Finance Department – Archive, 2020

3545-F dt. 17.12.2020Panel of Valuation Agencies, 2020
3502-F dt. 14.12.2020Inclusion of HoA of Food & Supplies Department for e-Receipts
3490-F dt. 14.12.2020Dearness Allowance @ 3% of Basic Pay w.e.f. 01.01.2021
3335-F dt. 27.11.2020Extension of Last Date for Submission of Life Certificate
400-F dt. 18.11.2020Acceptance of Life Certificates submitted through Messenger/ Post
3141-F dt. 10.11.2020Rate of Interest on GPF (01.10.2020 to 31.12.2020)
3140-F dt. 10.11.2020GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto January, 2021
3100-F dt. 05.11.2020Holiday List for West Bengal Govt. Employees, 2021
DT-833 dt. 04.11.2020Who are authorized to Verify Life Certificates?
2160-F dt. 06.10.2020Determination of Group of Employees upon ROPA, 2019
2818-F dt. 30.09.2020Disbursement of Salary for the month of October, 2020
2741-F dt. 23.09.2020Inclusion of HoA for e-Receipts of Directorate of Commercial Taxes
2710-F dt. 21.09.2020GPF Statement having transactions booked under wrong HoA
2652-F dt. 14.09.2020Revision in Norms of AAFS in case of RIDF/ WIF Projects
2546-F dt. 31.08.2020Pranab Mukherjee passed away – State Govt. declared Holiday
2501-F dt. 25.08.2020HoA of Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief & Rehabilitation
2445-F dt. 17.08.2020Sectional Holiday on account of Karam Puja, 2020
2436-F t. 14.08.2020Inclusion of HoA for e-Receipts of Higher Education Department
2413-F dt. 12.08.2020WB Special Compassionate Appointment (COVID) Scheme, 2020
2391-F dt. 10.08.2020Revised Provisions for Publication of Brief referral Advertisements
80-F dt. 06.08.2020Guidelines i.r.o. IPD treatment in COVID situation under WBHS
2356-F dt. 06.08.2020Rate of Interest on GPF (01.07.2020 to 30.09.2020)
2341-F dt. 03.08.2020Extension of Validity of FD Memo No. 1480-F dated 01.04.2020
2291-F dt. 24.07.2020GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto October, 2020
291-F dt. 21.07.2020Consolidation of Restored Portion of Pro-rata Pension (ROPA, 2019)
290-F dt. 21.07.2020Revision of Pension/ Family Pension under French Pension Rules
2259-F dt. 20.07.2020All Saturdays shall be Public Holidays in All Bank Branches
2071-F dt. 29.06.2020Holiday on Birth Anniversary of Late Dr. B. C. Roy (01.07.2020)
2068-F dt. 29.06.2020Extension of Validity of FD Memo No. 1480-F dated 01.04.2020
2022-F dt. 22.06.2020Holiday due to the Auspicious Rathayatra Festival, 2020
213-F dt. 12.06.2020Grant of Provisional Pension due to Lock-Down Situation
1940-F dt. 12.06.2020Half Day Holiday due to sad demise of Shri Abani Mohan Joardar
1921-F dt. 10.06.2020New Attendance Rules in Govt. Offices of West Bengal
1912-F dt. 09.06.2020Guidelines for Safety of Employees to prevent COVID in Govt Offices
1828-F dt. 01.06.2020Group Insurance Scheme 1987 – Table of Benefits, 2020-21
218-CS dt. 30.05.2020Restrictions and Relaxations during Lockdown in West Bengal
177-CS dt. 18.05.2020Implementation of Lock Down Measures in West Bengal
1755-F dt. 18.05.2020Online Application for Festival Advance through IFMS
1725-F dt. 13.05.2020Ex-Gratia Payment to State Govt. Pensioners, 2019-2020
1724-F dt. 13.05.2020Bonus/ Ex-Gratia Grant to Employees of Public UT, 2019-2020
1723-F dt. 13.05.2020Grant of Interest Free Festival Advance, 2020
1722-F dt. 13.05.2020Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to State Govt. Employees, 2019-2020
1710-F dt. 12.05.2020Inclusion of Head of Account of Kolkata Police through GRIPS
1665-F dt. 02.05.2020Extension of Validity of FD Memo No. 1480-F dated 01.04.2020
1630-F dt. 22.04.2020Rate of Interest on GPF (01.04.2020 to 30.06.2020)
1587-F dt. 16.04.2020Office remains Open with 25% Staff w.e.f. 20.04.2020
1575-F dt. 15.04.2020Applicability of FD Memo No. 1480-F dated 01.04.2020
1491-F dt. 02.04.2020Additional Austerity Measures for Combating COVID-19
1480-F dt. 01.04.2020Emergency Procurement related to COVID19 Operation
1346-F dt. 20.03.2020Preventive Measures to Contain the Spread of COVID-19
1307-F dt. 18.03.2020Leave at 4 PM due to Threat of Corona Virus (COVID-19)
1234-F dt. 12.03.2020Issuance of Brief Referral Advertisements for e-Tender
1159-F dt. 06.03.2020Functionality for according “Advance Administrative Approval”
1157-F dt. 06.03.2020New Old Age Pension Schemes – Jai Bangla Scheme, 2020
120-F dt. 03.03.2020Revised Guidelines for Revision of Pension under ROPA, 2019
760-F dt. 17.02.2020Stagnation Increment during fixation of Pay under ROPA, 2019
759-F dt. 17.02.2020Clarification on Non-Practicing Allowance (NPA) under ROPA
725-F dt. 14.02.2020Discontinuation of Physical Copy of BSNL Telephone Bill
622-F dt. 10.02.2020Capturing GPF Balances of State Government Employees
22-F dt. 07.02.2020Entitlement for Accommodation after ROPA, 2019 under WBHS
528-F dt. 04.02.2020HoA for Fines/ Forfeiters/ Penalties/ Confiscation of Food & Supplies Dte
540-F dt. 04.02.2020Introduction of “e-Pension Mobile App” for Pensioners
554-F dt. 03.02.2020Transfer of GPF Balance of Employees promoted from Gr-D to C
442-F dt. 27.01.2020Public Holiday in connection with Saraswati Puja, 2020
55-F dt. 21.01.2020Sanction and Disbursement of post 01.01.2016 Pensioners
308-F dt. 17.01.2020Facility in AAFS for Re-Phasing of Projects Exceeding the Budget Provision
156-F dt. 09.01.2020Inclusion of Head of Account for e-Receipts of Agriculture Department
78-F dt. 06.01.2020Treatment of Absence on 8th January, 2020 for Bandh

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