School Education – Archive, 2017

N/S/713 dt. 14.12.2017Annual Academic Calendar 2018 and Holiday List of Schools
1020-SE dt. 14.12.2017Admission of Children in Govt. Sponsored/ Aided Schools, 2018
1019-SE dt. 14.12.2017Admission of Children in Govt. Schools/ Model Schools, 2018
1043-SE dt. 22.11.2017No Transfer Application by Teaching/ Non-teaching Staff
264-SSE dt. 21.11.2017Registration into D.El.Ed of Primary Teachers with B.Ed
2760-BPE dt. 14.11.2017D.El.Ed Part-II Examination for Session 2015-17
2744-BPE dt. 14.11.2017Primary TET, 2017 (Elementary Teacher Training Courses)
258-SSE dt. 14.11.2017Mandatory Registration into the SWAYAM PORTAL (
986-SE dt. 10.11.2017Police Verification Report of Teaching/ Non-teaching Staff
984-SE dt. 10.11.2017Appointment, Confirmation, Conduct and Discipline of Teachers) Rules
983-SE dt. 10.11.2017Management of Recognized Non Govt Institutions Rules, 1969
982-SE dt. 10.11.2017Management of Sponsored Institutions Rules, 1972 – Amendment
492-BPE dt. 10.11.2017Mandatory Registration into SWAYAM PORTAL
2552-BPE dt. 09.10.2017Apply for Teacher Eligibility Test (Primary), 2017
486-BPE dt. 25.09.2017D.El.Ed Marksheets and Certificates to In-Service Teachers
485-BPE dt. 25.09.2017Register in D.El.Ed Course, 2015-17 by 30.09.2017
314-SE dt. 22.09.2017D.A. to Employees of DA getting Primary School, 2017
313-SE dt. 22.09.2017D.A. to Employees of DA getting Secondary School, 2017
598-SE dt. 08.09.2017Ex-Servicemen (Indian Army/Navy/Air Force) Teachers for D.El.Ed
2403-BPE dt. 05.09.2017Filling up of Vacancy of D.El.Ed. Course from Wait-list
465-BPE dt. 30.08.2017Enrolment for Online D.El.Ed Training Course
2317-BPE dt. 29.08.2017Vacant Seats of D.El.Ed Regular Course, 2017-2019
2286-BPE dt. 24.08.2017Certificates of D.El.Ed Candidates for Session 2013-15
2285-BPE dt. 24.08.2017Vacant Seats at D.El.Ed Institutes, Session 2017-19
2284-BPE dt. 24.08.2017Result of D.El.Ed. Part-II (Regular) Exam, 2014-16
2264-BPE dt. 23.08.2017Result of D.El.Ed. Part-II (Regular) Exam for Session 2014-16
2241-BPE dt. 21.08.2017Vacant Seats and Wait listed applicants in D.EL.ED. Institutes
2202-BPE dt. 17.08.2017Admission to D.EL.ED. Institutes Extended due to Flood Situation
243-SE dt. 18.07.2017Dearness Relief to Teaching and Non-Teaching Pensioners, 2017
242-SE dt. 18.07.2017Dearness Relief to Teaching and Non-Teaching Pensioners, 2016
1822-BPE dt. 17.07.2017Allotment of Study Centers to Registered Para Teachers
DS-178 dt. 12.07.2017Upgradation/ Revision of all Text Books of Class IX and X
541-SE dt. 05.07.2017Measures to Ensure a Tobacco Free Atmosphere in Schools
1560-BPE dt. 29.06.2017Online Admission to 2 years D.El.Ed Course, 2017-19
201-SE dt. 20.06.2017Bonus to Employees of Educational Institutions, 2017
Pres./152 dt. 09.06.2017Teachers’ Training Programme, 2017-18 to be conducted by RMSA
DS-54 dt. 25.05.2017Results of Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2017
1167-BPE dt. 12.07.2017Notification for Teacher Eligibility Test, 2017 (Class I-V)
1147-BPE dt. 05.05.2017Study Center of Para Teacher – Contact S.I. of School
818-BPE dt. 18.04.2017Study Centres of D.El.Ed. for In-Service Para Teachers
65-SSE dt. 17.04.2017Procedure for Commutation of Pension through e-Pension Portal
64-SSE dt. 17.04.2017e-Pension – Role of District Level Officers of School Education
63-SSE dt. 17.04.2017Verification of the Pension cases for Educational Employees
62-SSE dt. 17.04.2017Pocedure for Disposal of Pension cases through e-Pension Portal
799-BPE dt. 13.04.2017Distribution of Admit Cards for D.El.Ed. Examination, 2016
703-BPE dt. 03.04.2017Schedule of D.El.Ed. Part-II (Theoretical) Examination, 2016
702-BPE dt. 03.04.2017D.El.Ed. Part-II (Theoretical) Examination, 2016 (Old Syllabus)
670-BPE dt. 29.03.2017D. El. ED. Part-II External Practical Exam, 2016 (Revised)
669-BPE dt. 29.03.2017D.El.Ed. Part-I and Part-II Examination, 2016 (Revised Program)
619-BPE dt. 24.03.2017D.El.Ed. Part-I and Part-II Examination, 2016
557-BPE dt. 20.03.2017D. El. ED. Part-II External Practical Examination, 2016
306-BPE dt. 17.02.2017Distribution of Marksheet of D.El.Ed. Part-I Examination, 2015
DS-56 dt. 15.02.20173rd RLST, 2016 for Recruitment of Non-Teaching Staff
277-BPE dt. 14.02.2017Appointment based on Writ Petition No. 24882(W) of 2016
DS-28 dt. 06.02.2017Distribution of Admit Card for Madhyamik Pariksha, 2017
07-SE dt. 03.01.2017DA to Teaching & Non-Teaching Staffs (Pre-Revised Scale), 2017
06-SE dt. 03.01.2017Dearness Allowance to Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs, 2017

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