Pension Circular

Here is a post Pension Matters Simplified which may be worth reading.

G.O. No. & Date Subject
9203-F dt. 11.08.89 Life time Arrear pension Clarification
747-F (Pen) dt. 01.06.95 Introduction of One Single Comprehensive Form in connection with sanction of pension cases.
1315-F (Pen) dt. 14.10.96 Scheme for payment of pension and gratuity on the date of superannuation.
1127-F (Pen) dt. 27.10.98 Revision pensionary benefit as per ROPA 1998.
1100-F (Pen) dt. 30.10.00 Scheme for Payment of Pension and Gratuity on the date of Superannuation.
335-F (Pen) dt. 07.03.01 Revised Pension procedure.
6-F (Pen) dt. 01.01.02 Authorization of Pension payment where last pay found in excess.
422-F (Pen) dt. 07.04.03 Submission pension paper to A.G.W.B. through Finance Deptt. discontinued.
1025-F (Pen) dt. 25.11.05 Submission of Annexure ‘A’ for P.S.A. along with pension paper to A.G.W.B.
620-F (Pen) dt. 29.06.06 Eligibility of divorced / widowed daughter for Family Pension beyond 25 years.
Pen. Co-ordination/4 Vol. X/193 dt. 16.02.07 Discontinuance of ATM facility provided to the Pensioners/family pensioners.
2801-F dt. 11.04.07 Payment of monthly allowance to Political Sufferers.
371-F (Pen) dt. 23.04.07 Computation of pensionary benefits on Merger of D.A.
RBI/2007-08.74 dt. 02.07.07 Master Circular on conduct of Govt. business-turnover Commission.
620-F (Pen) dt. 29.06.10 Eligibility of divorced/widow daughters for family pension beyond 25 years.
621-F(Pen) dt. 18.07.07 Clarification of G. N. No. 620-F (Pen) dt. 29.06.10
621-F (Pen) dt. 19.07.07 Clarification of Pensionery benefits.
681-F(Pen) dt. 31.07.07 Extension of period for exercising option for revision of pension.
682-F (Pen) dt. 31.07.07 Extension of period for exercising option for revision of pension.
838-F (Pen) dt. 24.09.07 Grant of ex-gratia of Govt. pensioner.
1042-F dt. 31.12.07 Enhancement of period of pensionary benefit from 65 years to 67 years.
1-F (Pen) dt. 02.01.08 Grant of Dearness Relief to the pensioner @ 29%.
138-F (Pen) dt. 03.03.08 Extension of scope of family pension to Unmarried daughters beyond 25 years of State Govt employee/pensioners.
275-F (Pen) dt. 23.04.08 Introduction of Pension Payment Slip to the State Govt. Pensioners.
3444-F dt. 09.05.08 Circulation of GIO’s order granting revised rate of DR to AIS pensioners.
Pen. Co-ordn./ Tripura/ Vol.-IV/Dr/32 dt. 30.05.08 Circulation of GIO’s order granting revised rate of DR to AIS pensioners.
385-F(Pen) dt. 12.06.08 Grant of Dearness Relief to the pensioner @ 35%.
495 (500)-F(Pen) dt. 23.07.08 Age ceiling of son/daughter of state Govt. employees for pension.
838-F (Pen) dt. 16.12.08 Ceiling of two family pension.
845-F (Pen) dt. 19.12.08 Authority for payment of family pension beyond 7 years upto the age of 67 years.
432-F (Pen) dt. 02.07.08 Clarification sought by AG, WB on eligibility of pension beyond 25 years of age.
574-F (Pen) dt. 22.8.08 Clarification sought by Dy. Accountant General (Pension) on eligibility of pension of unmarried daughter the age of 25 years.
DT/O/40C-08/1345 dt. 11.9.08 Payment of revised pension to AIS pensioners.
DT/O/24/M-05/1365 dt. 15.09.08 Admissibility of ex-gratia to the pro-rata pension holder.
Dt/O/160/P-08/1570 (70) dt. 03.10.08 Clarification on fixation of pension to the AIS pensioner.
698-F dt. 21.10.08 DA-41% w.e.f. 01.11.08
732-F(Pen) dt. 12.11.08 Guidelines for payment of family pension for life to the unmarried/ widowed/divoreed daughters of state Govt, employees/pensioners.
4511-PN/N/III/2P-32/ 99 dt. 10.11.08 Dearness relief to @ 41 % w.e.f. 1.11.08 to Pensioner/Fanuly Pensioners of Panchyati / Raj Bodies
136-F (Pen) dt. 09.02.09 Grant of Dearness Relief to the state Govt. Pen/F. Pen w.e.f 01.03.09
805-F (Pen) dt. 10.12.08 Grant of ex-gratia to the pro-rata pension holders.
DF/O/160P-08/77 (65) dt. 19.01.09 Revision of pension as per recommendation of 6th Central Pay Commission of respect of AIS pensioners.
