Finance Department – Archive, 2015

1200-F dt. 30.12.2015Allotment of Fund for Non-Plan Expenditure upto March, 2016
8634-F dt. 23.12.2015Use of Official e-Mail ID by Drawing and Disbursing Officers
8532-F dt. 18.12.2015Discontinuation of LOC System – Migration from Forest Account
8531-F dt. 18.12.2015Implementation of Pay Roll Processing Sub-module of HRMS-IFMS
8490-F dt. 17.12.2015Substitution of Rule 47(9)(b) of West Bengal Financial Rules
8473-F dt. 16.12.2015Contractual Engagement of Retired Person – Further Extension
701-F dt. 16.12.2015Dearness Relief to Pensioners (pre-revised) w.e.f. 01.01.2016
700-F dt. 16.12.2015Dearness Relief to State Govt. Pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2016
8434-F dt. 14.12.2015Amendment of G.O. No. 6454-F dt. 27.08.2015
8425-F dt. 14.12.2015Inclusion of Heads of Accounts for e-Receipt of Govt Revenue
8432-F dt. 14.12.2015Grant of DA to Employees (Pre-Revised Scale) from January, 2016
8431-F dt. 14.12.2015Grant of DA to Other than Govt. Employees wef January, 2016
8430-F dt. 14.12.2015Grant of Dearness Allowance @ 75% w.e.f. January, 2016
8395-F dt. 11.12.2015Deduction of Tax at Source and Submission of Quarterly Returns
5974-F dt. 11.12.2015Online Application for Half Yearly Departmental Exam
8074-F dt. 27.11.2015Modified Format of Inspection Report on Working of Treasury
1020-FB dt. 27.11.2015Allot/ Release Plan Fund upto 100% of Budget Provision
8071-F dt. 27.11.2015Terms of Reference of 6th Pay Commission, W.B.
8070-F dt. 27.11.2015Appointment of Members for 6th Pay Commission, West Bengal
8060-F dt. 26.11.2015Introduction of Online Payment Out of PL, LF, PF Accounts
8006-F dt. 24.11.2015Extension of Engagement of Group D Staffs for further 3 years
5683-F dt. 18.11.2015Self Appraisal Report of WBA&AS Officers – Guidelines
7791-F dt. 09.11.2015Bandhan Bank to undertake Activities related to State Govt.
930-FB dt. 06.11.2015Re-Appropriation from One Detailed Head to Another
7740-F dt. 04.11.2015Employee Information Sheet
7682-F dt. 03.11.2015Re-Designation of Sub-Assistant Engineer to Junior Engineer
7690-F dt. 03.11.2015Holiday List for West Bengal Govt. Employees, 2016
901-FB dt. 02.11.2015Submission of Budget Estimate for Financial Year 2016-17
7551-F dt. 16.10.2015West Bengal Sub-Ordinate Service of Engineers – Recruitment Rules
7544-F dt. 16.10.2015Procedure of Execution of Works by Govt Office through PSU
7541-F dt. 16.10.2015Draft Cadre Schedule of Schedule ‘B’ Stenographers
862-F dt. 14.10.2015Direct Purchase of Land for Public Purpose
7390-F dt. 13.10.2015Special Casual Leave for attending Office on Bandh/ Strike
7370-F dt. 09.10.2015Leave Travel Concession Rule for W.B. Govt. Employees
7201-F dt. 01.10.2015Submit Salary Bill for the month of October by 13.10.2015
5202-F dt. 29.09.2015Group Insurance Scheme 1987 – Table of Benefits, 2015-16
7108-F dt. 28.09.2015Elections to the Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad on 03.10.2015
7106-F dt. 28.09.2015PSC (Exemption from Consultation) Regulation – Group D Posts
7089-F dt. 26.09.2015Municipal General Election on 3rd day of October, 2015
5095-F dt. 21.09.2015Syllabus of West Bengal Audit and Accounts Service
6786-F dt. 11.09.2015Celebration of Vishwakarma Puja, 2015 – Holiday on 2nd Half
6718-F dt. 08.09.2015Exemption of Earnest Money for Labour Co-operative Societies
6717-F dt. 08.09.2015Cancellation of No. 6649-F dated 04.09.2015
6649-F dt. 04.09.2015Absence is not DIES NON in case of already sanctioned Leave
6561-F dt. 02.09.2015Introduction of TR Form 70B
6535-F dt. 01.09.2015Absence on 2nd September, 2015 will be treated as DIES NON
