Finance Department – Archive, 2016

1214-F dt. 30.12.2016Power cannot be Re-delegated for Medical Reimbursement
6653-F dt. 27.12.201630 Off Days to Contractual Software Personnel
4793-F dt. 20.12.2016Rate of Interest on GPF (01.10.2016 to 31.12.2016)
6431-F dt. 15.12.2016Discontinuation of pension from the counter of AGWB
6653-F dt. 08.12.201630 Off Days to Contractual Software Personnel
6363-F dt. 08.12.2016Public Holiday on account of Fateha-Dwaz-Daham, 2016
1040-F dt. 01.12.2016Condonation of Delay for Indoor Treatment Claim
481-F dt. 29.11.2016Conditions for Counting of Past Service in Govt. Employment
6138-F dt. 28.11.2016Renewal of DSC from M/s CRG Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.
6121-F dt. 28.11.2016Modalities for Deposit of Demonetised Currency by DDO
6103-F dt. 26.11.2016Treatment of Absence on 28.11.2016 for Bandh/Strike
6095-F dt. 25.11.2016Re-employment remuneration to Medical Officers
6093-F dt. 25.11.2016Engagement of Retired Employees on Contractual Basis
1018-F dt. 25.11.2016Online Enrolment Mandatory for Reimbursement of Claim
1151-FB dt. 24.11.2016SOMOBYATHI – Financial Assistance for Cremation/ Burial
6045-F dt. 23.11.2016Amendment in the WB Services (Gr.D Posts) Recruitment Rules, 2009
6026-F dt. 23.11.2016Discontinuation of Payment of Pension from Office of AGWB
6025-F dt. 23.11.2016Last Date of Submission of Annual Life Certificate
1144-FB dt. 23.11.2016DDOs can Deposit and Withdraw Old and New Currencies
5982-F dt. 21.11.2016Disbursement of Salary of Govt Employees in Cash
5970-F dt. 21.11.2016Cash Payment of Advance Salary from December, 2016
5891-F dt. 16.11.2016Payment of Claims in Anticipation of Allotment (Dec, 2016)
5881-F dt. 16.11.2016Wages of Tea Garden Workers after Demonetisation
5826-F dt. 10.11.2016List of Participating Banks in GRIPS on IFMS Platform
5822-F dt. 10.11.2016Sixth Pay Commission – Extension of Term of Office
5742-F dt. 08.11.2016List of Participating Banks in GRIPS – Addition
5730-F dt. 04.11.2016Arrear Salary Bill of IFS Officer in West Bengal
5688-F dt. 03.11.2016Transfer of EMD to Security Deposit Head Account
5663-F dt. 02.11.2016General Holiday on account of Chhat Puja, 2016
5630-F dt. 28.10.2016CAS for employees enjoying higher pay scale under court order
5607-F dt. 27.10.2016GRIPS in IFMS and Integration with e-Kuber Portal of RBI
5603-F dt. 27.10.2016Holiday List for West Bengal Govt. Employees, 2017
5504-F dt. 24.10.2016Rolling out of New GRIPS into IFMS Portal
4024-F dt. 21.10.2016Rate of Interest on GPF (01.07.2016 to 30.09.2016)
5332-F dt. 05.10.2016NPS for State Govt. Employees on Deputation
5302-F dt. 05.10.2016Linking of Bank Account with ICICI Payment Gateway
5301-F dt. 05.10.2016Administrative Approval of Schemes below Rs. 10 lakhs
5290-F dt. 04.10.2016Revision of West Bengal Treasury Form No. 70C
2649-F dt. 03.10.2016Restructuring of various offices in Irrigation and Waterways Directorate
5153-F dt. 28.09.2016West Bengal Motor Transport Workers Welfare Cess
5152-F dt. 28.09.2016Nomination of FAs as representatives of Finance Department
5103-F dt. 27.09.2016“Online Payment Module” mandated from 01.10.2016
3821-F dt. 27.09.2016Group Insurance Scheme 1987 – Table of Benefits, 2016-17
5088-F dt. 26.09.2016Financial Powers Delegated to DGP, West Bengal
5077-F dt. 26.09.2016No Leave on Bandh/Strike in the areas under GTA
4986-F dt. 21.09.2016Departments should Utilize the FA System
4890-F dt. 21.09.2016Holiday on account of Durgapuja (Panchami), 2016
4940-F dt. 19.09.2016Arrear Salary Bill of IAS Officers in West Bengal
4884-F dt. 15.09.2016e-Tender/ e-Auction is Mandatory for Parastatals
4741-F dt. 08.09.2016Public Holiday on account of Id-Ud-Joha, 2016
4685-F dt. 06.09.2016Sectional Holiday on account of Karam Puja, 2016
4630-F dt. 02.09.2016Departmental Examination of LDA whose mother tongue is not Bengali
4603-F dt. 01.09.2016Nomination of FA in Governing Body of Parastatal
4570-F dt. 31.08.2016Implementation of Swasthya Sathi for Contractual Workers
4515-F dt. 29.08.2016Execution of Govt works through State PSUs, Corporation etc.
