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School Education – Archive, 2015

Archive of West Bengal Govt. Circulars, Orders, Clarifications, Memo related to School Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal upto 2015.

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2587-BPE dt. 29.12.2015 Online Registration into D.El.Ed Course for Para Teachers
348-SE dt. 23.12.2015 DA to Teaching & Non-Teaching Staffs (Pre-Revised Scale), 2016
DS-609 dt. 23.12.2015 Special Casual Leave for attending Schools on Bandh/ Strike
347-SE dt. 23.12.2015 Dearness Allowance to Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs, 2016
NS-437 dt. 18.12.2015 Annual Academic Calender 2016 and Holiday List of Schools
746-SSE dt. 09.12.2015 Observation of Book Day on 2nd January, 2016 in Schools
331-SE dt. 09.12.2015 Guidelines for Exposure Visit to Places of Scientific Interest
165-BPE dt. 26.11.2015 Programme Schedule for D.El.Ed. Examination, 2016
867-SE dt. 19.11.2015 Admission of Children in Govt. Schools/ Model Schools, 2016
866-SE dt. 19.11.2015 Admission of Children in Govt. Sponsored/ Aided Schools, 2016
2429-BPE dt. 16.11.2015 Distribution of Admit Cards for D.El.Ed. Examination, 2015
DS-552 dt. 02.11.2015 Distribution of Madhyamik Test Paper, 2015-16 at Free of Cost
2325-BPE dt. 16.10.2015 Examination Schedule of Diploma-In-Elementary Education, 2015
1829-ES dt. 06.10.2015 Time Limit for Rendering Services by School Education Dte.
572-SSE dt. 05.10.2015 Requisition of Colleges during TET Exam (Primary Level), 2015
GSR-743 dt. 30.09.2015 Mid-Day Meal Rules, 2015
2196-BPE dt. 29.09.2015 Duration of TET to be held on 11.10.2015 would be 150 minutes
759-SE dt. 28.09.2015 Increasing Duration of TET Examination to 2.5 hours
2160-BPE dt. 22.09.2015 Wrong Print on Marksheet for D. El. Ed Course (ODL Mode) 2015
2147-BPE dt. 17.09.2015 D. El. Ed. Part – I and II (Theoretical) Examination, 2015
2061-BPE dt. 08.09.2015 D. EL. ED. Part-II External Practical Examination, 2015
1919-BPE dt. 14.08.2015 Examination Centre/ Venue for the TET Examination, 2014
1203-GA dt. 12.08.2015 Attendance of School Staff for TET on 16.08.15 and 30.08.15
1829-BPE dt. 31.07.2015 Weekly Schedule of activities of 2nd Year D.El.Ed. Course
713-SE dt. 30.07.2015 Child Care Leave for Female Teaching and Non-Teaching Employees
DS-395 dt. 30.07.2015 Schedule of Test Examination of Class X in academic year 2015
DS-392 dt. 27.07.2015 Re-scheduled programme for issuing T.B Nos.
DS-387 dt. 27.07.2015 Inclusion of Schools in the Kanyashree Portal
PBSSM-183 dt. 21.07.2015 Employees Provident Fund for Para-Teachers, Shiksha Bandhus
109-Admin dt. 16.07.2015 IGNITE 15 – National Competition of School Students by NIF
580-SE dt. 14.07.2015 West Bengal Primary School Teachers Recruitment Rules, 2015
1140-BPE dt. 14.07.2015 External Practical (Micro) Evaluation, 2015 (D.El.Ed 2014-16)
1139-BPE dt. 14.07.2015 Last Date of Admission into 2 Year D.El.Ed. Course, 2015-17
199-SE dt. 10.07.2015 Ad-hoc Bonus to Employees of Educational Institution, 2014-15
311-Exam dt. 05.07.2015 Ensuring Full Coverage of Pre-Matric Scholarship for Minority
1061-SE dt. 03.07.2015 Guidelines for Last Date of Distribution of TET, 2014 Forms
985-BPE dt. 30.06.2015 Release of 2nd year D.El.Ed Students of Session 2013-2015
579-SE dt. 24.06.2015 Two Years Deputation Period for Teachers to B.Ed Course
DS-324 dt. 23.06.2015 Organization of Training Progammes by CCRT during 2015-2016
DS-321 dt. 19.06.2015 Shoobh theme of the year 2015 – LIGHT, a competition
171-SE dt. 17.06.2015 DA to Employees of DA getting Primary School, 2015
170-SE dt. 17.06.2015 DA to Employees of DA getting Secondary School, 2015