6501-F dt. 31.08.2015State Govt. Offices would remain Open on 02.09.2015 Bandh
6518-F dt. 31.08.2015Night Stay at Office by the Staff and Officers on 01.09.2015
6454-F dt. 27.08.2015Disbursement of Salary on Last but One Working Day of Month
6444-F dt. 27.08.2015Clarification on period of CCL
6417-F dt. 26.08.2015Exemption of 3 Govt. Enterprises from deposit of earnest money
6378-F dt. 25.08.2015Sectional Holiday on account of KARAM PUJA, 2015
4677-F dt. 25.08.2015Non-Government Employees DCRB Audit Rules, 2015
6295-F dt. 20.08.2015Inclusion of some more TR Forms under e-Billing module of IFMS
6229-F dt. 18.08.2015Digitization of T.R. Form Nos. 7A, 12A, 24, 50, 68B
6228-F dt. 18.08.2015Modification of 5785-F(Y) dated 29.07.2015
6203-F dt. 17.08.2015Absence of Employees due to Strike/ Bandh on 18.08.2015
6180-F dt. 17.08.2015Amendment of HoA in GRIPS
6058-F dt. 10.08.2015Online Administrative Calendar Compliance Reporting System
5973-F dt. 06.08.2015Passing of Bills in Anticipation of Allotment upto Dec, 2015
884-F dt. 31.07.2015Clarifications of Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme, 2014
520-F dt. 31.07.2015Introduction of Online Re-appropriation System through e-Bantan
5785-F dt. 29.07.2015Transfer of outstanding deposit account balance from Works/ Forest Books
5780-F dt. 29.07.2015Child Care Leave for Employees of Colleges and Universities
4879-F dt. 24.07.2015Implementation of e-Billing module of IFMS
5663-F dt. 22.07.2015Drawal of Bills for WBA&AS Officers on Deputation
5639-F dt. 22.07.2015Transfer of Local Fund and PF Deposit to Merged Municipalities
460-FB dt. 21.07.2015Allotment of Fund up to December, 2015
5560-F dt. 17.07.2015Child Care Leave for Employees of Educational Institutions
811-F dt. 16.07.2015Cashless Treatment Bill amounting more than Rupess 1 Lakh
5503-F dt. 15.07.2015Discontinuation of LOC System – Remittance of Fund
5502-F dt. 15.07.2015Wage Bills of Work-Charged Establishment for Transfer Credit
404-F dt. 09.07.2015Ex-gratia Payment to West Bengal Govt. Pensioners, 2015
5335-F dt. 09.07.2015Bonus/Ex-gratia to Employees of Public UT, 2014-15
5334-F dt. 09.07.2015Grant of Interest Free Festival Advance, 2015
5333-F dt. 09.07.2015Ad-hoc Bonus to State Govt. Employees for 2014-15
5158-F dt. 02.07.2015Exempted Categories of Receipts from the purview of GRIPS
5157-F dt. 02.07.2015Receipt of Government Revenue by Bank will be continued
5100-F dt. 01.07.2015Exempted Category of Receipts from the purview of GRIPS
5089-F dt. 30.06.2015Holiday on Birth Day of Late Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in 2015
5074-F dt. 30.06.2015Some more Heads of Accounts for e-Receipt through GRIPS
4902-F dt. 25.06.2015Amendment in WB Services (Recruitment to Clerical Cadre) Rules, 2010
4068-F dt. 25.06.2015Fixation of Reserve Price and its Disclosure during Auction
4879-F dt. 24.06.2015Implementation of e-Billing module of IFMS
4725-F dt. 18.06.2015Exempted Category of Bill from the purview of e-Pradan
4630-F dt. 15.06.2015Heads of Accounts for e-Receipt through GRIPS Portal
4538-F dt. 10.06.2015Passing of Bills in Anticipation of Allotment upto July, 2015
4551-F dt. 11.06.2015Non-Credit of Salary for May, 2015 due to Bank Account Error
4525-F dt. 10.06.2015Treasuries/PAO’s/Banks will not accept Non-CTS-2010 Cheques
4507-F dt. 09.06.2015TR Form No. 70B for drawal of Fund under Public Account Head
4411-F dt. 04.06.2015Revised Schedule ‘A’ and Schedule ‘B’ of DFP Rules, 1977
4170-F dt. 28.05.2015Deposit of Building and Other Construction Cess recovered
4169-F dt. 28.05.2015One Time Password (OTP) for Non-DSC Holder DDO in e-Pradan