4499-F dt. 26.08.2016Amendment of Rule 34A of West Bengal Service Rules
4498-F dt. 26.08.2016Treatment of Absence on 02.09.2016 for Bandh/Strike
4496-F dt. 26.08.2016Interim Relief to Pensioners – Clarification
4237-F dt. 10.08.2016Clarification regarding LTC and HTC Rules
4229-F dt. 10.08.2016Workflow based File & Letter Tracking System
4217-F dt. 10.08.2016Administrative Approval of Plan Projects or Schemes
4184-F dt. 08.08.2016Amendment in the WB Services (Gr. D posts) recruitment rule, 2009
4130-F dt. 04.08.2016Access of MIS Dashboard and Reports of IFMS to Financial Advisors
4102-F dt. 03.08.2016Introduction of “e-Services for Employees” (ESE)
4072-F dt. 02.08.2016Engagement of software personnel in e-Governance projects
3975-F dt. 28.07.2016Earnest Money Deposit through e-Procurement Portal
3824-F dt. 27.07.2016Administrative Calendar Compliance Reporting System
3891-F dt. 25.07.2016Landline/ Broadband Telephone Bills through IFMS
509-F dt. 25.07.2016On-line Reappropriation System through e-Bantan
3858-F dt. 22.07.2016Admissibility and Calculation of Interim Relief
3797-F dt. 20.07.2016Amendment in Recruitment of Clerical Cadre Rule
3708-F dt. 14.07.2016Telephone Facility at Residence of Employees
3705-F dt. 14.07.2016Bonus, Festival Advance, Interim Relief in HRMS
3704-F dt. 14.07.2016Monitoring and Supervision of e-Pension Project
3573-F dt. 05.07.20162 days Holiday on account of Id-Ul-Fitre, 2016
3533-F dt. 04.07.2016Passing of Bills in Anticipation of Allotment upto Dec, 2016
2626-F dt. 02.07.2016Grant of Interim Relief @10% of Band Pay
3502-F dt. 30.06.2016Interim Relief to Govt. Employees – Clarification
2631-F dt. 30.06.2016Rate of Interest on GPF (01.04.2016 to 30.06.2016)
331-FB dt. 17.06.2016Interest Rate on Loans and Advances for 2015-2016
330-FB dt. 17.06.2016Loans and Advances of State Govt. for 2015-2016
3243-F dt. 17.06.2016Holiday on Birth Day of Late Dr. B.C. Roy, 2016
321-FB dt. 15.06.2016Debt Sustainability Certificate for Projects
3143-F dt. 13.06.2016Bonus/Ex-gratia to Employees of Public UT, 2015-16
3142-F dt. 13.06.2016Grant of Interest Free Festival Advance, 2016
3141-F dt. 13.06.2016Ad-hoc Bonus to State Govt. Employees for 2015-16
3059-F dt. 08.06.2016Interim Relief to Re-Employed/ Contractual Pensioner
3022-F dt. 07.06.2016Office shall be Closed for Jamai Sasthi, 2016
224-F dt. 03.06.2016Grant of Interim Relief @8% to Pensioners
2862-F dt. 30.05.2016Cancellation of e-Pradan failed transaction
2762-F dt. 25.05.2016Extension of Sixth Pay Commission, West Bengal
2672-F dt. 20.05.2016Submission of Memorandum to 6th Pay Commission
2634-F dt. 17.05.2016Leave Rules of Employee while on Deputation
2475-F dt. 06.05.2016Payment of Electricity Bills (CESC) using IFMS
2169-F dt. 18.04.2016e-Services for Employees (ESE) – Register Mobile No. for OTP
1984-F dt. 07.04.2016Allotment of fund for 3 months of Financial Year, 2016-2017
