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Finance Department, Government of West Bengal

West Bengal Government Notifications, Circulars, Orders, Clarifications, Memorandum of Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal.

Last Updated on: 24.04.2021

1334-F dt. 07.04.2021 Emergency Procurement related to COVID-19 Operation
1000-F dt. 12.03.2021 Schedule of General Election to W.B. Legislative Assembly, 2021
975-F dt. 10.03.2021 Certain Items of Expenditure Exempted from Registration
834-F dt. 01.03.2021 IFMS-GeM Integration for Procurement through GeM Portal
801-F dt. 27.02.2021 Guidelines for Presenting Bills at Treasury/ PAO, 2020-2021
542-F dt. 22.02.2021 GISS, 1987 – Table of Benefits upto April, 2021
651-F dt. 18.02.2021 Tiffin Allowance for Overtime Work to Non-Mechanical Staff
650-F dt. 18.02.2021 Special Allowance to Driver, Cleaner, Helper, Khalasi
649-F dt. 18.02.2021 Revised Tiffin Allowance to Mechanical Staff (Automobiles)
578-F dt. 11.02.2021 Treatment of Absence on 12th February, 2021 for Bandh
40-F dt. 02.02.2021 Modified Single Comprehensive Form for Pension, 2021
422-F dt. 29.01.2021 Physical Submission of Bills in Treasuries w.e.f 01.02.2021
169-F dt. 21.01.2021 Rate of Interest on GPF (01.01.2021 to 31.03.2021)
202-F dt. 18.01.2021 Imposing of Restrictions on Bidders by Ministry of Finance
201-F dt. 18.01.2021 Performance Security/ Security Deposit reduced to 3%
78-F dt. 08.01.2021 Rate of Dearness Allowances/ Relief from January, 2021
77-F dt. 08.01.2021 Procedure for Execution of “Paray Samadhan Program”
1-F dt. 02.01.2021 Works related to “Paray Samadhan” Campaign

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