Pension Circular

G.O. No. & Date Subject
90-F dt. 12.02.2013 Medical Relief of Provisional Pension
8246-F dt. 28.09.2012 Medical Benefits for Pensioner / Family Pensioner
433-F dt. 07.07.2011 Use of Cheque Book by Pensioner / Family Pensioner
100-F dt. 25.02.2011 For Modification of Pay Band.
1025-F dt. 24.12.2010 Liberalisation of Provision for Additional/Quantum of Pension/ family pension.
1013-F dt. 21.12.2010 D.R. to the State Govt. Pensioners/ family pensioners on (unrevised)
Pen. 170 dt. 29.11.2010 D.R. of Central Govt. Pensioners/ family pensioners.
974-F dt. 26.11.2010 Grant of D.R. to the State GOA. pensioners/family pensioners.
10852-F(P) dt. 23.11.2010 Grant of Dearness Allowance to State Govt. and other bodies.
830-F dt. 20.09.2010 Extension of the benefit of family pension to the unmarried/widowed/ divorced daughter of Govt. employee/ pensioner whose spouse pre-deceased him/her.
796-F dt. 09.09.2010 Enhanced Medical Relief to the Pension/Family Pensioners where has not been revised.
635-F dt. 14.07.2010 Payment of additional quantum of pension-clarification thereof.
620-F dt. 29.06.2010 Eligibility of divorced/widow daughters for family pension beyond 25 years.
449-F dt. 28.05.2010 Fixation of pension/family pension of pensioner/family pensioners died on or after 1.1.96.
4-P&PW dt. 26.05.2010
78 dt. 08.07.2010
Grant of Fixed Medical allowance to Central Govt. pensioner clarification thereof.
1182-PAR dt. 26.05.2010 Introduction of New Contributory Pension Scheme of the AIS officers.
391-F dt. 13.05.2010 Ceiling two family pensions admissible to the child/children of deceased Govt. employees.
2634-PN dt. 13.04.2010 Dearness Relief to the pensioner/ family pensioner of Statutory Bodies /Panchayat @ 27% w.e.f. 01.04.10.
294-F dt. 07.04.2010 Grant of D. R. To the State Govt. Pensioners/Family Pensioners whose pension have not yet revised.
290-F dt. 07.04.2010 Grant of D. R. To the State Govt. Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
2208-RD dt. 31.03.2010 Comprehensive Forms Booklet for sanction of retirement benefits to the employees of the WBC ADC.
DT/469 dt. 16.03.2010 Admissibility of Leave Encashment.
139-F dt. 24.02.2010 Consolidation of pension in respect of pre 01.01.06 pensioners
127-F dt. 23.02.2010 Clarification on M. No. 200-F dt. 25.02.09
01-F dt. 04.01.2010 Consolidation of restored portion of Pro-rata Pension.
1123-F dt. 16.12.2009 Amendment of the definition of the revised emoluments on implementation of ROPA, 2009.
1120-F dt. 15.12.2009 Modalities for implementation of New defined Contributory Pension Scheme for the members of AIS officials.
1046-F dt. 19.11.2009 Revision of pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
814-F dt. 04.09.2009 Grant of Ex-gratia payment to the State Govt. Pensioners.
180-Home dt. 10.08.2009 Ammendments to the Pension. Rules of WB ex-spl. Asstts. & ex-Confi. Asstts to the Ministers.
8157-F dt. 20.08.2009 Release of bills pertaining to arrear Pay & Allowances in r/o retd. employees.
731-F dt. 12.08.2009 Raising of income ceiling (i) widowed/divoreed/unmarried daughters & (2) dependent parents.
7071-F dt. 20.07.2009 Amendment of the definition of Family.
Pen. 44 dt. 09.07.2009 Revision of pension/family pension to the Orissa Govt. Pensioner/Family Pensioner.
578-F dt. 01.07.2009 Clarification of French Pensioner.
3951-F dt. 27.05.2009 Remuneration of the re-employed / State Govt. pensioners.
472-F dt. 21.05.2009 Pensionary benefits to the Govt. employees.
460-F dt. 20.05.2009 Revision of pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners/Family pensioners.
Pen. 17 dt. 07.05.2009 D. R. to the pensioner of D.A. getting Schools.
359-F dt. 16.04.2009 Single comprehensive Form for sanction of Pension to the Govt, employees.
DT/613 dt. 09.04.2009
42-P&PW dt. 27.03.2009
Grant of Dearness Relief to the AIS Pensioners/Family pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.09 reference of AG WB thereof.
Pen. 250 dt. 27.02.2009 Clarification on implementation of revised pension to the retired State Govt. employees.
136-F dt. 09.02.2009 Grant of Dearness Relief to the state Govt. Pen/F. Pen w.e.f 01.03.09
DT/92 dt. 20.01.2009 Admissibility of provisional pension and clarification thereof.
DF/77 dt. 19.01.2009 Revision of pension as per recommendation of 6th Central Pay Commission of respect of AIS pensioners.
805-F dt. 10.12.2008 Grant of ex-gratia to the pro-rata pension holders.
732-F dt. 12.11.2008 Guidelines for payment of family pension for life to the unmarried/ widowed/divoreed daughters of state Govt, employees/pensioners.
4511-PN dt. 10.11.2008 Dearness relief to @ 41 % w.e.f. 01.11.08 to Pensioner/Fanuly Pensioners of Panchyati / Raj Bodies
698-F dt. 21.10.2008 DA-41% w.e.f. 01.11.08
DT/1570 dt. 03.10.2008 Clarification on fixation of pension to the AIS pensioner.
DT/1365 dt. 15.09.2008 Admissibility of ex-gratia to the pro-rata pension holder.
DT/1345 dt. 11.09.2008 Payment of revised pension to AIS pensioners.
574-F dt. 22.08.2008 Clarification sought by Dy. Accountant General (Pension) on eligibility of pension of unmarried daughter the age of 25 years.
432-F dt. 02.07.2008 Clarification sought by AG, WB on eligibility of pension beyond 25 years of age.
845-F dt. 19.12.2008 Authority for payment of family pension beyond 7 years upto the age of 67 years.
838-F dt. 16.12.2008 Ceiling of two family pension.
495-F dt. 23.07.2008 Age ceiling of son/daughter of state Govt. employees for pension.
385-F dt. 12.06.2008 Grant of Dearness Relief to the pensioner @ 35%.
Pen. 32 dt. 30.05.2008 Circulation of GIO’s order granting revised rate of DR to AIS pensioners.
3444-F dt. 09.05.2008 Circulation of GIO’s order granting revised rate of DR to AIS pensioners.
275-F dt. 23.04.2008 Introduction of Pension Payment Slip to the State Govt. Pensioners.
138-F dt. 03.03.2008 Extension of scope of family pension to Unmarried daughters beyond 25 years of State Govt employee/pensioners.
1-F dt. 02.01.2008 Grant of Dearness Relief to the pensioner @ 29%.
1042-F dt. 31.12.2007 Enhancement of period of pensionary benefit from 65 years to 67 years.
838-F dt. 24.09.2007 Grant of ex-gratia of Govt. pensioner.
682-F dt. 31.07.2007 Extension of period for exercising option for revision of pension.
681-F dt. 31.07.2007 Extension of period for exercising option for revision of pension.
621-F dt. 19.07.2007 Clarification of Pensionery benefits.
621-F dt. 18.07.2007 Clarification of G. N. No. 620-F dt. 29.06.2010
RBI-74 dt. 02.07.2007 Master Circular on conduct of Govt. business-turnover Commission.
371-F dt. 23.04.2007 Computation of pensionary benefits on Merger of D.A.
2801-F dt. 11.04.2007 Payment of monthly allowance to Political Sufferers.
Pen. 193 dt. 16.02.2007 Discontinuance of ATM facility provided to the Pensioners/family pensioners.
620-F dt. 29.06.2006 Eligibility of divorced / widowed daughter for Family Pension beyond 25 years.
1025-F dt. 25.11.2005 Submission of Annexure ‘A’ for P.S.A. along with pension paper to A.G.W.B.
422-F dt. 07.04.2003 Submission pension paper to A.G.W.B. through Finance Deptt. discontinued.
6-F dt. 01.01.2002 Authorization of Pension payment where last pay found in excess.
335-F dt. 07.03.2001 Revised Pension procedure.
1100-F dt. 30.10.2000 Scheme for Payment of Pension and Gratuity on the date of Superannuation.
1127-F dt. 27.10.1998 Revision pensionary benefit as per ROPA 1998.
1315-F dt. 14.10.1996 Scheme for payment of pension and gratuity on the date of superannuation.
747-F dt. 01.06.1995 Introduction of One Single Comprehensive Form in connection with sanction of pension cases.
9203-F dt. 11.08.1989 Life time Arrear pension Clarification


