secondary) Rules, 1972 with all Amendments. These rules will apply to the Sponsored Institution (Secondary) in West Bengal.

Postponement of MC Formation for Municipal Election, 2013

Published in School Education

Postponement of Election for the constitution/ re-constitution of the Managing Committee of the recognized Secondary Schools for the ensuing Municipal Elections to be held on 21st September, 2013.

Extension of Tenure of Managing Committees – an Amendment

Published in School Education

(i) Postponement of Election for Constitution/ Reconstitution of the Managing Committee of the Recognised Secondary Schools in view of the revised programme of Panchayet Election, 2013.
(ii) Extension of the tenure of the Managing Committees/Ad-hoc Committees/ Organising Committees/Administrators upto 30.11.2013.

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