1632-F dt. 31.03.2016Allotment of Fund for 2016-2017 (Vote-on-Account)
1742-F dt. 29.03.2016Resignation of Member from 6th Pay Commission
1682-F dt. 22.03.2016Public Holiday for W.B. Legislative Assembly Election, 2016
1611-F dt. 18.03.2016Refund of Tax/ Non-Tax Revenue incl. EMD/ SD Money
1523-F dt. 16.03.2016Bill Submission Date to PAO and Treasury in March, 2016
218-F dt. 03.03.2016Enrolment under Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme (31.03.2017)
1243-F dt. 02.03.2016Compulsory Requirement of Knowledge in Bengali for Recruitment
1224-F dt. 02.03.2016Amendment in Schedule B of DFPR, 1977
1205-F dt. 01.03.2016Member of 6th Pay Commission on Re-Employment
1182-F dt. 29.02.2016Recruitment Rules of English Stenographer [Basic Grade]
1116-F dt. 25.02.2016Submission of vouchers & bills by works and forest divisions
1110-F dt. 25.02.2016Constitution of West Bengal Treasury Rule Revision Committee
1108-F dt. 25.02.2016High Powered Committee for Casual, Daily Rated Workers
1100-F dt. 25.02.2016Grant of Paternity-cum-Child Care Leave for 30 Days
1107-F dt. 25.02.2016Benefits for Casual, Daily Rated, Contractual Workers etc.
1104-F dt. 25.02.2016Introduction of Group Health Insurance Scheme – Swasthya Sathi
1100-F dt. 25.02.2016Grant of Paternity-cum-Child Care Leave for 30 Days
1055-F dt. 24.02.2016Amedment in the Members of 6th Pay Commission, West Bengal
139-F dt. 23.02.2016Guidelines regarding Signature under Cashless Medical Scheme
1010-F dt. 22.02.2016Holiday on account of Sibaratri (7th March, 2016)
932-F dt. 18.02.2016TR 70B to Withdraw Unutilized Money from Works Deposit A/c
925-F dt. 18.02.2016Inviting Memorandum from different Unions, Associations
912-F dt. 17.02.2016Payment of Electricity Bills (WBSEDCL/NTESCL) using IFMS
873-F dt. 16.02.2016Inclusion of Heads of Accounts for e-Receipt through GRIPS
816-F dt. 12.02.2016Half Holiday on account of Sree Panchami (12th February)
548-F dt. 12.02.2016Cadre Schedule of WBA&AS Officers, 2016
792-F dt. 11.02.2016Guidelines for Submission of Bills to Kolkata PAO, 2015-2016
791-F dt. 11.02.2016Guidelines for Submission of Bills to Treasury for 2015-2016
707-F dt. 09.02.2016Amendment of Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1977
597-F dt. 03.02.2016Set up of Economic Offence Investigation Cell under Finance Department
479-F dt. 28.01.2016Discontinuation of Engaging Central PSU for State Govt. Works
427-F dt. 25.01.2016Definition of Nearest International Airport in LTC Rules
351-F dt. 21.01.2016Mandatory Pay Bill Submission through HRMS from Feb, 2016
265-F dt. 18.01.2016Confirmation of Group C Employees of West Bengal Government
249-F dt. 15.01.2016Engagement of Software Personnel in the E-Governance Project
01-IF dt. 04.01.2016Distribution of RuPay Debit Cards for Insurance under PMJDY

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