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  1. Saptarshi Sarkar says

    One Primary Teacher, refunded the share amount of CPF with interest to the Govt. through TR-7, but he some how lost his approved option ’85 form. We made an note entry of that in Service Book ant TR attached there. Is it right or wrong, what we did?

  2. Jyotirmay Chakrabarti says

    Jyotirmay Chakrabarti
    Sir ,
    I would like to request you to know that one Sankar Kumar Dutta was passed in the exam of Gram Sevak post for the District -North 24 Parganas and exam was conducted then in the year 1986 , a panel was also published and there his name was empanneled but due to court csae the said panel was stayed , now one thing is that the said pannel was approved in the year 2001 after the completion of court case and the said Sankar Kumar Dutta was appointed for the postof GRAM SEVAK in Hoogly District , at Singur on 08-08-2001 and he was retired from service on 31-05-2011 , his length of service is 9 years 9 month 23 days . His has applied for benit of 10 yrs. service to get pension . I want to know from you whether he is entitled to get the benifit of pension or not .
    Thanking you ,
    yours faithfully ,
    J. Chakrabarti


    Is there any scope to secure promotion serving under Government of West Bengal. I have serving holding at the same post for more than 15 years. I think that I have enough capability to hold higher post with honour.

  4. Shardanand Jha says

    Dear Sir,
    One of our primary teacher was deceased on 19/03/1978. I just want to know whether his wife is eligible to receive family pension or not. If any way she is eligible to receive the family pension then please provide me the related formalities or paper works to be done to get the same.

    Sincerely yopurs,
    Shardanand Jha.