DT/O/14/C-07/92(64) dt. 20.01.09 Admissibility of provisional pension and clarification thereof.
Pen. Co-ordn.-300/250 dt. 27.02.09 Clarification on implementation of revised pension to the retired State Govt. employees.
DT/O/40/C-08/613 dt. 09.04.09
42/12.09-P&PW(G) dt. 27.03.09
Grant of Dearness Relief to the AIS Pensioners/Family pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.09 reference of AG WB thereof.
359-F (Pen) dt. 16.04.09 Single comprehensive Form for sanction of Pension to the Govt, employees.
Pen. Co-ordn.111/Vol. V/17 dt. 07.05.09 D. R. to the pensioner of D.A. getting Schools.
460-F (Pen) dt. 20.05.09 Revision of pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners/Family pensioners.
472-F (Pen) dt. 21.05.09 Pensionary benefits to the Govt. employees.
3951-F dt. 27.05.09 Remuneration of the re-employed / State Govt. pensioners.
578-F (Pen) dt. 01.07.09 Clarification of French Pensioner.
Pen. Co-ordn/Orissa-Vol/VI/Revision/44 dt. 09.07.09 Revision of pension/family pension to the Orissa Govt. Pensioner/Family Pensioner.
7071-F dt. 20.07.09 Amendment of the definition of Family.
731-F(Pen) dt. 12.08.09 Raising of income ceiling (i) widowed/divoreed/unmarried daughters & (2) dependent parents.
8157-F dt. 20.08.09 Release of bills pertaining to arrear Pay & Allowances in r/o retd. employees.
180-Home (Cons)-R2R (Cons)-49/2008 dt. 10.08.09 Ammendments to the Pension. Rules of WB ex-spl. Asstts. & ex-Confi. Asstts to the Ministers.
814-F(Pen) dt. 04.09.09 Grant of Ex-gratia payment to the State Govt. Pensioners.
1046-F(Pen) dt. 19.11.09 Revision of pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
1120-F(Pen) dt. 15.12.09 Modalities for implementation of New defined Contributory Pension Scheme for the members of AIS officials.
1123-F (Pen) dt. 16.12.09 Amendment of the definition of the revised emoluments on implementation of ROPA, 2009.
01-F (Pen) dt. 04.01.10 Consolidation of restored portion of Pro-rata Pension.
127-F (Pen) dt. 23.02.10 Clarification on M. No. 200-F (Pen) dt. 25.02.09
139-F (Pen) dt. 24.02.10 Consolidation of pension in respect of pre 01.01.06 pensioners
DT/O/466P-2010/469 dt. 16.03.10 Admissibility of Leave Encashment.
2208-RD/Estt./ CADC/114/2009 dt. 31.03.10 Comprehensive Forms Booklet for sanction of retirement benefits to the employees of the WBC ADC.
290-F (Pen) dt. 7.4.10 Grant of D. R. To the State Govt. Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
294-F (Pen) dt. 7.4.10 Grant of D. R. To the State Govt. Pensioners/Family Pensioners whose pension have not yet revised.
2634-PN/N/III/2P-32/99 dt. 13.04.10 Dearness Relief to the pensioner/ family pensioner of Statutory Bodies /Panchayat @ 27% w.e.f. 01.04.10.
391-F (Pen) dt. 13.05.10 Ceiling two family pensions admissible to the child/children of deceased Govt. employees.
1182(18)-PAR(IAS)/2R-01/10/ dt. 26.05.10 Introduction of New Contributory Pension Scheme of the AIS officers.
449-F dt. 28.05.10 Fixation of pension/family pension of pensioner/family pensioners died on or after 1.1.96.
Cir. No. 4/25/08 P& PW(D) dt. 26.05.10
No. 78 dt. 08.07.10
Grant of Fixed Medical allowance to Central Govt. pensioner clarification thereof.
635-F(Pen) dt. 14.07.10 Payment of additional quantum of pension-clarification thereof.
Pen 796-F (Pen) dt. 9.9.10 Enhanced Medical Relief to the Pension/Family Pensioners where has not been revised.
830-F (Pen) dt. 20.09.10 Extension of the benefit of family pension to the unmarried/widowed/ divorced daughter of Govt. employee/ pensioner whose spouse pre-deceased him/her.
10852-F(P) dt. 23.11.10 Grant of Dearness Allowance to State Govt. and other bodies.
974-F (Pen) dt. 26.11.10 Grant of D.R. to the State GOA. pensioners/family pensioners.
Pen. Co-Ordn./55 Vol. VI/142 Vol. III/170 dt. 29.11.10 D.R. of Central Govt. Pensioners/ family pensioners.
1013-F (Pen) dt. 21.12.10 D.R. to the State Govt. Pensioners/ family pensioners on (unrevised)
1025-F (Pen) dt. 24.12.10 Liberalisation of Provision for Additional/Quantum of Pension/ family pension.
No. 100-F (Pen) dt. 25.02.11 For Modification of Pay Band.