4168-F dt. 28.05.2015Head of Accounts included in GRIPS of various Departments
4068-F dt. 25.05.2015Fixation of Reserve Price and its Disclosure during Auction
3073-F dt. 22.05.2015“Service Record Monitoring System” for Constituted Cadre
3910-F dt. 18.05.2015Deduction of STDS and TCS during Payment to Contractor
3897-F dt. 15.05.2015Principal of Non-Govt. Colleges act as Operator of PF Account
3858-F dt. 15.05.2015Inclusion of HoA for GRIPS
2854-F dt. 11.05.2015Rate of Interest on GPF during the year 2015-16
3577-F dt. 06.05.2015Exempted category for Drawal of Bills under e-Pradan module
3545-F dt. 05.05.2015Procedure of Drawal of Wages under Work-Charged Establishment
3402-F dt. 28.04.2015Absence on 30.04.2015 will be treated as DIES NON
3391-F dt. 28.04.2015Discontinuation of LOC System – Procedure for Bulk Purchase
3385-F dt. 28.04.2015Residential Landline Telephone Charges of Secretary
3312-F dt. 27.04.2015Authorised Banks to collect Government Revenue through GRIPS
3292-F dt. 24.04.2015Discontinuation of LOC System – Further Guidelines
64-FB dt. 21.04.2015Interest Rate on Loans and Advances for 2014-2015
63-FB dt. 21.04.2015Loans and Advances of State Govt. for 2014-2015
3135-F dt. 17.04.2015Corrigendum of Memo No. 2257-F(H) dated 11.03.2015
2438-F dt. 17.04.2015Self Appraisal Report cum ACR of Officers of WBA&AS
3060-F dt. 13.04.2015Cheques in case of Advance drawal
3045-F dt. 13.04.2015Clarification on Digital Signature Certificates (DSC)
3044-F dt. 13.04.2015Rescheduled Date of Bill Submission through e-Pradan
2956-F dt. 08.04.2015Passing of Bills in Anticipation of Allotment upto May, 2015
2255-F dt. 02.04.2015Group Insurance Scheme 1983 – Table of Benefits, (445-468th)
1670-FB dt. 31.03.2015Allotment of Fund for 2015-2016 (Vote-on-Account)
2705-F dt. 30.03.2015Discontinuation of LOC System – Procedure of Drawal of Fund
2649-F dt. 26.03.2015Public Holiday on 18.04.15 & 25.04.15 due to Municipal Poll
447-FT dt. 24.03.2015West Bengal Finance Act, 2015 – Date of Effect
2588-F dt. 24.03.2015Clarification on Implementation of COSA in Educational Inst.
2500-F dt. 20.03.2015Engagement of 129 fresh Data Entry Operators in Treasuries
214-F dt. 20.03.2015Enrolment in Cashless Medical Scheme – Last Date: 31.03.2016
2400-F dt. 17.03.2015New TR Form 68B related to Claim under Medical Scheme
194-F dt. 16.03.2015Enrolment in Cashless Medical Scheme – Last Date Extended
2257-F dt. 11.03.2015Status Report of Schedule ‘B’ Stenographers in West Bengal
1718-F dt. 08.03.2015Cadre Schedule of WBA&AS Officers, 2010
2050-F dt. 02.03.2015Receipt of Revenue by Various Departments through GRIPS
1180-F dt. 25.02.2015COSA implementation in Grant-in-aid Institutions
1179-F dt. 25.02.2015Implementation of e-Pradan (e-Payment) module of IFMS
965-F dt. 18.02.2015Modification of T.R. Forms and Introduction of New TR Forms
736-F dt. 10.02.2015Discontinuation of present Letter of Credit (LOC) System
546-F dt. 02.02.2015Guidelines for Submission of Bills to Treasury for 2014-2015
545-F dt. 02.02.2015Guidelines for Submission of Bills to Kolkata PAO, 2014-2015
453-F dt. 28.01.2015Holiday in view of Bye-Election at Bongaon and Krishnanagar
35-F dt. 21.01.2015Dearness Relief to Pensioners (pre-revised) w.e.f. 01.01.2015
12-F dt. 09.01.2015Dearness Relief to State Govt. Pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2015
145-F dt. 09.01.2015Dearness Allowance to Other than Govt. Employees wef 01.01.2015
144-F dt. 09.01.2015Grant of DA to Employees (Pre-Revised Scale) from January, 2015
143-F dt. 09.01.2015Grant of Dearness Allowance @65% and Wages w.e.f January 2015

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