828-BPE dt. 17.06.2015 How to prepare Merit List for Admission in Self-Financed PTTI
827-BPE dt. 17.06.2015 How to prepare Merit List for Admission in DIET/ Govt. PTTI
DS-304 dt. 10.06.2015 Specimen copy of Progress Report Card of Class IX (2015)
94-Admin dt. 09.06.2015 Printing of Grammar and Text Books for Class X – Guideline
L/PR/0014 dt. 06.06.2015 Suspension of Classes due to Heat Wave in June, 2015 (WBCHSE)
93-Admin dt. 05.06.2015 Summer Holiday Extended from 8th June to 13th June, 2015 (WBBSE)
311-SSE dt. 05.06.2015 Suspension of Classes due to Heat Wave in June, 2015
EMU-35 dt. 05.06.2015 Schedule of Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2016
735-BPE dt. 04.06.2015 Admission into Two Year D.El.Ed. Course (Session 2015-17)
485-SE dt. 03.06.2015 WBSSC (Selection of Persons for Appointment to the Posts of Teachers in Upper Primary Level) Rules, 2015
197-ES dt. 02.06.2015 Mid Day Meal Calendar for the Financial Year 2015-16
710-BPE dt. 01.06.2015 Results of TET – 2012 revised as per Honourable High Court
686-BPE dt. 26.05.2015 Corrigendum of Memo No. 673-BPE dated 25.05.2015
673-BPE dt. 25.05.2015 Notification for Teacher Eligibility Test, 2015 (Class I-V)
252-SSE dt. 22.05.2015 Making available School Building during Natural Disasters
653-BPE dt. 21.05.2015 Result of D.El.Ed. Part-I Examination, 2014 is published
400-SE dt. 14.05.2015 Constitution of Managing Committee of Sponsored schools
EMU-25 dt. 29.04.2015 PPS/ PPR of Answer scripts of Madhyamik Pariksha, 2015
926-SE dt. 21.04.2015 Local Holiday – West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination, 2015
303-SE dt. 20.04.2015 Various anomalies regarding formation of Managing Committee in Govt. Sponsored Schools
394-BPE dt. 24.03.2015 Evaluation of Practicum Courses under New Syllabus, 2014
223-SE dt. 24.03.2015 Primary School Teachers as Guest Teachers in Upper Primary Schools
53-BPE dt. 16.03.2015 Registration Form for Six Months Special Programme on Elementary Education Training of Primary School Teachers of West Bengal, 2015
171-SE dt. 09.03.2015 Instructions regarding Higher Secondary Examination and class XI Annual Examination, 2015
165-SE dt. 03.03.2015 West Bengal School Service Commission (State Level Selection Test for Appointment to the posts of Teachers) Rules, 2015
164-SE dt. 03.03.2015 Clarification regarding General and Mutual Transfer Rules
159-SE dt. 27.02.2015 West Bengal School Service Commission (General Transfer, Transfer on Special Grounds and Reallocation) Rules, 2015
258-BPE dt. 16.02.2015 Only Trained can appear Primary Teacher Eligibility Test
229-BPE dt. 12.02.2015 Registration of Students undergoing D.El.Ed. Session 2014-16
119-SE dt. 12.02.2015 Engagement of Guest Teacher in New Setup Upper Primary School
43-SE dt. 10.02.2015 Dearness Relief to Teaching and Non-Teaching Pensioners, 2015
36-SE dt. 04.02.2015 Dearness Allowance to Employees of DA getting Primary School, 2014
35-SE dt. 04.02.2015 Dearness Allowance to Employees of DA getting Secondary School, 2014
DSE-150 dt. 02.02.2015 Distribution of Admit Card for Madhyamik Pariksha, 2015
DS-207 dt. 22.01.2015 Evaluation Pattern for Madhyamik (Classes IX & X) Level
55-GA dt. 15.01.2015 List of Auditors of Non Govt. Recognized Aided schools, 2015
19-SE dt. 13.01.2015 Dearness Allowance to Teaching & Non-Teaching Staffs (Pre-Revised Scale), 2015
18-SE dt. 13.01.2015 Dearness Allowance to Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs, 2015
85-BPE dt. 09.01.2015 External Practice Teaching for D.El.Ed. Course, 2014-2016
18-SE dt. 09.01.2015 Para Teachers – 5 Working Days and 20 Classes a Week
NS-305 dt. 02.01.2015 Remuneration of Examiners, Fees of PPR/ PPS in Madhyamik 2015

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